My Chic Week: March 22-28

Friday, March 29, 2019

Happy Friday! I am so excited to be back with a new My Chic Week post to share with y'all- it's been quite a while since my last one! For those of y'all who may be new to the blog (hello! check out my about me here and be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter!), each Friday I share a recap of my day-to-day life. I love reading more "real-life" posts on other blogs as I think it is fun to peek into other people's lives and it is kind of fun to look back on these posts!

This past week has been a crazy one as it was the end of my spring break as well as getting back into the swing of classes! For spring break, my roommate Rachel and I went to my grandparents's house in Florida and also spent a few days at Disney- be on the lookout for recaps next week!

Last Friday started off with brunch at a restaurant near my grandparents's house. I had Cinnamon Roll pancakes, which were absolutely incredible!

We then went back to my grandparents's house for a bit before spending the afternoon at the beach. We had dinner at the beach as well and were able to see the prettiest sunset!

Saturday was our last full day in Florida so we slept in and hung out for a bit before getting ready for the day! We packed up our things and had a pretty chill day to round out our spring break!

On Sunday morning, it was back to Clemson as spring break was sadly over! The six hour drive turned into eight with traffic and the the world longest's wait at Wendy's for lunch, which is always a fun time. Once we got back, Rachel and I unpacked and then had dinner with two friends before going downtown for Insomnia cookies!

I didn't have class on Monday so it was a good way to get ahead before the week truly begins. I did a lot of philanthropy event planning and got ahead on some school work as well! Monday night, I had a meeting for my study abroad trip to Italy in May, which always makes me so excited to go!

Since I didn't really have any classes on Monday, Tuesday was my first "real" day getting back into the swing of things. My first class wound up getting canceled so I got to sleep a little longer and then my classes are pretty much as they are always are. The last few weeks of the semester will be crazy with school work but what else is new! After class, one of my friends and I grabbed dinner on campus and then wound up walking around our sorority hall trying to find our doppelgängers on the composites (for those of y'all who aren't familiar with greek life, we have our picture taken each year and there is a composite of all of the members on the wall for each year our sorority has been at Clemson!). I then walked into my room to find a few friends were hanging out in there so we caught up for a bit and then went to get ice cream in downtown Clemson!

On Wednesday, my art class had a field trip to the children's museum in Greenville, which is 45 minutes from Clemson. A group of my friends and I drove together and then enjoyed the museum a little too much for a group of college sophomores! We grabbed ice cream on our way back to campus and then went to go see one of my friend's dogs at her apartment.

Once I got back, my roommate and I grabbed dinner in downtown Clemson. We had a mixer for our sorority on Wednesday night so my friends and I hung out in my room beforehand and then went to the mixer for a bit.

Thursday was a bit out of my routine as two of my classes were canceled, which is always a fun surprise! I had one class then grabbed lunch then went to my last two classes of the day. After class, I grabbed dinner and then went to a meeting. My Thursday was pretty laid back as I showered and watched the new episode of Grey's while blogging for a bit.

Happy FriYAY!

What I've Been Up to Lately

Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Friday friends! It's been a hot minute since my last "My Chic Week" post so I figured I should share what I have been up to lately so we're back on track for a new MCW post next Friday! I absolutely cannot believe that it's already Spring Break and second semester of sophomore year is halfway through!!


This semester, I'm taking 6 classes (so 18 credit hours): Principles of American Education, Human Sexual Behavior, Educational Psychology, Intro to Special Education, Social Psychology, and Arts in the Elementary School. It is definitely a crazy semester (spring break is really welcomed right now) but all of my classes are interesting so makes things better!

Fundraising Director

My sorority's philanthropy event is right around the corner (two weeks to be exact) and we've made so much progress! We've ordered t-shirts, sent out letters to our alums (over 1200!), and our working on the final details! After working on this event all semester, it's crazy to think it is just around the corner.


At the end of last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to join the Undergraduate Student Advisory Board for the College of Ed. We had our big event, Day in the Life of an Education Major, at the start of March where we got to gush about the College of Ed and it was kinda crazy as I attended Day in the Life my senior year and it was actually the day I decided to go to Clemson! I also was featured on the Clemson instagram account on a Q&A livestream featuring College of Ed students, which was so cool (even if my friends said I looked extremely awkward during it haha).


Some times I sit back and literally think about how beyond blessed I am for the friends that I have here at Clemson. One of my biggest worries before college was making friends in college and it's funny to look back at that from where I am now. My education friends and I joke that we have officially made the transition to being "real" friends now (I guess it takes spending countless hours together and sharing your location on find my friends to get to that point!). I also feel so lucky in establishing a strong core friend group to do life with as well as the opportunity to grow closer to people I wasn't necessarily close with at the start of the school year!

Weekend in Charlotte

I had to go home at the start of March to get my car registration renewed and Rachel came home with me for the weekend! It was fun to be home for the weekend and we went shopping, bopped around Charlotte, and grabbed popsicles at PopBar in NoDa.


As I shared in this post, my sorority had our formal a few weeks ago. Getting all dressed up is pretty rare in college so formal is the perfect occasion to get all glam for the night!

Spring Break

This week is Clemson's spring break and my roommate Rachel and I are in sunny Florida! We went to Disney on Monday and Tuesday and have been in Jacksonville at my grandparents's for the rest of the week. I'm planning on sharing recap posts with y'all soon!

Happy FriYAY!

Theta Formal 2019

Monday, March 18, 2019

Almost two weeks ago, my sorority had our formal, which is always such a fun time to get dressed up and dance the night away. As I've explained in this post, this is my sorority's last semester so this is our last formal and boy it was a good one!

Unfortunately, the weather was less than stellar as it was rainy and cold but we still managed to get a bunch of good pictures and it didn't rain on our parade too much!

In terms of my outfit for the night, I had my eye on this gorgeous dress from Wayf since formal last year (which you can read about here) and thought it would be gorgeous for formal as well as events in the future! I paired it with my favorite tassel earrings as well as my go-to OTBTs as they are so comfortable and I knew I could wear them all night!

Thanks for reading!

Hello from Spring Break!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Long time, no blog post! It's been quite a while since my last post (both here and on Instagram) but I'm finally on spring break so I figured it was a good time as ever to give y'all an update!

In all honesty, I've been pretty uninspired in terms of blogging. Even though Chic in Carolina is more of a lifestyle blog with fashion sprinkled in, I feel like all I wear anymore is leggings and a t-shirt and it would be unauthentic to share "omg super cute outfits" when that's not what I actually wear on a day-to-day basis. I mean I can share my everyday outfits but it would seriously look like I'm sponsored by Comfort Colors t-shirts (a girl can dream).

And too life is busy. I hate saying that as I feel like that is the most basic excuse in the book but I guess the best way to describe it is that life right now is a busy season. A good busy. A busy where you wouldn't want it to be any other way (even if you're ready to sleep at the end of the day).

I guess part of the reason why I've been absent over here for a while is that even though life is absolutely "real" right now, it is no way perfect. I'm pretty much the textbook definition of a perfectionist and even though I'm not one to be fake, Chic in Carolina sometimes does paint my life in a pretty rosy way. I mean I am so fortunate for everything I have as well as all the wonderful people in my life but I am no way perfect. And I feel like it's hard to have a perfect Instagram feed when you feel like it's ingenuine with what your life actually looks like.

Then I look back at why I started blogging. I was inspired by other bloggers who were sharing glimpses of their lives whether it was lifestyle tips & tricks, realistic outfits, or looks into their lives at college. I didn't start blogging to gain followers or to be famous. I feel like it's so easy to get caught up in all of it- the perfect Instagram stories or feed or whatever. Because that's not who I am and that's not why y'all check in on this little blog of mine (so so thankful for y'all).

And looking back, I'm not the same girl who started Chic in Carolina over four years ago (also missed that milestone oops!). I've grown, I've made mistakes, I've thankfully learned how to relax a bit more than sophomore year of high school Katie could. My style is still preppy (my superlative at my sorority formal last week was "Lilly Pulitzer Model", which makes me laugh) but is a bit more relaxed and changed (if you told high school Katie she would wear Free People, she would probably laugh). And I want to share that with y'all and be real.

Because honestly I love to read bloggers who are more "real" and aren't just some gorgeous pictures of a designer outfits followed by affiliate links. And, hopefully, y'all see that here on Chic in Carolina!

I was going to post a "better" photo but thought this one was pretty genuine so here we go!

Here's to being real and many more blog posts coming your way soon!

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