25 Fun Facts About Me

Thursday, February 14, 2019

After taking a few breaks here and there over here on Chic in Carolina, I decided it would probably be a good idea to re-introduce myself over here! So I'm Katie and I'm the face behind Chic in Carolina (lol). I'm a sophomore at Clemson University studying Elementary Education from Charlotte, North Carolina.

I decided to share some random (some really random) fun facts about me so I hope this helps y'all get to know me a bit better and maybe we have a few things in common!

1. I'm not the best at makeup so I tend to keep it very simple and easy!

2. My mom and I share the same middle name (after my grandmother) and monogram

3. I have a hard time making decisions but when I do I'm very decisive about it and won't go back

4. I am definitely a neat freak. My friends make fun of my excess vacuuming and how many times I clean a week

5. I always shower at night

6. I love personality tests like the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs (I'm a Type 1 on the Enneagram and a ESFJ on the Myers Briggs)

7. I've wanted to be a teacher since elementary school and now I'm studying Elementary Ed!

8. I absolutely love caffeine but more so for the ritual of making it and enjoying it in the morning than actually being energized by it (because it doesn't give me that much energy)

9. I am literally the worst when it comes to listening to music because I'll listen to the same five songs on repeat until I get sick of them

10. I'm kinda a picky eater. And by kinda I mean I am a picky eater haha

11. My favorite month of year is definitely April as it's my birthday month and who doesn't love spring weather?

12. I always have to double check that I set my alarm before going to bed or I can't sleep

13. Something my friends hate: I'd rather be cold than hot so I literally keep my car as cold as it goes all year round and like my room to be cold

14. I'm 5'7, which always surprises people as they don't think I'm that tall but I am haha

15. I am definitely a creature of habit and would say I'm pretty predictable as a person

16. I played soccer from ages 7 to 17, which always comes off as a shocker as I am not the most sporty

17. My favorite milkshake at cookout is Oreo

18. Ever since I was little, I have made a weird noise when I concentrate on something. I only do it when I'm alone but my friend who lives next to me was so concerned about it haha!

19. I've never left the country but that's going to change this summer as I'm studying abroad in Italy!!

20. I keep all of the tags from Lilly pieces that I have bought- I haven't done anything with them but let me know any crafty ideas for them

21. Speaking of crafty, I am not crafty at all. Making all of my sorority's little's crafts was a time haha

22. The first time I toured Clemson, I was convinced I was going to hate it...funny how life turns out!

23. I absolutely love a beach trip

24. I love getting dressed up but I always find myself wearing leggings and a comfy!

25. And lastly my go-to fun fact for class, my dog and I share the same birthday!

Prom & Formal Dresses

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It's almost that time of the year again: time for high school proms and sorority formals! My formal is in just a few weeks and I am so excited about it. Besides the actual event, I always love picking out a dress for big events like these (because let's be real a formal dress is a lot more dressed up than my usual leggings and a t-shirt look I sport around campus). Even though I already have my dress picked out (it's in the graphic, any guesses on which one it is?), it was so fun to look through all the dresses to pull this post together! I made sure to include some more budget friendly options as well as a few if you want to splurge!

Last year, I wore a fun hot pink dress from Lilly Pulitzer and shared more of my formal pictures in this blog post!

If you're going to a prom or formal dress this year, have you gotten your dress yet? Let me know in the comments!

Life Lately

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hi friends! I feel horrible for starting yet another blog post with "omg it's been a while" but it's true so here we go again? My semester has been nonstop so far but last night after studying, I had the time to blog and plan and oh boy, it's good to be back (and seriously there's posts scheduled for the rest of the week so yay!!).

Before we get into new content, I wanted to sort of catch up with y'all on what has been going on in my life lately (be warned a lot of schoolwork lol!).

start of the semester // At the start of January, I headed back to Clem to kick off semester 2 of sophomore year, which is crazy! I'm planning on sharing a "a day in my life" post soon!

death valley one night after walking back from my car!

national championship parade // In case you haven't heard, the Clemson Tigers are Natty Champs!!! The Saturday after the game, they held a parade, which was so much fun (even if it was hailing!).

weekend in raleigh // I feel like I've told y'all this before but one weekend in January, a few of my friends and I road tripped to my roommate Rachel's house in Raleigh, which was so fun! We got to enjoy some yummy homemade food, go to an away Clemson basketball game, and see a bit of Rach's hometown!

sweet kona!

two days at home // The week after we went to Raleigh, I wound up heading home for two nights as my parents were out of town on a work trip and I stayed with my two younger siblings. I had to get my car inspection done (always a fun time y'all) and it was fun to spend some time at home with my siblings and puppies (and go to a barre class too!)

tandem aka my fav brunch place ever

a few trips to greenville // Greenville, South Carolina is about 45 minutes from Clemson and we've been taking full advantage of it being close by these past few weekends. Rachel and I joke that something always happens when we go to Greenville (we bopped around different restaurants and got lost one time and then I left my debit card at a restaurant another- no worries I got it back) but it's such a fun way to explore SC a bit more!

seventy-five degree days // last week, we had some amazingly weather and y'all it was seriously heaven. I busted out my running shorts and we sat outside soaking in the sun between classes. Now it's back to reality of 40 degree days but hopefully spring is right around the corner!

first set of exams // I always love the start of the semester as it feels like you're at summer camp with all of your friends. And then reality hits with that first week of exams. Which was last week for me. I have an exam today (wish me luck!) but have a bit of a break from exams, which is so nice!

philanthropy event planning // this semester, I am so honored to be serving my sorority as our Philanthropy Chair and being able to plan our last ever philanthropy event. Our event is in April, which seems crazy to me as I have so much planning to do them! I've been dedicating a lot of my time to the event and cannot wait to see it come to life!

I'm so excited to be back blogging and let me know what you have been up to lately in the comments below!
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