Swimsuits for Summer

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shorts and swimsuits are the two things I always overbuy during the spring and summer months. I have so many swimsuits that it is slightly ridiculous but I do live in them during the summertime. During the summer, I spend a lot of time at the pool, lake, or beach so its important to have a lot of cute suits!
1 2 (top, bottom)
3 (top, bottom) 4 (top, bottom)
5 (top, bottom) 6 (top, bottom)

From this picture, its kind of obvious that I love navy and pink, lol! Where do you like to buy your swimsuits? Let me know in the comments!

Pack your Bags!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Break is almost here y'all! So it's time to do one of the most important things to prepare for your trip: packing. Honestly, I overpack overtime. Whether it is a quick weekend trip or a two-week long vacation, I overpack. I have learned though, your travel on is very important. Whenever I go on a trip, we usually drive there (I have not been on a plane since the sixth grade, actually) but you still want a bag of your stuff with you in the car!

Tote Bag- Well you need a bag to hold everything in right? The one I use is from Pottery Barn Teen and it's a few years old (similar here). I also love the tote bags from LL Bean. That bag was my first Carry On Bag when I was younger

Beats Headphones- I think you always need to bring headphones on a trip. I like Beats because they block out sounds around you (a  must if you are traveling with a family as loud as mine can be) and they have great sound. I also bring my Apple headphones because Beats at the gym can be really awkward.

Laptop- I tend to bring my laptop with me because you never know when you will need to use it and I stick it in my bag so I know where it is!

iPad- I got my iPad Mini a few years ago for Christmas and I love it. In the car, I like to use the Kindle app, listen to music, or watch Netflix (when connected to a hot spot)

Magazines- Great for passing time in the car and I also bring them so I have them at the beach or pool!

Nail Polish Bag- I do not recommend painting your nails in the car but I like to put the bag in my tote so I have more space in my suitcase (#overpackerproblems)

Not Pictured

Chargers- Kind of obvious but you do not want to be several hours away without your phone charger!



What do you pack for your carry on for trips? Let me know in the comments!

Sale Updates

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hey y'all! Hope your having a great weekend (does Monday have to come tomorrow?). I wanted to let y'all know of a few sales going on right now!

Nordstrom is price matching certain items including Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Longchamp.

This watch is $50 dollars off right now!

I'm loving these sunglasses! Almost $40 dollars off!

The large Longchamps are $108, the small ones are under $100!

These cute Kate Spade studs are also 25% off!

J. Crew is having 25% off Spring Apparel with the code HAPPYSPRING.

J. Crew Factory is also having 40-60% off everything!

Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping!

My Chic Week: March 20-26

Friday, March 27, 2015

One of my favorite posts to read on other blogs is weekly recaps! It's fun to see little peeks of other blogger's lives. I wanted to add this to my blog so here is My Chic Week!

Last Friday was my soccer team's first game of the season! After a very exciting game, we won 4-2! Last year, we did not win at all (we did not score any goals actually) so this was the first win for girl's soccer in my school's history!

On Saturday, my mom and I took a trip to South Charlotte to go shopping at SouthPark. SouthPark is one of my favorite malls and since it is around 30 minutes away, it is always a treat when I get to go! It was Lunch at Lilly so we obviously had to stop at Lilly (my favorite store there)!

Can you guess which one I bought??

Trying to take one of those "I'm walking with all my shopping bags" candids in Nordstrom 

A better look at my outfit!
top pants (old, similar same brand) sandals purse (old, similar same brand)

Sunday was spent at Church in the morning and then doing homework for the rest of the day!

Monday through Thursday was crazy busy in school! The third quarter ended on Thursday (thank goodness) so I had lots of tests and quizzes. On Monday, I had a Service Committee planning our Pancake Breakfast and then that night I had Faith Formation (I teach religious education to a class of first graders). Tuesday, I had a National Honor Society Meeting and then soccer in the afternoon. Wednesday night, I was inducted in my school's chapter of the National Honor Society! Yesterday (Thursday), I had a half day of school and I had the Service Committee Pancake Breakfast (we made pancakes for my school to raise money for charity). That day, my teachers organized a household (a group of four advisories, or homerooms) competition of games and then a scavenger hunt across campus (may or not have gotten lost on the cross country trail).

I had a crazy week and I'm looking forward to Easter Break, which starts next Thursday!

What I Wore Lately

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I am so glad that it is spring! I definitely got tired of winter clothes and I started buying spring clothes back in January (#sorrynotsorry) so I am thrilled that I finally can wear them! I am also excited for the temperatures to warm up so I can wear all of my spring/summer clothes (Is it too early to wear a tank top with shorts and sandals in March?). Here's a look of what I have been wearing lately!

Sunday Mass
dress (old, similar style 1 2) cardigan flats

The outfit I have worn at least 80 times this month
top pants (old, similar) sandals

National Honor Society Induction

Casual (I think I wore this to Church?)
top (old, similar) pants (old, similar) sandals

Faith Formation Class
tunic pants (old, similar) sandals

First shorts and sandals outfit this year!!
shirt shorts (old, similar) sandals

What are your favorite pieces for spring? Let me know in the comments!

Easter Treats

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Honestly, for me one of the best holidays is all of the treats! Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family, it just adds to the fun that there is usually some super yummy treats nearby! I also love baking and holidays give me the excuse to do so. For Easter, we do the same thing every year. We bake a sheet cake in the shape of a bunny and all the kids decorate it (sounds like a great idea right? 7 cousins decorating at once- let's just say that there was a few interesting years of decorating). We also go to brunch at my grandparents's club (so yummy) where they literally have a room of desserts. So many desserts that my youngest cousin asked where all the desserts were in the room when we went back a few days later one year.

Pinterest has so many yummy food pins. I have so many food pins that it is ridiculous! (I actually had to unfollow a bunch of dessert boards since I gave up sweets for Lent, lol) Here are my favorite Easter treats from Pinterest!

I have seen these all over Pinterest and I am curious about them! They look so yummy!

I love Cadbury Eggs (especially the chocolate creme eggs). I used to dislike them until a few years ago and now they are easily my favorite Easter candy! These are so cute and I love how it is sort of a hidden surprise once you open the cupcake!

I love salted caramel and this popcorn looks so cute for a Easter party or just a sweet snack!

Peeps just scream Easter! I think these are very kid-friendly (what kid doesn't like marshmallows?) and a whimsical Easter dessert plus cupcakes are also a plus in my book.

My family makes these every year! The marshmallow symbolizes Jesus and you roll the marshmallow (Jesus) into butter and cinnamon (burial oils and spices). Then you wrap the marshmallow in the crescent roll (the tomb). After you bake the rolls, the marshmallow disappears just like Christ's Resurrection! This recipe is perfect for Easter because it explains the Bible story and the rolls make the perfect snack!

What are your plans for Easter? Let me know in the comments!

*I do not own any of these pictures as they belong to the websites linked*

Lulu Loving

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I find that cute workout clothes provide extra motivation to work out! I'm pretty guilty of buying cute workout clothes so that I am prompted to work out more! One of my favorite places to look at workout wear is Lululemon. It is pretty pricey but I hope this summer I will be able to splurge on a few pieces. They have a store down the street from me and I love to go in and peek at all their clothes!

1 2
3 4
5 6

Where do you like to buy your workout clothes? Let me know in the comments!

College Tour Tips

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring starts the season of high school students traveling to different colleges for tours. Yes, I am a sophomore in high school but last year, as a freshman, I toured a bunch of different colleges with my school. We went to see a lot of different North Carolina schools and it was a great experience. I liked gaining the knowledge what I liked and disliked about the different schools (making decisions easier for me later on). After a few days of traveling across North Carolina, I learned some essentials things about touring colleges.


Keep an Open Mind- Don't base your decisions about what you heard (or did not hear about the school). You never know the environment of the campus until you get there!

Dress Nicely- A first impression is key! At some of the schools, my class met with admissions counselors so I think that dressing well adds to a positive first impression. Look out for a post on this soon!

Ask Questions- Often the tour guides know a lot about their school! I try to ask questions like: What's the average class size? Do you have Greek Life? Do you have this major ___? etc. I found asking questions helps your tour guide provide useful information to you and a greater understanding of that college for you!

Bring Shoes made for Walking- College campuses can be big y'all! I found sandals or Jack Rogers worked for me but my Jacks were broken in and I wear them a lot. So bring shoes that you know are comfy (aka not those new and adorable shoes that hurt)

Take Notes- We took a charter bus on our trip and every time we left a school, I wrote down general notes about the school on my phone. So that way when I look back the schools do not blend together (trust me after seeing 7-8 schools in 3-4 days it's hard to keep them all straight!)

What tips do you have for college tours? Let me know in the comments!

Working on my Fitness

Friday, March 20, 2015

One of the things I try really hard to work on is staying healthy. Sometimes it seems hard (or impossible) to eat healthy and workout. So, I put together a list of things I have found that work for doing the best you can to be healthy.

Drink Water- Water I think is one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness. It is without all the processed junk in drinks like soda (I gave up drinking soda a year ago and I'll never look back!) and is also great for your skin (getting rid of breakouts!).

Get Sleep- This is essential for me: I love to sleep. I need my sleep and will be super cranky if I don't get enough sleep! Not only is it a positive thing for people around you (who wants to deal with cranky people?) but it definitely helps your health as well!

Play Sports- This is a sure way to make sure you work out as most teams have practices a few times a week. Most schools have lots of sports to try so I'm sure you will find something that is fun and enjoyable!

Eat Healthy (Most of the Time)- No I'm not saying you can never eat any sugar again (that would be awful hypocritical of me) but I usually try to eat healthier. For example, I switch chips in my lunch for the more natural rice chips (which are amazing, no joke!). Little things make a difference here!

Get Inspired- One of my favorite ways to get motivated to workout is to find some inspiration. Most of the time having some super cute workout outfits does the job! Sometimes, going on Pinterest and looking at some Pins on Pinterest works well!

Don't Stress too Much- It's easy to get caught up in this. Eating healthy does not mean you are on a "diet". I have learned to not listen as much to the scale than to what my body says. If your hungry, eat and don't worry that you'll gain weight. There are many more things in life more important than worrying about losing a pound or two (unlike what Regina George says!).

How do you stay healthy? Let me know in the comments!

Case Closed

Thursday, March 19, 2015

There is usually not a moment where I do not have my iPhone with me. My phone has to go through a lot. For example, sitting in my backpack (which may or may not be thrown on the ground) or being dropped on the ground. So, I need a case on it. I have never not had a case on my phone and I probably will never go case-less because I will drop it and shatter it. Here are some fashionable cases that will provide your phone a little more security.

1  2
3  4
5  6

Where do you buy your phone cases? Let me know in the comments!

Easter Outfits

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

If you haven't look at the calendar lately, here is your warning: Easter is a few short weeks away! Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays of the year because there is lots of amazing food and fun times with my extended family! My family always goes to my grandparent's house in Florida so it is usually warm and sunny. I also love the excuse to dress up since we go to Church in the morning and then later on in the day head over to my grandparents's country club for brunch (where I always come back in a food coma #sorrynotsorry).

I know that everybody differs in their plans for Easter so I decided to put together a variety of Easter outfits for y'all!

I have this top and I absolutely love it (though, I do not recommend putting it in the washing machine- turned my shirt yellow)! I have the skirt in navy but the coral version is so darling! This outfit is perfect for a more laid back Easter but still looks cute!

I'm in love with this dress! It is so cute, especially for Easter! From years of going to my grandparents's club for brunch, I have learned that is absolutely essential to bring a pair of sunglasses- I love the aviator look and Burberry sunglasses are worth the splurge in my opinion. Also, if going to a brunch or Easter Egg Hunt, I would recommend bringing a pair of flip flops if you plan to partake in the Easter Egg Hunt (who says your too old?)

This is a look for all y'all up north for the holiday with slightly colder weather! I think the key is to keep the fun, bright colors in your outfit but just adding warmer clothes with long sleeves and pants!

This is the perfect look for Easter spent by the beach. It is simple and easy.

Also- PSA, Lilly Pulitzer is holding their Lunch at Lilly event this Saturday so it is perfect timing to buy your Easter dress from Lilly!

Beauty Necessities

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

As I have gotten older, I have learned what products work and do not work for me. I think consistency is key with products to get the best results and also to try things that work best for you- not anybody else! Anyways, here are my beauty necessities that I can not live without!

Lotion- My parents picked this body butter up for me when they went on vacation in Hawaii. It makes your skin so soft and has a very tropical scent, which I love!

Moisturizer- I've learned that proper moisturizer is key for great skin. I like mine to have SPF in it as well!

Liquid Foundation- I love this foundation! It leaves my skin looking flawless!

Moroccanoil- I started using this hair oil in middle school and I love it! It smells great (notice a theme in me picking favorite beauty products?) and it decreases blow drying time!

Shampoo & Conditioner- I recently started to use the Kenra brand and I love it so far! It smells great and leaves my hair soft! Other brands I like are Moroccanoil and Pureology but I'm liking to Kenra due to the large size of the bottle (lots of conditioner is required for my thick hair!)

Make Up Remover- Pretty basic but it does the job! I switch between the Neutrogina and the Clinique version when the Clinique one is a free sample. The two brands are really similar!

Biore Strips- These are great for removing black heads. This isn't any new revelation on skincare since its been around a while (remember Mia from Princess Dairies using these?) but they work great!

Hairspray- This is a must for curling hair! I love my hair to have volume when I curl it (the higher the hair the closer to God, right?) and this hairspray helps me to achieve this look!

What beauty products can you not live without? Let me know in the comments!

Been there, done that (Pinterest Recipes)

Monday, March 16, 2015

I think everyone on Pinterest is guilty of having way too many recipes in our food boards. I am for sure (follow me on Pinterest!) and I love trying out new recipes! Here are my favorites out of my many, many food pins!

These are so yummy! I actually made them as mini cupcakes since the frosting was so rich but they turned out great! I made them for my family's Lobster Fest (look for a post about that this summer) and everyone (I mean everyone- from my 5 year old cousin to my grandparents) loved them!

I made these for the 4th of July last year because they are so festive! They are super easy to make (white cake mix with red and blue food dye) too!

I made this Bundt cake for my family's Christmas Party and I think it turned out great! It was super easy to make and could be altered for any colors!

I sadly do not have any pictures of when I made these but they tasted great! I rolled the dough into balls and then rolled them into sprinkles (they looked so cute!).

I sadly do not have any pictures of these either! I made them for my Winter Formal this year and you make them in a cupcake pan, which makes them great for parties!

I saved the best for last, these cookie bars are amazing! I've made them many times and they are great!

What are your favorite Pinterest recipes? Let me know in the comments!

Spring Break Inspiration

Friday, March 13, 2015

After a long week of school, I have been looking forward to Spring Break! I know a lot of colleges are on their break or just finished it, but mine does not start till early April. Till then you can probably find me staring at pictures of a beach somewhere!

Can I travel here ASAP? That would be great!!

Or here?

Or lounging in an adorable bikini at this perfect pool?

Or jumping into crystal blue water with friends?

Okay, looking at summer pictures makes me long for summer vacation! But there's hope since this could be us in a few short weeks!

But seriously, isn't this picture perfect? Beach, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Monograms- all a girl needs right?

PS- Follow me on Pinterest!

Take a Break

Thursday, March 12, 2015

After many hours of studying of doing homework and studying, one of the best things to do is take a break. I am a believer of the importance of breaks but I sometimes force myself to continue to work past the time where a break is needed. Breaks are key because it allows your mind to refocus on your assignment (although, I highly recommend not taking too many of them!). Here are my favorite things to do when I want to take a quick break.

Go for a Walk- If the weather is okay, this is probably my favorite! I usually grab my dog and take a quick (15 minutes) walk around the neighborhood

Grab a Snack- When studying I try to focus as much as I possibly can! With my stomach grumbling, that is a little hard to accomplish so I usually incorporate getting food as a break (check out my favorite snacks here!)

Check Social Media- This is one you need to watch the time for. I usually allow myself to scroll through my Instagram (follow me!) but I try not to take too long or I will be on Pinterest for 3 hours instead of getting work done

Talk it Out- Whether texting a friend or talking to a family member, this is a quick way to take a break

Clean Up- I tend to work best in a relatively clean workspace. Clearly, this is not the funnest break but it is more productive. Also, it ensures that your room (or workspace) is not a disaster after a long study session.

What are your favorite study breaks? Let me know in the comments!

Long Story Short

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Based on the title, did y'all think this would be a long ramble of some story? Well, its not. It's a short story (get the pun?). Ok, I'll cut to the chase: I'm talking about shorts. During the spring and summer months, I live in shorts. It starts at the end of February when soccer starts and I'm wearing soccer shorts every day. Then it moves to my favorite shorts: chinos and norts (nike shorts).
1- This is a new style for shorts by Lilly and I can't wait to try these on! I love the colors of these shorts (it reminds me of the sea) and I also love the other print these shorts come in- Yellow First Impressions!
2- Vineyard Vines always has adorable prints in their shorts and these are no exception!
3- The classic Nort, I love them for running and everyday-use as well. I recently bought this pair and can't wait to wear them.
4- These shorts have the cutest scallop edging. I love mine and I am actually wearing them as I type this!
5- The Callahan shorts are a classic and always come in fun prints! I have two pairs of these and will probably buy another pair (or two) this summer!
6- I love J. Crew's solid colored chinos and at J. Crew Factory, you can find the same shorts for a lower price! These are great for pairing with printed tops!

Where do you buy your favorite shorts? Let me know in the comments!

Snack Attack

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Okay if y'all are anything like me, the first thing I do when I get home is grab something to eat. This snack has changed over the past few years changing from things like goldfish to yogurt. I try to eat something healthy so I don't feel bad about eating it later.

Chobani Key Lime Crumble- This is amazing! It's key lime greek yogurt with graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips. I love having this as a healthy treat!

Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar- I had to try these after Dorothy recommended them on her blog. They are great and taste like Oreos.

Lemon Zest Luna Bars- My absolute favorite Luna Bar! It tastes like a real lemon bar (I find some  diet/protein bars to not taste like their intended flavor). I love these so much and I probably had one every day during soccer season last year.

Yoplait Lemon Greek Yogurt- This is amazing and 100 calories. They sadly haven't had these at my local grocery store lately so I have missed them!

Peanut Butter and Apples- How I have lived for so long without knowing about this wonderful combination is besides me. If given the option, I could eat this all the time.

Kind Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Bar- As much as I love Luna Bars, Kind bars are pretty great as well (I love that I can pronounce all of the ingredients). The peanut butter and dark chocolate variety are my favorite!

All of these can be purchased at your local grocery store, too!

What are your favorite snacks? Let me know in the comments!

Spring on my Mind

Monday, March 9, 2015

Last week, I shared pieces that I would love to see pop into my closet this spring. I've decided to put together some looks for spring and the upcoming (warmer) months!

I love this dress, it's so flowy and the print is gorgeous! I live in my Jack Rogers during the summer months and I look to hopefully add a pair of wedges to my closet soon!

This is a great outfit: white pants, cute top, and flats. This look can carry you from class to dinner out with ease.

Looking forward to wearing this soon! I love this coverup and have been loving this bikini since last summer!

This is my go-to spring/summer outfit. As I type this, I'm wearing a pretty similar outfit. I got these sandals for Christmas and can't wait to wear them! 

Hopefully it will be warm enough for these outfits soon!

What are your favorite spring outfits? Let me know in the comments!
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