A Day in My Life (Summer Edition)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Posts that take you "inside" the life of the blogger are always my favorite to read on other blogs. Let's face it, I'm nosy and I love seeing what life looks like for that person beyond the adorable outfits or inspirational posts. Seeing their "real life" no matter how boring it may seem is always fun for me so I was so excited when a reader suggested that I should share my summer routine with y'all (but I probably would of done this post even without the request).

I shared with y'all a daily routine post at the beginning of the school year and it's so crazy to me how much my routine has changed since then. Obviously, it's summer now and my day looks a bit less crazy than it did during the school year but I figured I would share it with y'all anyways!

Each day is always a little different depending on my work schedule (I nannying for a family near me this summer) but this is just a sample of what my day may look like!

What does your summer routine look like? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love seeing a look in to people's lives! I am planning on doing one of these posts too, I think they are so fun. I nanny as well, so my schedule is pretty similar!


  2. I love these kind of posts, so fun to read!
    xo, Syd


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