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Thursday, March 31, 2016

If y'all have been following along for a while or the past few months at least (if not, welcome to Chic in Carolina! Click here to read more about me!), you know that I have been working to achieve all of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list since January. For all of you unfamiliar with the idea, you make a list of 101 various goals to achieve over the course of 1001 days (roughly 2.5 years). Mackenzie Horan, who is behind the blog Design Darling, created the challenge and it has been such a blast working to achieve all of my goals (I'm planning on doing an update for y'all in June- 6 months into my 1001 days!).

My point is? One of my goals was purchasing a Fitbit, which I did in February when my mom gifted me a Fitbit Charge after she received one as a gift at a charity event she went to (I bought my mom a Fitbit for Christmas, so she already had one!). I have worn it almost everyday since so I thought this would be the perfect time to share with y'all the inside scoop behind my Fitbit!

The most "famous" of the Fitbit's features so obviously it's one of the most notable parts of the device. The basic goal is 10,000 steps and you should strive to reach that goal everyday. Do I reach 10,000 every single day? Nope! But the Fibit certainly encourages you to get up and get some of your steps in, which I find very motivating to be more active in my everyday life! Tip- Don't wear your Fitbit on a day when you're traveling my car as you barely get any steps all day!

The App
Fitbit has an app that syncs up to your Fitbit. I'm obsessed! There's so many things that you can alter to fit you and your lifestyle and it's kind of fun just to play with it!

When to Charge
Like other electronic devices, your Fitbit needs time to charge every so often! I have found that the most convenient time to charge my Fitbit is while I am in the shower as Fitbits are water-resistant (fine with hand washing and occasional splashing) but not water-proof (aka no showering or swimming with it on!) and you're not getting a lot of steps in the shower!

Food Tracking
On the app, you can set a calorie goal for yourself and then record exactly what you eat in a day. Obviously, this can become a bit obsessive and unhealthy but I like how it makes you really what you're eating and how much of it you're eating each day! I give myself the "day off" on holidays or vacations because obviously I don't want to know how many calories I consumed!

Water Tracking
Another feature on the app that I love is the water tracking. I have been trying to drink more water lately and this is the perfect way to encourage and motivate yourself to drink more water! I also like how you can customize the size of the cup you're drinking and that you can set water goals (mine is half my weight in mL).

Sleep Tracking
This may be my favorite feature! Simply wear your Fitbit to bed and it will track how long you sleep, how many times you're restless throughout the night, and if you're awake during the night! I think it is so cool to see what my sleep really looks like and you can also set sleep goals for yourself as well (mine is 8 hours of sleep a night!).

Built in Alarm
To me, nothing is worse on a weekday morning than to be woken up by a harsh alarm. The Fitbit Charge actually has built-in-alarms that you can set up on your phone to wake you up (or quietly warn you of other alarms throughout the day) with a vibration. It's not the most pleasant feeling in the world but is way better than the traditional alarm clock! Just be sure to double check that you're setting it to go off in the AM not in the PM ;)

Do you have a Fitbit? If so, do you love it? Let me know in the comments!

Happiness Is...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
To me, nothing screams Easter more than a brightly printed Lilly Pulitzer shift. I have worn a Lilly dress every year since falling in love with the brand around my freshman year of high school (see last year's outfit in this post) so it was no question on what dress to pick! Easter is one of my favorite days of the year, if not my favorite. I mean who doesn't love brunch, time with family, and cute spring dresses? I will be sharing my exact plans + more pictures on Friday but in the meantime, be sure to read this post recaping Easter last year!

This outfit was perfect for the big day and is probably one of my favorite Lilly styles (I tried it on in another print as seen in this post). It is so flattering and fun, would be perfect for an array of springtime occasions!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Wedges: Jack Rogers Watch: Kate Spade Bracelets: David Yurman (similar) Purse: Longchamp

What did y'all wear for Easter? Let me know in the comments!

Spring Wishlist

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We're fully into spring and I could not be more excited! Winter always seems like the longest season for me and I cannot wait for long, warm spring and summer days ahead (just around the corner, yay!). My wishlist is a combination of fun, bright pieces to welcome back spring and items for my room redesign (which is just about to be completed!). Hopefully, I'll be able to splurge on a few of these items before we're officially into summer (if my family is reading this- these would make perfect birthday gifts ;) as my birthday is in a few short weeks).

Southern Charm Shift- I think I will definitely be picking this up during my trip to NYC this weekend (eek!). It's so cute, Southern Charm is one of my favorite prints, and I have so many events this spring that I could wear it to!

Acrylic Letter Sorter- I've been trying to wrap up my room design (I only have my gallery wall and decorative accents left to do) and I love this letter sorter to hold notebooks and to-do lists on my desk!

Striped T-Shirt with Pom-Poms- I've seen this top so many times on Instagram (while you're at it, follow me here) and it's so precious!

Evelyn Henson "Be an Adventurer No. 4" print- I think this print is so fun and would be perfect for my gallery wall! I think it totally looks like the Lilly Pulitzer jeep!

Paris Street Style Coloring Book- Adult coloring books have been really big this year and this one looks so cute!

Tory Burch Tote- Ahh, so so gorgeous!

Monogrammed Travel Duffel- I have a lot of travel coming up and this bag is perfect not to mention timeless! I asked my Twitter followers to choose this and another bag, so be sure to follow along here to be fully updated!

Kate Spade Scalloped Flats- All I have to say about these flats: totally swoon worthy!

Kate Spade Striped Tee- This top is absolute perfection- I can totally seen in paired with jeans and flats (perhaps the scalloped flats?) for cooler spring days and then moved into white chinos with jacks for the summertime!

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace- I got the magenta version for Christmas (see everything I got for Christmas in this video) and have gotten so much use out of it!

Jack Rogers- My go-to Jack Rogers have definitely seen better days so I've been looking to splurge on a new pair! How gorgeous are these?

The Perfectly Imperfect Home- I've been in love with coffee table books for my room and this one may be one of the cutest (see more fun coffee table books in this blog post)

Hunter Rain Boots (on sale!)- My mom bought the classic black Hunters after Christmas and I've been obsessed ever since. I love the hot pink color plus they're on sale!

Target Storage Ottoman- Another piece for my room, haha! I've been wanting a ottoman-style bench for the foot of my bed and I think this is the perfect (budget-friendly) option! I also love this one from Wayfair that is also at a great price!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration- I first saw this product on Dorothy's blog and it's been on my wishlist ever since! My skin has been so dry lately so this may be the perfect product!

What's on your spring wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Red Right Returning to Sunny Days

Monday, March 28, 2016

Jacksonville, FL, USA
Happy Monday y'all! Aren't Mondays so much better when you have the day off? Totally makes me itch for summer days that are around the corner yet can't come soon enough!

I am so excited to share today's post with y'all! Last Friday, I met up with Riley of Northern Prepster here in Florida and we had such an amazing time that I'll be sharing more about with y'all on Friday. I re-styled this skort that I posted on the blog last summer in this post while in Kiawah (read about that trip in this post) and I must say I love it restyled! This is one of my favorite Lilly prints and can't wait to wear it more often in the upcoming months!

Top: Lilly Pulitzer Skort: Lilly Pulitzer (last season, similar here) Sandals: Tory Burch Watch: Kate Spade Bracelets: David Yurman (similarEarrings: Lilly Pulitzer Sunglasses: Ray Ban (similar) Bag: Longchamp

Photos by Riley of Northern Prepster

Hop into Easter Linkup: Favorite Easter Links Roundup

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Surprise Saturday post! Today, I'm linking up in Sophia and Enfiniti's Hop into Easter linkup and I am so excited to participate as Easter is one of my favorite holidays (be sure to read my recap of Easter last year here!).

This bunny pancakes are too adorable!

Still need an Easter dress? Check out my post featuring my favorite dresses for Easter!

We have made these Tomb Rolls every year as a snack a day or two before Easter and they're so yummy!

This would be the perfect spot for Easter brunch!

Love how Katie styled this Lilly Pulitzer Southern Charm shift (which I will definitely be buying soon!)

These Cadbury Egg Cupcakes look like the perfect way to use up extra candy!

For more inspiration, be sure to follow my Easter Pinterest board and my Party Planning Pinterest board!

Happy Easter!

My Chic Week: March 18-24

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy, happy, happy Friday! It is finally Spring Break and I cannot wait for lots of Easter celebrations and beach time this weekend! As always, I will be sharing what I'm up to in next week's post but be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for everything Chic in Carolina that's up to date :)

As I mentioned in last week's My Chic Week, Friday was a crazy day for me. I had three different tests during the day, which definitely wasn't the highlight of my day! After school, I nannied and then wrote an essay that was due that night! Thank goodness I'm on spring break now!

sandals, (left to right nail polishes)- haute in the heat, cute as a button, saltwater happy

Saturday was a super fun day! I started on a laid back note as I read two books for AP Literature in bed before my hair appointment, which was around lunchtime. I adore getting my haircut and it was getting to the point where my hair was getting desperate for a cut!

The real fun part of the day was meeting up with a few other Charlotte/North Carolina bloggers at the Charlotte Premium Outlets. I have met Annaliese before (we met up for sweets and coffee, which y'all can read about in this post) but it was my first time meeting Brittany, Sarah, Cara, Courtney, and Morgan! We had such a fun time shopping and it was so fun chatting about "blogger" things like Instagram, weird Instagram comments we have had, and our favorite bloggers! I had such a great time and can't wait for our next meetup in May!

How adorable are these "blogging day" mugs at Francesca's? We, of course, had to take a picture with them because what screams blogger more than a cute coffee cup (that of course says blogging on it)?

I bought these wedges at the meetup and my Design Darling print for my room redesign (which you see the inspiration behind it here) came in on Sunday! Can you sense a trend? #navyornothing

Sunday was another busy day! I went to Mass, shot pictures for the blog, and then headed to a college fair in downtown Charlotte. After the college fair, I made a necessary stop at Starbucks and then worked on a Pre Calc project and blog posts in the afternoon!

Monday was quite a busy day for me as I had a college meeting for one of my top choice colleges during school and then a bunch of projects to work on along with a bunch of studying to do after school! I also had my last Faith Formation class before Easter, which is super exciting!

We just wrapped up a novel about Ecuador in my Spanish class last week, so on Monday night I made these Ecuadorian Sweet Rolls. They were definitely time consuming but very yummy and who can say no to homework that involves baking!

Tuesday was definitely less of a busy day for me as it was the last full day of school before Spring Break and all my classes have been wrapping up before break begins! Luckily, that meant I had barely any homework Tuesday night! Since I didn't have a lot to do for school, I nannied and then worked on blog stuff before heading to bed early!

Wednesday morning, I got to school earlier than usual as we had a Pancake Breakfast for Service Committee. My morning started off on a hectic note as I realized my alarm was set for PM not AM. But other than that, my day was fairly simple as we had barely anything to do in my classes and then I had a meeting after school ended. During my meeting, I also found out that I am going to be the Vice President of Service Committee (I've been a member all of my years of high school and currently am the secretary), which I am so excited about!

After my meeting wrapped, I headed home to have some Chick-fil-a for lunch and then to pack as well! I nannied that afternoon and then finished packing later that night!

Thursday morning was another early wakeup call as we got up bright and early to head down to Florida and to beat all of the traffic! Our trip was fairly smooth and we arrived at my grandparents's in the early afternoon, which meant there was plenty of time to hang out by the pool! Later in the afternoon, we headed to the beach, which was so nice!

On my Radar this week:

1. Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals! Need I say more? And there's Gifts with Purchase until Sunday!

2. Love this article that Annaliese shared about the success of Caitlin's blog, she is one of my favorite bloggers and lives here in Charlotte!

3. LOVE this nautical inspired outfit from Carly!

4. Be on the lookout for even better pictures here at Chic in Carolina! I used my mom's camera for Tuesday's Post and loved how it turned out! It's not a DSLR (investing in one of those is on my 101 in 1001 list) but it's definitely a step up from iPhone pictures!

5. Kate Spade's sale section is on sale with code HOPTOIT until Monday! A few of my favorites are this purse, this dress, this belt, this earring set, this scarf, and this wallet!

Be sure to check out my posts from this past week:

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!

Short Prom Dresses

Thursday, March 24, 2016

After yesterday's post featuring long prom dresses, I am back today to share my favorite short picks for prom. It is tradition at my school to wear long dresses but I know some schools are a bit less dressy and wear short ones so I wanted to share with y'all options for both!

I think short prom dresses are a bit harder to find than long ones as they are usually 1) too causal 2) too puffy. I would suggest looking at the "cocktail" section of department stores (Nordstrom is my personal favorite) and avoiding the prom section all together if you're not a super fan of anything super sparkly or puffy like me!

If you're an upperclassman in high school, do you have your prom dress? Do you wear long or short dresses at your school? Let me know in the comments!

Long Prom Dresses

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I am so excited to be sharing the first of a few prom themed posts with y'all today! Prom is just around the corner for most high school girls and it seems that prom fever has swept my school since it seems like someone is always talking about the latest promposal or their dress!

Dresses are probably one of the biggest part of prom and what I have always been excited about for the event (I mean how often as a high school student do you have the opportunity to dress up in a fancy gown?). My school traditionally does long, floor-length dresses for prom so that's what I will be sharing with y'all today! Although, stayed tuned for tomorrow's post as I will be sharing some of my favorite short dresses for prom!

One of these dresses is my dress for prom, any guesses on which one I chose?

Do you have your prom dress yet? Do you wear long or short dresses at your school? Let me know in the comments! 

Navy or Nothing

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In my opinion, navy and white is one of the most classic color combinations (other than the preppy favorite pink and green, of course). Navy gives off a really sophisticated yet nautical touch to any outfit! I consider navy a neutral (duh) but I find it easier to wear and less "harsh" than a black.

I wore this outfit last weekend for church and I'm obsessed! The white oxford and navy skirt along with a statement peal necklace give the outfit a timeless touch while the gingham wedges (which I bought during the HCBN Charlotte meetup, which I'll be sharing more about on Friday!) add a bit of fun into a neutral outfit!

Oxford- Ralph Lauren (mine is from the outlet, retail version here and it's currently on sale!) Skirt- J. Crew Factory (same skirt, different colors) Wedges- J. Crew Factory Pearl Necklace- J. Crew Watch- Kate Spade Bracelets- David Yurman (similar here) Purse- Longchamp
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