My Chic Week: August 24-30

Friday, August 31, 2018

Happy FriYAY y'all! I am so excited for this weekend as we have our First Friday parade (a Clemson tradition to have a parade the day before the first home football game of the season) today and then the first home football game tomorrow (go tigers!). I'll be sharing more about this weekend in next week's MCW post but for now let's catch up on the past week!

Last Friday was pretty typical as I slept in and then went to class. My roommate Rachel and I grabbed lunch off-campus and then got our nails done, which was a relaxing start to the weekend. We then went to the gym with a few other friends and then went to a football open practice in the stadium, which was so fun!

This is totally random but Clemson changed up their student ticketing system this season and we found out what games we received this Friday, which made for a stressful afternoon. Thankfully, we figured everything out but we were all feeling stressed after that so we decided to order in a pizza and grab ice cream afterwards! Once we made it back to the hall, Rachel and I decided to watch To All The Boys I Loved Before, which was such a great decision as it's a great movie.

After sleeping in on Saturday, Rachel and I went to the gym and then came back to shower off. We wound up going to our friend Emily's apartment for a bit to watch To All The Boys I Loved Before (again!), which was so fun!

One of the girls in our sorority turned 21 a few weeks ago and had her birthday party Saturday night so we wound up going to that for a bit, which was a lot of fun!

my outfit: similar topjean shorts (on sale!) ⎢sandals

Sunday was a fairly lazy day as I slept in and then worked on reading for one of my classes in the afternoon, nothing too crazy! We then had our sorority chapter meeting as well!

I'm planning on sharing a look into my daily routine once I get a little more settled in my schedule for the semester but my Mondays are super chill since I only have one class. I was able to sleep in, get my life together a little bit, go to class, go to lunch with Rachel, and then hang out during the afternoon.

My big and I had dinner at Chipotle followed by some ice cream (#healthy), which made my Monday a little bit more fun!

sunglasseslotion (c/o) ⎢agenda

Tuesday was a fairly busy day as I had class, went to Chick-fil-a with Emily (we have two Emilys in our friend group haha!), and then went to the rest of my classes. After class, I went to a sorority event and then Rachel, Olivia, and I grabbed Chipotle afterwards.

On Wednesday, I went to class and then came back to my room get some stuff done there. I cleaned a bit, did some laundry, and then went to Starbucks to study! My sorority had an event that night so I went to that and then Olivia, Rachel, and I grabbed dinner in the dining hall.

I've come to the realization that Tuesday's and Thursday's will definitely be my busiest day of the week as I have an 8 AM class, a break, and then three classes in a row. Once I finished up class for the afternoon, I came back to the hall and worked on some homework before grabbing dinner with some friends!

Happy Friday!

What I Wore for Sorority Recruitment as an Active Sister 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018

After sorority recruitment last year, I shared with y'all the outfits I wore as a PNM (Potential New Member) and it was one of my most popular posts from last year. I thought it would be fun to share a similar post with y'all this year featuring my outfits from "the other side" of recruitment!

This year, our recruitment took place over the span of a week and it was so fun meeting so many different girls! I talked about Bid Day on Monday too if you want more sorority posts!

t-shirt (provided by my chapter) ⎢similar jeanssandalshoopsbracelet

For Round 1, each sorority wore Comfort Colors t-shirts in different colors and, obviously, their letters on them. My chapter decided to wear our t-shirts with medium wash jeans and then sandals as Round 1 is the longest day of recruitment!

similar dresswedges (not pictured) ⎢hoopsbracelet

Round 2 is Philanthropy Round so we wore the colors of our National Philanthropy, CASA, which are blue and red. I already had a blue Madewell dress from a few years ago and paired it with nude wedges! One tip of advice that I have for recruitment is to not wear your wedges when walking over to the parties as it saves your feet so that's why I am in sandals in the picture!

Round 3 is Sisterhood Round, which is a bit dressier than the day before. For this round, we all wore pastel dresses of different colors so I chose a light blue dress from Altar'd State paired with my OTBT's as they are so comfortable (I seriously wore them all day long without switching to my sandals!).

dressheels (not pictured)⎢hoops (not pictured) ⎢bracelet

Round 4, or Preference Round, is the fanciest round of recruitment and our chapter wore black dresses. I am obsessed with this black dress from Tuckernuck and have worn it for so many different occasions (and styled on the blog here)! I honestly forgot to take a picture of my outfit before heading out the door, hence why my hair is up in this picture and I have no shoes on haha!

If you participated in sorority recruitment this year, what did you wear? Let me know in the comments!

End of Summer Lilly

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Adirondack Mountains
I think by now we have definitely established here on Chic in Carolina that I'm a big Lilly Pulitzer girl. My friends joke that my closet is a particularly a Lilly Pulitzer store and I think that Lilly pieces are perfect for any occasion. Even though I am not one to shy away from sporting my Lilly during the fall and winter months, I do think it is truly perfect for summer!

It feels like I took these photos ages ago but while I was in Upstate New York with my family at the start of the month (which you can read about here), I wore this outfit for a casual lunch out! It was fairly windy that day so that's why my hair is somewhat wild in these pictures haha! I loved that it is perfectly put together but still comfortable enough to handle whatever your day brings. Now that I'm back in Clemson for the semester, I would definitely wear this to class on a day where I want to look a little bit more dressed up than my typical norts and an oversized t-shirt combo!

Unfortunately, my top is a few seasons old but I picked up these shorts while in Hilton Head earlier this summer (which you read about here) and I absolutely love them. They are flowier than your typical Lilly shorts and they should be included in the After Party Sale in a few weeks (definitely check out my tips & tricks for the sale as well as my 2018 APS Fit Guide to prepare!).

Top: Lilly Pulitzer (old, similar) Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer Sandals: Jack Rogers Purse: Longchamp Necklace: Kendra Scott Watch: Kate Spade Bracelet: David Yurman

Thanks for reading!

Gameday Style

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Gameday was one of the things I was most excited about last fall when I was getting ready to head off to my freshman year at Clemson. I attended a small Catholic high school and while we did have a football team, we were not very good and didn't have a lot of school spirit so I was excited to have the college football experience at Clemson!

Our football season starts on Saturday as we are playing Furman here in Clemson and I am so excited for football to be back (especially now that I got my tickets!). One of my favorite things about football is pulling together cute orange and purple outfits for game so I wanted to share with y'all a guide for gameday style for this football. Obviously I used orange and purple going to Clemson but sub out whatever your teams colors are (except black and garnet for that other school here in SC, just wear orange haha!).

a throwback from last football season!

When I committed to Clemson, I realized I had zero pieces of orange clothing so obviously that had to change. I slowly added orange (and purple!) pieces to my wardrobe over the summer so I had enough clothes to last through football season!

For warmer games, I typically wore a sundress or a cute skirt with a top and then once it got colder, I would wear jeans with a sweater. Lots of girls at Clemson opt for jerseys for gameday (with shorts when it's warmer & jeans and a jacket for colder games).

Your accessories are a perfect way to add to your outfit (especially if it's harder to find your college's exact colors). I usually use gameday as an excuse to sport my fun jewelry and tend not to wear anything too expensive that I would worry about loosing it!

At Clemson, it is super popular to wear a sticker or button showing your sorority supporting your team too!

Your Gameday Bag
Most stadiums have bag requirements for safety reasons so I definitely recommend making sure your bag will be allowed in the stadium (check your school's football website!). I use a smaller Tory Burch crossbody in Clemson orange (similar size to this) but a lot of girls use clear bags like this one that are super cute!

When packing your bag, think light and simple! I usually only carry my phone, a credit card & student ID, sunglasses, and a lip balm as you truly don't need a lot!

Comfort is definitely key when it comes to football games! You'll be walking a lot whether it is across campus to get to the stadium or walking from tailgate to tailgate before the game. At Clemson, we don't sit during the game (except for timeouts) and lower deck (closest to the field) stands on top of the bleachers so comfy shoes are a must.

I usually opt for a pair of cowboy boots (I have these and love them!) but sandals are awesome option as well. I know at Clemson and schools across the south, OTBT's are really popular and are a great option for gameday as they are seriously the comfiest wedges I have ever owned (I wore them all day during recruitment this year).

What do you typically wear on Gameday? Let me know in the comments!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Fit Guide 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Did y'all hear the big news? The Lilly Pulitzer After Party will officially be September 10-12! Lilly Pulitzer is my absolute favorite store and has two giant sales a year full of amazing deals! The sale (which is in January and then at the end of summer) is the only time Lilly goes on sale online and is final sale, meaning you can't return any of your purchases, which makes choosing the right size so important!

Today's post is always a popular one here on Chic in Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Fit Guide! I started sharing my Fit Guide two summers ago (check out the August 2016 version, the August 2017 version, and the January 2018 version!) as a way to let y'all see how the items fit and how they run so shopping during the sale is a bit easier for y'all!

For reference, I am 5'7 and typically a size 4 or a small in Lilly. I typically grab those sizes first when shopping in-store but will size up or down as needed for a comfortable fit! Just as a disclaimer, I do not own everything pictured here! I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and we are lucky enough to have our own Lilly store so I try on all of the pieces that catch my eye whenever I'm in-store so I can prepare for the sale by seeing how each fits (which is one of my tips for successfully shopping the sale!).

Item Name: Lula Top
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This top is so cute! I wound up purchasing it in another print and the fit is great, plus the fabric is stretchy and comfy!

Item Name: Madeira Pant
Size: 4
Fit: Runs oddly. I'm 5'7 and these pants were really long on me. They also fit tighter in my thighs so if I were to size up for more of a comfortable fit, they would be even longer!

Item Name: Rosalia Dress
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. This dress is absolutely stunning and the fit is perfect! The dramatic sleeves would make it perfect for a more formal event

Item Name: Robyn Top
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. It does fit a little bit shorter but I would stick with your usual size!


Item Name: Katia Shorts
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. These shorts are super flattering and I love that they are a bit looser than your typical chino shorts.

Item Name: Bay Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. I thought this was the perfect striped casual dress with a little bit of jazz from the added detail towards the neckline!

Item Name: Lula Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. Just like the Lula top, this dress is so cute and is very flattering!

Item Name: Kelsea Silk Maxi Dress
Size: 2
Fit: Runs big! I found the 2 to be a perfect fit but it's definitely on the longer side and I'm 5'7. The dress is a perfect length with wedges but if you're shorter than I am, you may need to alter it.

Item Name: Buttercup Twill Shorts (styled here)
Size: 4
Fit: TTS but these do run a tad bit big

Item Name: Pearl Romper
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. This romper is super cute and fits perfectly!

Item Name: Amisa Top (styled here)
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This is seriously one of my favorite tops in my closet- the fit is fabulous and I love that it can be worn to so many occasions!

Item Name: Gramercy Top (styled here)
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. Another great top to have in your Lilly collection! The fit is amazing and is a summer essential!

Item Name: Jessica Short Sleeve Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. I do find that this particular style is tighter in the arms/shoulders but then too loose on the bottom!

Item Name: Harper Shift Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This shift is made out of a softer material, which I love. I did think it fit a bit slimmer in my hips!

Item Name: Donna Romper (styled here)
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. This romper is super cute and fits perfectly! I love that it is a great length without being too long or too short!

Item Name: Mila Stretch Shift Dress
Size: 4
Fit: Runs small. I find that Mila dresses tend to fit on the smaller and even though this one is made of a stretch fabric, I found that it was a bit too clingy for my taste

Item Name: Donna Set
Size: 4
Fit: Runs small. The top is definitely on the smaller size and I couldn't get the bottoms to zip

Item Name: Margot Swing Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This dress is super flattering and easy to throw on for everyday wear!

Item Name: Fiesta One Piece
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. This swimsuit is so cute but the way it fits, it is a bit lower cut on the top so keep that in mind if you are more bigger busted!

Item Name: La Fortuna Off the Shoulder Romper
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This romper is super cute but has an elastic around the waist so I wasn't a big fan of how that looked!

Item Name: Astara Top (styled here)
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This top fits perfectly and has been a go-to of mine this summer!

Item Name: Nessa Skirt
Size: 4
Fit: Runs small. Even though this skirt is super cute, it's pretty tight and high waisted, which made it too short on me!

Item Name: Lorelie Skort
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. Is a little on the shorter side so keep that in mind if you're taller!

Item Name: Kelly Ankle Pant
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. I have another pair of these pants from a few seasons back and they all fit perfectly so stick with your usual size!

Item Name: Indira Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS but has a strange fit. Even though I am 5'7, I found it was too long and hit at an awkward length on me. Even though it is loose, it was pretty tight in the chest.

Item Name: Kelby Stretch Shift Dress
Size: 4
Fit: TTS but on the tighter side. I found it to be more tighter in my midsection and I wasn't the biggest fan of the fit!

Item Name: Amina V-Neck Swing Dress (styled here)
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This dress is very flattering and I love that it can be styled for a variety of occasions

Item Name: Makenna Ponte Shorts
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. These shorts are so flattering and are the comfiest material!

Item Name: Jesse Skort Romper
Size: 4
Fit: Runs small. I found this romper to run smaller than other Lilly rompers, which y'all can see as it awkwardly tugs on me!

Item Name: Shay Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This dress fit pretty standard for a Lilly t-shirt dress for me- I love the ruffles!

Item Name: Skipper Sleeveless Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This dress is your favorite Skipper popover in dress form and is so comfortable and flattering!

Item Name: Esmeralda Shift Dress
Size: Small
Fit: TTS but definitely a tad bit looser. The XS fit similarly for me.

Will you be shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale? What goodies do you plan on getting? Let me know in the comments!
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