The Cozy Sweater You Need this Winter

Thursday, January 31, 2019

One of the things I love most about winter style is the simplicity of it. Throw on sweater, jeans, and a pair of riding boots and you're ready to take on whatever the day takes you and look super cute doing it.

I bought this adorable sweater at Anthropologie a few months ago and it is unfortunately no longer in stock but this one is fairly similar. I paired it with some other classics in my wardrobe as I know this is an outfit I will turn to season after season for a variety of occasions!

Even though I typically wear leggings and a t-shirt to class, I feel so much more *me* in a cute, put together outfit and who doesn't love that extra bit of confidence to take on their day?

Sweater: Anthropologie (similar) Jeans: Lucky Brand (similar) Riding Boots: Tory Burch (similarEarrings: Sheila Fajl Necklace: Kendra Scott Purse: Louis Vuitton (less expensive here) Watch: Kate Spade Bracelet: David Yurman

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How to Stay Organized in College

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Now that we're a few weeks into the semester, I feel like I'm finally starting to get settled into my routine and get into the grove of things. At the start of each semester, I usually feel more inspired to get my life together and be more organized (which my friends may laugh at as I'm pretty organized already!).

I feel everyone is always so busy in college so staying organized makes everything go a lot more smoother. The first few weeks are a bit easier in terms of the course load so you have a bit more time to get organized so I wanted to share with y'all how to stay organized in college so you can rock this semester!

use an agenda
If you take away one thing from this post, definitely make it be this one! My agenda is seriously such a life saver and honestly holds my life together on busy weeks. My favorite is the Day Designer but they have a more budget-friendly option at Target!

write everything down on your to-do list
In college, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to do or when things are due. Everyday, I sit down and write a to-do list that includes everything (and I mean everything) I need to do that day. This helps me feel a lot more on top of things as I do not forget anything or get overwhelmed in everything I need to do. I love my Day Designer as it has a spot for your to-do list, which is helpful as everything is in one place!

find a method for your notes that works for you
I am definitely a binder girl for note-taking. I like the simplicity of having everything I need for a class in one spot so using loose leaf paper and hole punching handouts works for me. Some of my friends absolutely despise binders and prefer a notebook and folder for each class. Find which one works for you and sticks for it because it doesn't matter how organized it looks if it doesn't help you be more productive.

keep your inbox at zero
I always feel like my email inbox fills up without me even realizing it! I try to keep it at zero (or at least the only essential, you should probably respond to me emails in it) as it definitely helps things feel more organized. Put the emails you need into a folder and delete the rest! Say bye to missing that important email that you need to respond to quickly!

make your bed every morning
Such a small thing that makes such a big difference. Even if the rest of your room is an absolute disaster, a freshly made bed makes things look neater. Plus, it makes crawling back into bed for a nap a tad bit harder!

go through your backpack, grab all those "floater" items, and put them in a makeup bag
I try to keep only the essentials in my backpack but I know that sometimes stuff gets shoved into your bag, whether it's headphones, lip balm, or pens or pencils. Take a few minutes, empty your bag, and grab all of those random items and put them in an extra makeup bag. Not only will this make things feel less cluttered, it will also help you find items faster in your bag when you need them.

empty your downloads folder
For anyone who uses a Mac computer, definitely be sure to clear out your downloads folder. I feel like mine becomes a modge podge of random items that piles up way too quickly. Not only does it add clutter, it also takes up space on your computer so sort through your downloads by deciding what you need and putting it in the folder it belongs to and deleting the rest!

tidy up every night before bed
Taking a few minutes before going to bed to tidy up is such a game changer in my opinion. I usually put away any binders that I was using, throw laundry in the basket, and put throw pillows back on the futon and it makes everything seem so much more organized. Plus, you wake up to a clean room in the morning, which is amazing!

color code your calendar
In addition to using my agenda, I also use iCal on my laptop as I can't always whip out my agenda in the middle of class whenever a due date is added or whatever happens. To keep things organized, I have a different color for each class as well as different activities. Pro tip- keep the color for each class the same both online and in your agenda!

How do you stay organized in college? Let me know in the comments!


Friday, January 25, 2019

Happy Friday! Now I know it's been a hot minute since my last blog be honest, I feel like I have been in such a creative rut and lack of inspiration when it comes to putting out fun new posts for y'all and also posting on Instagram and social media. Getting back into the swing of things here at school definitely has made me feel like a chicken with its head cut off at times (especially with five classes in a row on Tuesdays and Thursdays!) but I have definitely missed blogging and I am so excited to get back into it.

To get back into the swing of things around here, I figured it would be fun to share a "lately" post (check out past editions here) to kind of catch up with y'all and what has been going on in my life these past few weeks!

image via my instagram


Coffee with Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer! I typically buy Coconut Milk coffee creamer as I try to not drink dairy in my coffee when I make it at home but they didn't have any at Target when I was there so I bought Almond Milk creamer instead and oh my gosh, it's so good! I already look forward to my cup of coffee in the morning and this just makes me even more excited for it!


to Halsey pretty much on repeat. I've been on this Halsey kick these past few months which is honestly kinda random but I guess we're here for it!


these ballet flats for any occasion that I'm slightly dressed up (aka jeans and a sweater instead of leggings and a t-shirt). They are so comfortable and I love how chic they make any outfit look!

my new Apple Watch! I received it as a Christmas gift and have gotten so much use out of it. I had a Fitbit for a few years and loved it but didn't see if there would be a difference between that and an Apple Watch. My mom has one and loves it so I decided to ask for one for Christmas and y'all, I am a convert! Would y'all be interested in a review post on it?


the Paper Princess series! After reading Grace's 2018 Reading Recap post, I decided to read the first book in the series and literally could not put it down. It definitely is a guilty pleasure book that was a little, dare I say, raunchy at times but I thought they were really fun to read.


A few different shows so I figured I would share all of them haha!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel My grandparents got my family and I hooked on this while we were visiting them over break and we literally watched an episode or two every night while I was home! It is so funny and witty plus the costumes are gorgeous too!

The Bachelor This is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and it's such a fun show to watch with friends! We always watch it in my room and I think this season has been a good one so far!!

You So I heard a ton of buzz about this on Twitter (follow me here!) as well as from a bunch of my friends so I decided to watch it. It's a bit creepier than the type of TV shows I tend to gravitate towards watching but I really liked it and it kept you on your toes! I was binge watching a few episodes the other night to finish the season and was literally gasping during the final episode!


to finalize my spring break plans! Hint hint it involves going somewhere warm and sunny but I just need to finalize the details + where we're staying!


to visit Raleigh this weekend! My roommate Rachel is from Raleigh and Clemson is playing NC State in basketball there this weekend so we and two of our friends decided to make the trip back to her house for the weekend. I'm super excited as I haven't been to Raleigh since a field trip in the fourth grade!

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments!

Pink Ruffles

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

For as long as I can remember, I have been a big fan of the color pink. From hot pink to blush to every shade in between, I love it (I mean my room was painted a hot pink for most of my childhood). A few months ago, I was shopping at the Lilly store in Charlotte and stumbled upon this gorgeous pink sweater! I obviously love the color and the ruffles add the perfect touch of girly glam to it.

The best part about this sweater? It's on sale until midnight in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! Be sure to check out my Lilly sale tips & fit guide as well as my January 2019 Lilly sale favorites and let me know what pieces you pick up in the sale!

Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer Jeans: Lucky Brand (similar) Riding Boots: Tory Burch (similar) Purse: Louis Vuitton (less expensive here) Earrings: Sheila Fajl Necklace: Kendra Scott Watch: Kate Spade Bracelet: David Yurman

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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Picks

Monday, January 7, 2019

This Monday is a bit more exciting than most because *drumroll please* it's the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! I shared my tips & tricks for the sale as well as a fit guide last week on Chic in Carolina but wanted to pop in and share my favorites from the sale! I actually shopped over the weekend in-store and found some amazing pieces but couldn't help but browse the sale online as well!

Nora Dress- This piece caught my eye when it came out late last summer and I'm thinking it would be so cute paired with wedges for Easter! We'll see if it finds its way into my cart ;)

Amina Dress- A dress that I love and own! I styled it here and it is perfect for hot summer days as you throw it on and go! Plus, who doesn't love the classic Stuffed Shells print?

Silk Scarf- A fun under $30 buy! I think this would be so cute to tie onto your purse and it would be such a cute item to give as a gift!

Swell Bottle- I actually have two Lilly Swell bottles from previous releases and love them! This is the first time I've seen them go on sale you don't want to miss this!

Gramecy Top- This top was one of my favorites from last summer (styled here)! I love a good blue and white top and this one does not disappoint (and neither does the sale price!)

Fiesta One Piece Swimsuit- Another favorite from last summer! Lilly swimsuits are so well made and I absolutely love the gingham paired with the off-the-shoulder ruffles!

Elba Sweater- A must-have sweater! It is more of a tunic length, which I find really flattering, and it is so comfortable to wear! I wear mine so often (and styled it here!) that my mom wound up buying one too this season!

Marilina Tunic- I purchased this in-store over the weekend and it is so cute! I'm thinking of wearing it now with jeans or navy pants and then with white jeans once the weather warms up!

Kassia Fit & Flare Dress- I own this dress in another print and it is seriously one of my favorites! The fit and flare is so flattering and I love the print that is currently on sale!

What pieces did you snag from the After Party Sale? Let me know in the comments!

My Chic Week: December 28- January 3

Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy Friday y'all! Who else is excited that my "My Chic Week" posts are finally back? It's been a while since my last one and I've missed sharing what I've been up to with y'all! This week has been a busy one as it's my last full week of Christmas Break, I started off last week in Florida, and I have a lot going on before I head back to school on Tuesday!

Last Friday my family and I were still in Florida at my grandparents's house and we went to go shopping on Friday. I had a few items I needed from Sephora and we did some window shopping as well as stopping in California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.

Before dinner on Friday, we decided to go down to the beach for a bit to have some appetizers and take in the view!

Saturday was a pretty laid back day, which is always so nice on vacation. We took down my grandparents's Christmas decorations and then watched the Clemson beat Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl!

Sunday morning, my family and I were up bright and early to drive back home after a great trip in Florida. We got home around lunchtime and I then spent the afternoon unpacking and checking some items off of my to-do list!

Monday was New Year's Eve and my day started off with cinnamon rolls and a fresh cup of coffee in my adorable new Evelyn Henson Clemson coffee mug that I received for Christmas. I then went to a Pure Barre class (which was my 300th class woot woot!). I didn't have any big plans for NYE so I hung out with my fam and watched the ball drop!

New Year's Day was pretty low key, which was the perfect way to start off the year. I did a lot of organizing and got a lot checked off of my to-do list, an ideal day in my book!

Wednesday was my siblings's last day of break and I had a dentist appointment in the morning. I did some more organizing and blog planning in the afternoon as well as writing thank you notes to family and friends for Christmas gifts! I then went to an Empower class at my Pure Barre studio, which was an amazing workout and great way to start my year in terms of working out.

On Thursday, I slept in before having a pretty low key morning. I went to my favorite noon Pure Barre class and then had an eyebrow threading appointment afterwards, which was much needed to say the least! I then grabbed a freshly pressed juice from the juice bar next to my barre studio before running some errands. I've been super productive this week and on Thursday afternoon, I did a lot of blogging, which I am super excited about!

Happy Friday!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips + Fit Guide 2019

Thursday, January 3, 2019

It's that time of the year again...the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! Lilly Pulitzer only has two online sales a year: one in January and one in August or September. These sales are the perfect time to get your favorite Lilly pieces for less as the prices are amazing! This year, the sale will be this Monday, January 7 through Tuesday, January 8. You can also pre-shop the sale in-stores this Saturday and Sunday!

To help y'all prepare for the big sale, I wanted to share some tips for shopping the sale as well as a fit guide for some of the pieces that will be available to shop in the sale! My APS fit guide is always one of my most popular blog posts each year and I love sharing it with y'all!

make a list
I used to be anti-list when it comes to the Lilly sale but I feel like it definitely makes things a bit more efficient as you're not randomly looking around the site. Of course, an item may not be included in the sale or is sold out so I usually make a longer list so I can be sure to look for those items during the sale!

make an account before the sale & stay logged in
The items in your cart are not reserved until you fully check out so it is so important to make your account before the sale begins so you don't have to take the time and enter you billing and shipping information while you are trying to check out. It may seem crazy to do this to save a few minutes but I would hate to loose something from my cart in the process of checking out!

get into the virtual line early
The sale usually starts around 8 AM EST but some years, you have been able to get in earlier than that. I typically log onto the website around 7:45 and keep refreshing until I get into the virtual line in hope of getting a good spot in line!

don't refresh once in line
Once you get into the virtual line, stay there. If you refresh, you will not get into the sale sooner and will actually place yourself at the end of the line, which is no fun! The line moves faster than you think!
check in again on the next day of the sale
If you don't see a specific item or not seeing anything in particular you're looking for, wait for day 2 of the sale! Lilly often adds new pieces to the sale the next day (usually around 8 AM!) so be sure to check back for fun new items!

be patient
Honestly, the website crashes every year as so many people are trying to access the website to shop. Even though the line may be a million miles long, you'll get in eventually and the wait will be worth it. Expect delays and check out the After Party Sale hashtag on Twitter (follow me here) to see if other users are having similar issues. Remember social media etiquette too! There's no need to get mad and call out Lilly on social media for the website crashing or delays as I said before, it is just a sale at the end of the day!

use multiple devices
I feel like this is less helpful now that they have been implementing the virtual line but I usually have several devices ready to shop (so my phone, my computer, and sometimes my iPad). Sometimes one will be faster than another or get you into the sale quicker so it doesn't hurt to try in my opinion!

stick to a budget
Even though the After Party Sale is very exciting and only happens twice a year, it is still just a sale. Don't go way over your budget just because you see something that you kind of like but want just because it's on sale. There will be more sales in the future and your bank account will thank you!

shop signature stores online or in-store
Signature Stores are private boutiques that carry Lilly and they will often participate in the After Party Sale as well. This is a great way to snag a piece that may of sold out on the website! If you live close to a Lilly Pulitzer store, they will also be participating in the sale and allow you to try on the pieces and also exchange/return them, which you are unable to do if you shop the sale online on the corporate website!

know your size
The After Party Sale is final sale, meaning you are unable to exchange or return any items you purchase. I definitely recommend heading over to a Lilly store near you to try on some pieces as Lilly sizing can be unpredictable at times. If you aren't close to a Lilly store, check out my fit guide in this post ;)

shop quickly yet efficiently
Things will sell out and an item in your cart isn't reserved until you check out so I make a bee line to my must haves and then shop quickly. Once you get out though, you are placed at the end of the virtual line again so I try to get everything I want into that one order.

One thing about the sale is that all sales are final meaning you can't return that cute dress if it doesn't fit properly! Knowing this, I try on all the pieces I like while shopping in store so I know the fit information for shopping the sale later on. I started sharing a fit guide here on Chic in Carolina a few years ago so y'all (check out the August 2016 editionthe August 2017 editionthe January 2018 edition, and the August 2018 edition) can have it to reference when shopping so you can pick the right size!

For reference, I am 5 foot 7 and usually a size small or a 4. I find most of my Lilly to be pretty true to size (TTS) so those are the sizes that I will grab first when shopping in store and then size up/down as needed! Another thing to note is that I do not own all of the pieces pictured (that would be a gigantic Lilly collection!!). As I mentioned before, I try on all the pieces that catch my eye while in store so I can see what pieces do and don't work for me!

Item Name: Elba Sweater
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This sweater fits absolutely perfectly- it is a bit longer and looks fabulous on!

Item Name: Adela Sweater
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This sweater is super cute and fits perfectly!

Item Name: Kayleigh Lace Dress
Size: 6
Fit: Runs small. I first tried it on in a 4 and it didn't zip. The 6 zipped but it was too tight and clingy for my liking.

Item Name: Kelly Skinny Ankle Pant
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. A Lilly classic! They fit perfect and I love them for my elementary education field placements as I can't wear jeans.

Item Name: Britnee Stretch Sheath Dress
Size: 4
Fit: TTS but fits weird. I wanted to love this dress but the material is very odd and clingy. The fit was fine and I would not size up as it would be too large but the way the dress hangs (on me at least) is not very flattering.

What is on your wishlist for the After Party Sale? Let me know in the comments!

2018 Favorites

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It's been a while since my last monthly favorites post (oops) so to wrap up 2018, I wanted to share some of my favorite items of the year. I think these type of blog posts are a super fun way to be introduced to new products to try out and y'all really love them as well as I received a few requests to share more favorites posts!

Barbour Jacket- This was a Christmas present jacket last year and I have seriously gotten so much use out of it! I wear it practically every day in the fall and winter months- I'll wear it to class with leggings and a t-shirt but it looks so cute "dressed up" with jeans or a skirt with a sweater! It is a bit pricier but is one of those pieces that will never go out of style!

Spotify Premium (image via)- How I survived so long without Spotify Premium, I have no idea. I decided to get it before flying down to Florida for Easter last year so I could listen to music on the flight and it has been so worth it. Listening to adds seems like such a small thing but it is so nice to skip songs while listening on my phone and take advantage of the extra features! I spend a lot of time in the car during the summer driving to and from my nannying job so it has definitely come in handy. I also have the student account so I get Hulu too!

AG Jeans- These were a bit of a splurge (I got them on sale too) but they are seriously the comfiest jeans that I have ever put on my body. They fit perfectly and are super flattering. I honestly never want to wear another pair of jeans haha so they are definitely worth the investment.

Keurig- My roommate last year brought the Keurig for my freshman dorm (which you can see in this blog post) and the family I nanny for sweetly gave me one as they had an extra. It's the industrial version so it holds a lot more water, which is convenient as you don't have to fill it up as often! I absolutely love having a Keurig as who doesn't want a nice warm cup coffee at the press of a button?

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short II- I've had these Lulu shorts since the summer before freshman year but I seriously wear them all. the. time. during the spring and summer months. They are so dang comfortable and perfect with an oversized t-shirt (#basic) or a workout tank. Clemson is super casual in terms of what people wear to class so I live in these when it's warm out!

David Yurman Bracelet- I've had my eye on this bracelet for a while and saved up over the summer to splurge on it. I wear it practically everyday and love how versatile it is! I'm currently wearing it as I type this and I know this will be a go-to jewelry piece of mine for years to come!

Amazon Echo Dot- My family has the larger Amazon Echo at home and we absolutely love it. My dad received the Echo Dot that I use at a work event and since we already have one at home, I brought it to use in my dorm room in Clemson. I use it everyday for my alarm to wake up, to listen to music in my room (my friends seriously walk into my room and say "Alexa, play *insert whatever song here*"), or for timers. I'll be sharing a review of the Echo Dot that is a bit more thorough in a few weeks so be on the lookout for that!

Gluten Free Pretzels (image via)- This is admittedly a random item to love but here we are haha! I am not gluten free or Celiac but I just really love these pretzels. This probably sounds weird but the texture is way better than that of regular pretzels so I definitely recommend adding these to your cart during your next Target run!

Sheila Fajl Hoops- These earrings, referred to as Sheilas, are super popular at Clemson and when I saw they were cheaper on Amazon during Prime Day, I decided to try them out for myself! For a pair of hoops they are super lightweight and I love how they dress up any outfit- I'll wear them to class if I want to feel a little more put together than usual!

OTBT Bushnell Wedges- Another item I was introduced to at Clemson. These wedges are super popular and they're also amazingly comfortable. I didn't believe that they were comfortable until I bought a pair of my own (because like who actually believes wedges are comfy?) but I am not kidding in saying they are comfortable as I literally wore them for 12 hours straight during recruitment and my feet didn't even hurt. I also love that they look cute with a dress or with jeans and a top!

What were your 2018 Favorites? Let me know in the comments!

2019 Goals

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!! With a new year comes some new goals! I feel like new year's resolutions usually turn into something that do not get accomplished so I'd rather set some new goals for myself than may be a bit more tangible than "get fit" or something broad like that. I wanted to share with y'all to keep myself accountable and perhaps inspire y'all to set some new goals for yourself as well.


make a 4.0

This has been a goal of mine for a while and I have been so close every semester to making it happen so hopefully I can make it happen this upcoming semester. I am super excited for my spring semester classes as I finished my general education requirements for the most part so they are all in my major or minor so hopefully that will be motivation to get that 4.0!

get more involved on campus

So far in college most of my extracurricular involvement has been within my sorority and the Panhellenic community. With my sorority experience ending at the end of the spring semester (I explained everything going on in this post), I want to get more involved in other groups on campus! I've already gotten involved in one organization related to my major that I am super excited about and I can't wait to get involved in things that I am passionate about.

find a better balance between school and fun

Even though college Katie is a lot better at this than high school Katie was, I definitely have room for improvement. I want to find a better balance between school work and life so that I get less burnt out and have time to do what I love and spend time with friends while still getting work done.


read more

I have always loved to read but ever since starting college, it has been something that has been pushed to the back burner unfortunately. This year, I want to read more books for fun that have nothing to do with what I'm learning in my classes.

get into a workout routine

I do Pure Barre at home, which I go to around 4 times a week but when I am in Clemson, my workout routine is seriously lacking. I want to get into the routine of going to the gym and maybe running again (having a gorgeous campus helps!) hopefully around 3 times a week in 2019.


I already have plans in the work for this goal as I am studying abroad in Italy this May but I am so excited to visit new places. Obviously Italy will be the biggest trip I take this year but I want to explore the areas around Clemson as well by taking more weekend trips!

Chic in Carolina

be more consistent

This fall, y'all definitely noticed a lack of consistency both here on the blog and on my social media accounts. I definitely want to be better about this and focus on posting better content for y'all more often.

redesign the blog

I've been wanting to do this for a while now and 2019 is going to be the year that it happens. I've been using the same blog design (that I made) since I started Chic in Carolina in 2015 and I definitely want something a bit more professional looking and put-together yet still fun!


This kind of goes hand in hand with being more consistent as I feel like posting more often is the best way to grow with social media and blogging. Slow growth can be discouraging at times but I definitely want to grow more in 2019!

What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments!
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