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Thursday, March 31, 2016

If y'all have been following along for a while or the past few months at least (if not, welcome to Chic in Carolina! Click here to read more about me!), you know that I have been working to achieve all of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list since January. For all of you unfamiliar with the idea, you make a list of 101 various goals to achieve over the course of 1001 days (roughly 2.5 years). Mackenzie Horan, who is behind the blog Design Darling, created the challenge and it has been such a blast working to achieve all of my goals (I'm planning on doing an update for y'all in June- 6 months into my 1001 days!).

My point is? One of my goals was purchasing a Fitbit, which I did in February when my mom gifted me a Fitbit Charge after she received one as a gift at a charity event she went to (I bought my mom a Fitbit for Christmas, so she already had one!). I have worn it almost everyday since so I thought this would be the perfect time to share with y'all the inside scoop behind my Fitbit!

The most "famous" of the Fitbit's features so obviously it's one of the most notable parts of the device. The basic goal is 10,000 steps and you should strive to reach that goal everyday. Do I reach 10,000 every single day? Nope! But the Fibit certainly encourages you to get up and get some of your steps in, which I find very motivating to be more active in my everyday life! Tip- Don't wear your Fitbit on a day when you're traveling my car as you barely get any steps all day!

The App
Fitbit has an app that syncs up to your Fitbit. I'm obsessed! There's so many things that you can alter to fit you and your lifestyle and it's kind of fun just to play with it!

When to Charge
Like other electronic devices, your Fitbit needs time to charge every so often! I have found that the most convenient time to charge my Fitbit is while I am in the shower as Fitbits are water-resistant (fine with hand washing and occasional splashing) but not water-proof (aka no showering or swimming with it on!) and you're not getting a lot of steps in the shower!

Food Tracking
On the app, you can set a calorie goal for yourself and then record exactly what you eat in a day. Obviously, this can become a bit obsessive and unhealthy but I like how it makes you really what you're eating and how much of it you're eating each day! I give myself the "day off" on holidays or vacations because obviously I don't want to know how many calories I consumed!

Water Tracking
Another feature on the app that I love is the water tracking. I have been trying to drink more water lately and this is the perfect way to encourage and motivate yourself to drink more water! I also like how you can customize the size of the cup you're drinking and that you can set water goals (mine is half my weight in mL).

Sleep Tracking
This may be my favorite feature! Simply wear your Fitbit to bed and it will track how long you sleep, how many times you're restless throughout the night, and if you're awake during the night! I think it is so cool to see what my sleep really looks like and you can also set sleep goals for yourself as well (mine is 8 hours of sleep a night!).

Built in Alarm
To me, nothing is worse on a weekday morning than to be woken up by a harsh alarm. The Fitbit Charge actually has built-in-alarms that you can set up on your phone to wake you up (or quietly warn you of other alarms throughout the day) with a vibration. It's not the most pleasant feeling in the world but is way better than the traditional alarm clock! Just be sure to double check that you're setting it to go off in the AM not in the PM ;)

Do you have a Fitbit? If so, do you love it? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I had no idea that FitBits tracked sleep! Huh! That honestly fascinates me more than the step counting haha!

    xoxo A

    1. It seems slightly creepy but I am obsessed haha!

  2. I have the Flex and I love it!! I have so much fun tracking my progress!
    Miss Olivia Says


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