My Chic Week: April 22-28

Friday, April 29, 2016

Another week, another late post (so sorry!). But hey, better late than never, right? Grab an iced coffee (it's been the perfect iced coffee weather here later) and let's catch up!

I had the day off of school on Friday so my mom and I drove down to Athens, Georgia Thursday night so we could tour UGA (I talked about this a little more in last week's My Chic Week). Our tour was at 8:30 so that meant I could luckily sleep in a bit! Our tour guides were great but I couldn't get over how large the campus was!

After our tour ended, we headed back home (with a stop at Chick-fil-a for lunch), which worked out well as we hit some traffic and I got home with time to run some prom-related errands. I got my nails done and then picked up my dress at the dry-cleaners (cutting it close I know!). That night, I went to bed fairly early as I knew the next day was going to be very busy!

Saturday was the big day: prom day! I spent the morning playing catch-up on blogging and a bit of homework while sitting in bed, which was a great way to chill out for a little bit before an insane day!

After lunch, I did my makeup before heading off to my hair appointment. I talked about prom in Tuesday's post but I figured that I would share more of the details with y'all today! After my hair appointment, I met up with my prom group to take pictures and then we headed downtown for dinner. Dinner was amazing and it was the perfect way to kick off the official prom festivities!

After dinner, we headed to the venue and danced until the prom ended at 11. Then, we were off to a classmate's house for the after party, which was very relaxed (we mainly hung out around the fireplace in her backyard) and was nice to just hang out with the majority of my grade. I opted to head home instead of sleeping over so I headed home after hanging out for a while at the party.

Sunday morning, I slept in which was very needed after all of the prom festivities. I hung out all day, which was so nice as I was exhausted from prom!

As it seems every week lately, this week has been SO busy! The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and I have my first AP exam next Wednesday (AP Lit) with another one on Friday (APUSH). It's been crazy trying to prepare for those as well as doing lots of homework for my other classes. Other than schoolwork, I have had a few meetings this week along with the usual fixtures in my week- the Faith Formation class I teach at my church (my last one is this Monday! I'm going to be so sad!) and nannying!

On my Radar this week:

1. AP Exams- sadly AP week is this upcoming week. It's safe to say that I have a lot of studying to do before my tests on Wednesday and Friday!

2. The end of the year is rapidly approaching so Dorothy's tips for having a productive day are so helpful!

3. LOVE this outfit on Sydney!

4. I have been pinning so much lately! Be sure to follow allow here!

5. I definitely need to utilize Rachel's tips for staying healthy!

Be sure to check out my posts from this past week:

Have a great weekend!

Cute yet Casual

Thursday, April 28, 2016

With the weather warming up, I have been dying to put together some cute warm weather outfits. Since I nanny most days after school, I have been wearing more regular clothes than I typically do (my school has an uniform). The problem is that I want to dress cute but in an outfit that is okay to get a little dirty (aka not my Lilly Pulitzer silk tops). The solution? Outfits similar to this one that are both casual and cute! I have a feeling I'll be wearing similar outfits until August!

What are your favorite cute yet casual outfits? Let me know in the comments!

10 Things To Do When You Need To Get Your Life "Together"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's the end of April, which means it's almost the end of the school year. The end of the school year signals AP exams and finals and with that comes a ton of stress and work. Before all of that begins, I wanted to share with y'all 10 (easy) things you can do to get your life "together" even if it is far from that (aka me...all the time!).

1. Clean Your Room
2. Check Your Email
3. Update your Agenda/Calendar
4. Make a to-do list
5. Divide that to-do list by the days of the list
6. Grab a cup of coffee
7. Put your laundry away
8. Go for a walk
9. Take a deep breath
10. Take a five minute Pinterest "inspiration" break

What do you do when you need to get your life "together"? Let me know in the comments!

Prom Recap

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably know that last Saturday was my Junior Prom. I typically would share these pictures during "My Chic Week" but I decided to make a separate post out of it since I have so many pictures to share with y'all (and these aren't even all of them!). If I'm being honest, I only decided to go last week but the event wound up being a lot of fun! I went without a date but I went with my friends and their dates, which was a blast!

Anyone who has been to prom before can certainly attest to this but the entire day is such a whirlwind and goes by incredibly fast. I did my makeup, got my hair done, met my group for pictures at my friend's country club, went to dinner downtown, went to the actual prom, and then ended the night at the after party at a classmate's house all in the span of less than 12 hours!

It was so much fun getting all glammed up for the night and I'm low key obsessed with my dress (looking for any and all opportunities to wear it again soon!). I bought my dress a few months ago at Nordstrom's (in this post) and was so excited to finally have the chance to wear it!

The actual prom was held at a barn in my town, which was so cool and pretty! My school's dance tend to be on the boring side as people don't typically dance but prom was a ton of fun and there was so much dancing going on!

If you're a high school junior or senior have you had your prom yet? Let me know in the comments!

Sunny Days Require Spring Shades

Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm a firm believer that every girl needs a quality pair of sunglasses. They can be worn year round (although probably the most helpful in the warmer months), can be a classic depending on the pair, and always fit (not like jeans in which you can change your size).

I have forgotten to pack a pair of sunglasses so many times for spring and summer getaways so it truly is a great time to invest as you will have so many opportunities to wear them. I have gathered up all of my favorites and they're all under $250, which is a decent price as sunglasses have the potential to be worn for years!

What is your favorite pair of sunglasses? Let me know in the comments!

My Chic Week: April 15-21

Friday, April 22, 2016

Am I the only one counting down the days till summer vacation (29 school days!)? Life has been insane since coming back from Spring Break and I know that the next month is going to fly by as it is so jammed packed with events!

Friday wasn't too bad school-wise in terms of tests and quizzes and assignments, which definitely was a relief as school has been so busy (hence the lack of blog posts) since coming back from spring break. I nannied that afternoon and I wound up walking with the boy I nanny and his neighbors to a nearby ice cream place. The family I nanny for are actually family friends so my family actually drove over for dinner at their house on Friday night, which was a lot of fun!

Sadly, I had to wake up fairly early on Saturday morning as I had an APUSH review session to go to at 7:30 AM (which is insanely early for me on the weekends!). I grabbed Starbucks for breakfast on the way and it fortunately wasn't too bad and I know it will be helpful for when I take the exam in a few weeks (eek!).

After the review session, I headed home and worked on homework all afternoon, so nothing too exciting! I went to Saturday night Mass and then we had our neighbors over for dinner as our friends from out of town were visiting (they were here in this postthis post, and this post!).

This weekend was very homework heavy so I spent the majority of Sunday working on homework as well. I, however, did take a break to meet up with a friend at a local bakery for coffee. We were planning on talking about our thoughts on the service committee we are on as I recently became the Vice President and she became the President but we wound up catching up for the majority of the time, which I will not complain about doing!

A little bit of inspiration via the Kate Spade store on Madison Avenue, which I visited while in New York City over Spring Break!

On Monday, it was back to waking up early (I cannot wait for summer so I can sleep in and not do homework all the time!) and it, as always, was a crazy day! Luckily, I didn't have that much homework that night, which is always welcome in my book!

Oddly enough, I didn't have a lot of homework on Tuesday, which is pretty strange as AP testing is right around the corner. But it was nice to have the afternoon off from activities since I didn't have to nanny and just get ahead on some assignments!

Since Tuesday was fairly qualm-free, Wednesday of course was crazily busy. I had an eyebrow wax after school then nannied. I also had an essay due that night and a test to study for, all very fun (#not).

Thursday was probably my most hectic day as I woke up bright and early after a few hours of sleep to go get ready for the Pancake Breakfast that the Service Committee I am the VP of puts on every so often. Luckily the event was a success, which made the waking up early and running around the school getting things ready (I'm pretty sure I had 3,000 Fitbit steps before 9 AM) worth it! The craziness of the day didn't stop there as we had shortened classes and a game of Bubble Soccer in the afternoon. I didn't play but it was definitely hilarious to watch!

Then after school, I raced to pack up my stuff so my mom and I could drive down to tour UGA. We arrived kinda late so we ate dinner at our hotel and then went to bed fairly early!

On my Radar:

1. This weekend's plans: this weekend is going to be a busy one and I could not be more excited! I have the day off today and I am touring UGA (we drove down last night). And tomorrow is prom! I was teetering back and forth on whether I should go or not but I decided to go (as I don't have a date) but I decided to go and I'm super excited (I mean how many times as a 17 year old do you have the opportunity to wear a formal gown?)! Stay tuned for next week as I'll be recapping all of my whereabouts but in the mean time, follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

2. I have been obsessed with Carrie Underwood's latest song, Church Bells. So good!

3. This "Which Suburban Mom Are You" is like the next blue and black or white and gold dress. This Buzzfeed quiz tells you which Mom you are. I'm Susan, which I would say would be pretty true (I'll let y'all know in another ten or fifteen years) but I thought it was funny I got the blogger mom as you know...I already have a blog. I would love to know which Mom you are so let me know who you are in the comments!

4. Majorly crushing on these Kate Spade heels. Thinking they may need to be my next splurge!

5. I found this article on Lilly Pulitzer's marketing strategy to millennials really interesting (I found it from Meredith's post!).

Be sure to check out my latest posts!

Chambray + White Chinos, My Chic Week: April 8-14, Spring/Summer Country Playlist, NYC Travel Guide

Happy Friday!

NYC Travel Guide

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earlier this month, my mom and I traveled up to New York City to celebrate my seventeenth birthday and we had the most amazing time! The last time I was in the city was back in middle school so it was safe to say I was dying to visit again (especially after watching Gossip Girl!). I have recapped each day of my trip (read my recaps of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3) but decided to put together a travel guide for y'all if you're planning your own trip soon!

Where We Stayed:
We stayed at the Mariott Courtyard at Central Park and it was great! If I'm honest, I was a bit skeptical on if the hotel was going to be nice or not and it definitely exceeding my expectations! The hotel was so modern and was in a great location as it felt like we were in the middle of everything New York had to offer!

To Eat:
The Plaza- We had Tea at the Plaza our first day and it was amazing! The food was great and the decor in the Palm Court was amazing as well! It's on my bucket list to stay at the Plaza!

Patsy's- An amazing Italian restaurant in the area south of Central Park!

Maison Kayser- We grabbed coffee and chocolate croissants from here before going to the Dry Bar and it was so yummy!

Serendipity- We obviously went for their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate and it didn't disappoint! All the other food was great as well and the restaurant had a fun, quirky feel to it!

Ladureé- I needed to try out their macarons and they were so good! The decor was so cute as well! I tried the chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, coffee, pistachio, and lemon macarons and they were all so good!

Sarabeth's- We had Sunday brunch here and it was so, so, so yummy! I had the coconut waffle and I'm still dreaming about it almost a month later!

To Shop:
Sak's- Definitely a window shopping store but it was fun to see all of the designer brands (even if they were crazily outside of my budget!)

Bloomingdale's- So many brands! This store was amazing and I would definitely recommend stopping in!

Jack Rogers- Jack Rogers only has three store-front locations: the Upper East Side, the Hamptons, and Atlanta. I would definitely say it is a must see for those who love their Jacks as much as I do!

Lilly Pulitzer- Y'all know I'm a major Lilly lover and this store didn't disappoint. The two stories were so Lilly and absolutely stunning!

Kate Spade- Another gorgeous store! The one on Madison is their flagship and is stunning! I spent so much time in here just looking around and observing all of the fun details!

Tory Burch- Their Madison Avenue location is amazing! It is so big and sales associates are so helpful (Claudia was helping my mom and I and was great!). 

To Do/See:
Empire State Building- I really wanted to see New York City views from higher up for pictures and this turned out to be the perfect spot! The line wasn't too bad and it wasn't super expensive either. Not to mention the Elf and Gossip Girl (with Chuck in his bow-tie with peonies!) references!

Wicked- My mom and I wanted to see a show while we were in New York and Wicked was unbelievable! It was so funny and such a great show, I would definitely recommend it!

The Dry Bar- This was one of my 101 in 1001 goals and it was definitely an experience. The actual salon is so relaxing and calm and my blowout was amazing! I will definitely be back the next time I'm in the city!

Steps of the Met- This was definitely the Gossip Girl fan in me but I needed a picture on the Steps of the Met. I am so glad that I did and it was fun to walk by (and to see other girls taking their Gossip Girl pictures!).

What I Want to do Next Time:
One World Trade Center- My mom and I wanted to go down and see this but unfortunately it was too far from anything else we wanted to see!

Magnolia Bakery- I've always heard about Magnolia but unfortunately we walked right by it without realizing it! There's always next time, right? ;)

Statue of Liberty- I feel like you have to do this at least once in your life!

Eataly- This is the home of the Nutella crepes and other Nutella treats so it's safe to say I'll have to try it out eventually!

Henri Bendel- Another one we walked right by! I will definitely be stopping in the next time I'm in New York!

Ralph's- Ralph Lauren opened a coffee shop above one of his stores and I will definitely be checking it out the next time I'm in New York!

Have you been to NYC recently? What would you add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

Spring/Summer Country Playlist

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

As the weather warms up, it always makes me want to find some great new music. Over the past year, I have been on a major country kick. I love the summer vibe of country music as it is certainly helpful for motivation to finish out the school year strong as summer is just around the corner (I have a feeling I'll have to remind myself this many times over the next month!). Lots of country music is very upbeat and some on my list have a summer theme, which makes it perfect for gearing up for the warmer days ahead!

I've gathered up all of my country favorites that are perfect for warmer days but I would love for y'all to let me know what songs (country or not) you have been loving lately down in the comments!

Let me know if you would love to see more music playlist posts in the future in the comments below!

My Chic Week: April 8-14

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I've been a bad blogger this past week...I only had one post and honestly that one was pre-scheduled since I took the pictures over spring break. My life has been pretty crazy and stressful since returning back to school- AP exams are literally right around the corner, I've been low-key stressing about prom (but I finally figured things out, thank goodness), friend stuff going on, and the usual craziness of school. But that's junior year for ya! And I turned 17! Summary of my spiel: I'm so sorry for not being the best blogger in terms of actually getting posts up so I figured that it would be a good time to catch up on what has been going on recently so y'all are caught up for this Friday's My Chic Week (want to read more of my past weekly recaps? click here!).

Friday was a fairly busy day for me as I had quizzes in Pre Calc and APUSH, a test in Theology, and a meeting during lunch. Not to mention, it was a Mass day so it was shorter classes and I also had to dress up (which I love doing so no complaints about that here!). One of my favorite things about Friday is that I have time to do all of my homework for the weekend at a different time so I technically don't have to do homework if I don't feel like it! I nannied that afternoon, which was a ton of fun as I made cupcakes with the little boy I nanny!

Saturday morning, my mom and I woke up very early (5:15 AM to be exact) and headed to Elon University for their spring Explore Elon (an open house) event. I had previously toured Elon my freshman year and then this fall in November (which you can read about in this post), so this was my third time touring the school, which is kind of insane! However, I did learn more about Elon and their academics, especially their education program (I want to go into elementary education if you're a newer reader). I also meet a few other girls, two of which were coincidentally interested in being education majors as well, so that made very excited to head off to college in a few years!

After lunch, there was a few sessions that you could attend but my mom and I decided to head back home. After arriving at home, we relaxed for a bit and then went to Saturday night Mass. We picked up Chick-fil-a for dinner and then I just had a relaxing night at home, which was great especially after a busy week!

Since I successfully avoided all of my homework on Friday and Saturday, I spent all of Sunday playing catch up on that. I had a big project plus a bunch of other assignments so it definitely wasn't the most exciting day!

Monday through Wednesday were all fairly busy with meetings, tests, quizzes, and assignments. There is currently less than two weeks till AP exams (as many of y'all probably know) so I have had a bit more work and stress than usual since getting back from Spring Break. Not to mention, I was overall very stressed the week before and Monday through Wednesday, which was a bit overwhelming to say the least!

A few goodies that arrived in the mail this past week!

Thursday was my 17th birthday, which was definitely a bright spot during a rough week. My day at school was pretty normal and I nannied after school, which is always fun for me! I had Chick-fil-a for dinner and then a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert! My mom was so sweet and surprised me with flowers, which I love having to brighten up my room!

Hope y'all are having a great week so far!

Chambray + White Chinos

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
Happy Monday! Well as happy as a Monday morning can be, right? ;) Today, I am sharing the last of the outfits from my Florida trip a few weeks back (read part 1 and part 2 of my trip recap and my first and second outfits!), which will hopefully brighten up your Monday morning!

I am so excited to break out this adorable Madewell top for the season, I bought in the J. Crew Warehouse Sale that came to Charlotte last fall (read all about it in this post) and haven't had the chance to wear it until now! It's safe to say that it will definitely be on repeat this spring and summer!

Top: Madewell (warehouse sale find, similar here) Chino Shorts: J. Crew Sandals: Tory Burch Necklace: Kendra Scott Bracelets: David Yurman (similar) Fitbit Charge

My Chic Week: April 1-7

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey y'all! So sorry for the delay of this post going up, this past week has been insane for me. Ever since getting home from New York on Sunday, it has been go-go-go and very hectic to say the least! Unfortunately, that means I don't have a lot to share with y'all so I decided to round up 10 things that are on my radar instead of my usual 5 along with some pictures from my Instagram (follow me here!)

1. I toured another college today for an open house! Any guesses on where I went? Hint- I've toured there before!

2. Google has a feature called My Maps that my mom and I used while in NYC and it was amazing! It is accessible under the Google Maps App and is great for trip planning!

3. Everything Kate Spade is currently 25% off with code YOUANDME

4. Love this "guest post" from Kelly's dog Noodle!

5. North Carolina has continued it's bipolar weather this week. 70 degrees one day and 40 the next, can we warm back up please?

6. Love Ashley's guide on where to eat in Charleston!

7. Sephora is having a great sale right now! I just purchased this moisturizer, this hair mask, and this brow wiz- prefect timing as I had my birthday gift to use as well!

8. Mackenzie's tutorial on how to make a product collage is so helpful!

9. I just finished reading The Knockoff (one of my 101 in 1001 goals is to read more books!) and I loved it! It is definitely fashion-focused but was so so so funny!

10. Did y'all know that Kendra Scott offers half off any one item during your birthday month? My birthday is Thursday so I'm thinking of getting this necklace!

Be sure to catch up on my posts from this past week!

Happy Weekend!

NYC Day 3

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Thursday! I am so ready for the weekend- only one more day to go! I am back with the third and final recap of my New York City trip. Be sure to check out my recaps of Day 1 and Day 2 as well!

All of our trip, I woke up fairly early, which I would say wasn't bad especially with the promise of all the adventures the days held. Plus, it was helpful to go get breakfast and what not before that got too busy! After waking up, I got ready for the day and then packed up the rest of my stuff!

For brunch, we headed to Sarabeth's, which was amazing! I would definitely recommend making a reservation as it got very busy! I had a latte and then the coconut waffles, which were to die for! Seriously still dreaming about them! Sarabeth's was the perfect meal to end our trip and it was certainly delicious!

After brunch, we had a bit of time before heading to the airport so we headed back to the hotel and grabbed our bags. I also took one last picture of our view before we left for the airport!

Our flight was at 1 but we arrived at the airport very early because of the impending wintery weather and wind. Security wound up being faster than we expected so we just hung out at the airport for a while waiting for our plane to come in and for boarding to begin! Luckily, the flight home was a lot smoother than the flight into the city and we were able to see what was below us the entire time. Before we knew it, we were back in Charlotte and our New York City trip sadly came to a close! Until next time, right?

I hope you enjoyed all of my NYC recaps! Happy Thursday!

NYC Day 2

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oh my goodness, y'all! Doing these recaps of my trip makes me wish I was still there! If you haven't read yesterday's post (which I suggest that you do), I spent last weekend in New York City with my mom to celebrate my seventeenth birthday a bit early so I have been recaping my trip for y'all!

After getting ready for the day, we grabbed a cab and headed up to the Upper East Side. Our first stop of the day was Maison Kayser for breakfast. We had it to-go as my appointment at the Dry Bar was in a few minutes of when we arrived. I had a chocolate croissant and a coffee and the chocolate croissant was easily the best I ate during my trip!

If y'all are familiar with my 101 in 1001 list, you know one of my goals was to get my hair blown out at the Dry Bar. I have seen so many Instagrams and heard so many great things about it so I knew I had to make an appointment for when we were in the city. I had the Cosmo (they have several different blowouts on their "menu") and it was great- literally lasted until Monday! The atmosphere was so fun and I will be definitely be back the next time I'm in New York as we unfortunately do not have one in Charlotte!

After my appointment ended, my mom and I walked south for a little bit and came across the Vineyard Vines. I was very impressed by the location as it was very cute and I wound up buying this top, which was funny as one of the sales girls was wearing that top with a pair of Vineyard Vines pants that I already own (and styled in this post)!

My aunt and grandfather gave me a Bloomingdales gift card for my birthday so after Vineyard Vines, my mom and I ventured into Bloomingdales. We were both very impressed with the store and had a lot of fun wandering through the main floor as well as the floor with all of the women's clothing. I wound up using my gift card on these Kate Spade sunglasses, which I am so excited to wear and unfortunately for me (but good for y'all!) they just went on sale!

We had a noon reservation at Serendipity, which was amazing! They are famous for their Frozen Hot Chocolates but my mom and I both loved the burgers we had (the fries were great as well). We spilt a Frozen Hot Chocolate for dessert (I recommend having it for dessert rather than before your meal as well as splitting it as the thing is huge!), which I may or may not still be dreaming about! It was such a fun experience and I'll definitely be back! If you wind up going, I would definitely make a reservation as it gets fairly busy in there!

After lunch at Serendipity, we were right by Dylan's Candy Bar so we stopped by to pick up some treats for my siblings. There was so many sweet treats in there, it was insane! I also picked up a candy bar that said Super Kid on it for the superhero-obessessed little boy I nanny!

My great-grandfather founded his own grocery store in the city a long time ago. Our family has since sold it off but it still has the same name. My mom wanted to stop by and take a picture to send our grandfather and I snapped a picture of all the pretty flowers they had outside!

Our next stop was the adorable Jack Rogers store! They only have 3 locations: the Upper East Side, Atlanta, and then in the Hamptons during the summer. It was such a treat to be in store and they had so many Jacks it was insane (I usually buy my Jacks at Nordstrom or in local boutiques). I treated myself to a pair of navy and white Jacks that I can't wait to wear this spring and summer!

There was quite a walk to our next stop but I loved seeing all of the gorgeous buildings and townhouses on the Upper East Side. #lifegoals- am I right?

I wanted to stop at the Steps of the Met to take a picture a la Gossip Girl so on our way behind Jack Rogers and Lilly Pulitzer we stopped at the Met so I could take a picture. It was funny as we saw some other girls taking pictures on the steps too!

Next up was one of my most highly anticipated parts of the trip: visiting the Lilly Pulitzer flagship on Madison Avenue. I have seen so many Instagrams (be sure to follow me here!) and pictures of the store so I just couldn't wait to see it myself. And it, of course, did not disappoint. As with any Lilly store, it was amazingly detailed and every inch of the two-story store was very Lilly. The store was so gorgeous and I would up buying this dress and this top (the top was on sale- call a Lilly store to see if they have it in your size as the website doesn't have sale items!).

One of the places I was dying to visit after watching Gossip Girl was Ladurée for their macarons. I tried the Chocolate, Vanilla, Pistachio, Coffee, Salted Caramel, and Lemon macarons and they were all so amazing (my favorites were the Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Salted Caramel though). The decor in the shop was cute as well and I will be keeping the box the macarons came in to use as decor in my room redesign.

My mom and I then went into Tory Burch, which was amazing. Our local Tory Burch in Southpark Mall is great but the Madison Avenue exceeds in tremendously in size. It has three stories (one for purses/jewelry, another for clothes, and then one for shoes) but my mom and I spent the majority of our time in the purse department! The sales associate who was helping us, Claudia, was wonderful and made the experience great for my mom and I. She even had the purses we bought shipped back home so we didn't have to bring them on the plane and so we could pay North Carolina's tax rate, which is lower than New York's.

Our final store of the day was the Kate Spade flagship. My mom and I kind of labeled Kate Spade as a "window shopping" store as we both had done quite a bit of shopping already but we both walked out making a purchase! The decor in Kate Spade was amazing as well and I loved how they used pieces of their home collection as decor in the store! One fun aspect of the store is the balcony on the third floor that has gorgeous boxwood (I think?) plants. Our sales associate, Hanna, was great as well.  Kate Spade actually has four floors with the third being clothes and the fourth being bridal and home decor. It was all so fun to look at and I wound up buying these shoes and my mom bought this scarf.

We then walked back to our hotel to get ready for dinner and to relax for a bit after a busy day of shopping and exploring the Upper East Side!

Our hotel actually offered us a free appetizer in their little bar as we were there for my birthday so before dinner we went downstairs to enjoy a Barbecue Chicken Flatbread, which was delicious!

My aunt actually lives in New York so we met up with her at a restaurant called Quality Meats. It was nice getting to catch up with her and of course, eating some good food (my mom and I spilt a Filet Mignon- yum!). We had the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert and it was amazing!

After dinner, we said goodbye to my aunt and headed back to the hotel. We packed up all of our stuff and then headed to bed!

Stay tuned for a recap of Day 3, our last day in the city tomorrow!
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