My Favorite Jewelry

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I have seen some posts on like "My Daily Jewelry" and I figured that I would do a similar post. I change what jewelry I wear all the time so I figured I would choose my favorites to share with y'all!

Pearl Earrings
I wear pearl earrings 99% of the time. Mine are actually my mom's (I lost my other pair in the lake last weekend, pretty sad) but I love these other pearls as well (1, 2, 3).

Monogram Necklace
Another piece that I wear all the time. I tend to wear this everyday during the school year since it fits perfectly with the neckline of my polos. I got mine for Christmas during my freshman year but here are some other monogram necklaces (1, 2, 3).

Pearl Necklace
Slightly dressier, but I still get a lot of use out of this necklace (my new favorite is to layer it with my monogram necklace)! My mom gave this necklace to me but here are some similar pearl necklaces (1, 2).

Monogram Ring
This is probably my favorite piece of jewelry. I wear it all the time (literally, I never take it off). It was actually my mom's ring (we have the same monogram) that she received as a gift from her grandmother when she was my age so it is very special to me. Since it was my mom's before it was mine, I have linked some similar monogram rings (1, 2).

Kate Spade Watch
This was a birthday present from my grandparents and I wear it all the time. I love that is a neutral color that matches everything.

 David Yurman Bracelets
A few weeks ago while visiting my grandparents, my grandmother told me that she saw that I pinned David Yurman bracelets on my Pinterest. She went on to say that she had a few that she doesn't wear anymore and that she would give them to me. I love them and wear them all the time. Since the ones I have are an older style, here are some similar David Yurman bracelets(1, 2, 3).

J Crew Factory Statement Necklace
This necklace is the perfect accessory to add to an outfit! I love wearing it in the winter with collared shirts or sweaters. It is from a few seasons ago but here are some similar statement necklaces (1, 2).

I am a pearl earring kind of girl but these earrings are too cute! They aren't heavy at all, too!

What is your favorite jewelry to wear? Let me know in the comments!

Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Fourth of July is Saturday y'all! It is definitely one of my favorite holidays and it is always fun to dress in red, white, and blue. It's the perfect occasion for cookouts, lake days, and fireworks. Typically, I spend my Fourth of July in a bathing suit and in casual clothes.

I know that I have a ton of blue in my closet (especially navy) and I have a lot of white as well but I do not have hardly anything in red. Correction- I have no red clothes or accessories. Luckily, I found a casual, navy dress to wear with a scarf that is white with red and blue anchors. But, if you're still looking for the perfect outfit, look no farther than here!

What are you planning on wearing for the Fourth of July? Let me know in the comments!

My Chic Week June 19-25

Friday, June 26, 2015

Prepare yourselves for a photo overload, y'all! Last weekend, my family and I went down to Kiawah Island, South Carolina (right down by Charleston) for a fun weekend by the beach.

We drove down Friday late-morning and arrived just in time for a few hours by the gorgeous pool before dinner. Friday night, we had dinner at our hotel since they were having a buffet by the pool.

My siblings and I by the beach


Family Selfie in front of the hotel; The sunset

Pool & Beach Views

On the Beach

Beach Views; Pool Views

I thought this was too funny to not share, clearly I am not a High School Musical-style jumping picture pro!

Saturday morning, I went to the gym before spending all day at the pool and beach. That night, we went to dinner at the Atlantic Room, which is located at the far side of the island with gorgeous views.

Flags at the Atlantic Room; My sister and I in front of the outdoor clock (which I though was super cool)

The Atlantic Room; The View

 In front of the restaurant, they have this super cool swing so here is my siblings and I on that. On a further note, I totally want one of these swings at my future house when I'm older

Sunday morning, we got up and went to the Night Heron Park where they have a pool with a bunch of slides. The whole island of Kiawah is a resort so it has many pools that guests have access to - the Night Heron Pool included. After sliding for a bit, we came back to our hotel to get ready for Father's Day Brunch. I love brunch and it was a special way to spend Father's Day. After brunch, I went over to the Lilly Pulitzer store on the island (which is so adorable). After shopping for a while (in the heat, since the AC there was broken but that doesn't stop this girl from buying more Lilly), I headed back to our hotel and joined my family at the pool for our final afternoon in Kiawah. That night, we had a later dinner at a pizza place in Freshfields Village (the shopping center where the Lilly store is).

Happy Father's Day Dad!

My sister and I at brunch

My mom and I sporting our Lilly on National Wear Your Lilly Day

Post-Lilly shopping

The Lilly store

Looking inside the Lilly store after dinner

The adorable streets of Freshfields

Monday morning, we drove home and I spent the afternoon unpacking. Tuesday, I had some errands to run and another doctor appointment to go to.

Wednesday morning, I babysat. After lunch, I met up with one of my best friends to go shopping and then hang out at her neighborhood pool.

Thursday morning, I ran some errands (including picking up a monogram for my new agenda). We meet our neighbors for lunch and then went bowling (which I am not very good at, haha).

What have y'all been up to lately? Let me know in the comments!

Casual Chinos {Collab with Tori of Prep for a Day and Jessica of Polished and Pumped}

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last week, Tori from Prep for a Day, Jessica from Polished and Pumped, and I decided to do a fun collab with each other and we were trying to decide on what to do. For all of y'all who don't "know" me (as in know me in real life), you probably don't know that I am extremely indecisive with like everything so that made picking a theme hard. We decided on Chinos and a top, aka my summer uniform.

Chino shorts are probably my favorite ever. I bought my first pair a few summers ago and my collection has grown tremendously since then (I think I have 13 pairs?). My favorite places to buy them are Lilly Pulitzer, J Crew, Vineyard Vines, and Old Navy. I tend to overbuy shorts and not buy enough shirts to go with them.

During my trip to Kiawah, I went to the Lilly store and tried to only buy shirts (I did walk out with a new pair of chinos- oops!). I found the Michele Top in Scuba to Cuba and I love it. The fabric is so soft and comfy not to mention the print is so so cute!

Top- Lilly Pulitzer
Chinos- J Crew (last season, similar)
Sandals- Tory Burch
Watch- Kate Spade
Bracelets- David Yurman (old, similar)

Check out how Tori and Jessica styled their chinos here and here.

How do you style chino shorts? Let me know in the comments!

So you want to start an Instagram?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Instagram can be a blogger's best friend. You post pictures giving readers a bigger peek inside your life. You can interact with readers and other bloggers. It has for me been a great way to grow my blog. But, like everything in life, you have to put in effort to get something out of it (aka only posting selfies or the same exact pictures won't help your blog grow). Instagram (like all other social media) is a great resource for blogging so here are my tips for bloggers with new Instagram (also know, I'm a new blogger myself so what works for me may not work for you).

1. Don't expect fame overnight
This one is hard to work on. Honestly, I would be lying to say I don't want to have a large amount of Instagram followers or the amount of likes some other blogs have. But, those blogs (and Instagrams) have been around much longer so it is not fair to compare a brand new Instagram to one that has been running for 5 years. Slow and steady wins the race y'all!

2. Leave comments
I have found the best way to make connections on Instagram is to leave comments on other people's pictures. It is pretty easy (for example, love this outfit on a OOTD post) and really helps you to grow and connect!

3. Post what you want
This is your Instagram remember? If you focus on recipes, don't feel you need to post an outfit because everyone else on your feed posts outfits!

4. Edit your pictures, but don't make it look fake
The difference between an edited and an un-edited picture can be night and day (trust me, I've learned). Edited pictures helps to create a prettier Instagram "theme". Something that's important is to edit but to not over-edit too much. Sometimes you don't need to add a ton of filters to make a picture look good!

5. Post often
You can't expect your Instagram (and blog) to grow if you don't add anything to it. I shoot for every couple of days and sometimes twice a day during the weekends or on vacation (when I have more pictures to share!)

What are your tips for starting an Instagram? Let me know in the comments!

Navy Striped

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I really love anything striped. I joke that my closet is "Fifty Shades of Navy" because I truly have so much navy (definitely not a problem). Over spring break, I popped into J Crew and found this dress. I actually wore it to my birthday dinner (read about that in this post) but I wore it again while on vacation in Kiawah when we went to the Atlantic Room.

The Atlantic Room is located on the far end of Kiawah Island and has absolutely gorgeous views. It was a bit windy on the night we went but I insisted that I need outfit pictures since the scenery was too pretty to pass up.

Dress- J. Crew Sandals- Tory Burch Purse- Kate Spade (similarWatch- Kate Spade Earrings- Lilly Pulitzer (Gift with Purchase) Bracelets- Lilly Pulitzer (Gift with Purchase), David Yurman (similar), Local boutique
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