Meet my Little! + What I Gave My Sorority Little

Friday, October 5, 2018

I am so excited to be sharing today's blog post as I'm sharing a bunch of pictures from my sorority's big little reveal, which was last Friday. For all of you who may not know, I am a Kappa Alpha Theta here at Clemson and am currently a sophomore. During our new member period, each new member receives a big sister (or just big for short!) who will help guide them through being a sorority member. I am super close to my big Mackenzie (I shared pictures from reveal last year in this post) so I was so excited to take a little this semester!

In Theta, we do pal dates starting the week after Bid Day (which you can read about here) so each new member has the chance to meet a bunch of the older girls. They are super fun and I loved doing them both last year and this year. We found out who our littles are two Sundays ago and then that whole week was Big/Little week leading up to reveal.

Each sorority at Clemson does big/little reveal but this year, all of the bigs painted a sheet and then hid behind the sheet. Each little finds the sheet with her name on it and then we do a big countdown before the sheet drops!

My little is Nora and I was secretly hoping she would be my little all throughout the pal date process- the way we do it is that both the potential bigs and potential littles write down their top choices for who they want as their big/little. I was so excited when I got the call saying she would be my little!

It's pretty popular to do a theme for reveal so I decided to do a Mean Girls theme and make shirts based off of this picture and then wear mouse ears. One of Mackenzie's roommates has a Cricut machine so we used that (thanks Sarah!) to add the words to comfort colors t-shirts I got on Amazon Prime. It turned out super cute and I love that it was somewhat unique compared to the more common sorority reveal themes!

Throughout Big/Little Week, we (the bigs) give the littles a present each day along with a clue about our identities. The first day was canvases so I gave her a canvas I made over the summer, the second day was candy so I gave her a mason jar that I jazzed up with some paint pens full of her favorite candy, and then the third day was t-shirts so I gave her the t-shirt she wore for reveal. The clues are always fun as most people give fake clues so reveal is more of a surprise! I had a feeling she would know it was me so I tried tricking her a little bit by having the first two be about her and by doing two lies and a truth on the last day but they were all about my roommate Rachel haha!

Then after reveal, we give our littles a big crate full of Theta goodies. I may have gone a little over the top and decorated a crate for her along with a step stool that I spray painted and then modge-podged a Lilly print onto (let me know if y'all want to see a DIY on that). I also gave her a zillion Theta t-shirts as well as a bunch of canvases and other crafts, like a pin box, a picture frame, and letters, that I made over the summer!

the two sides of her crate!

the entire spread!

I hope this post was a fun one for y'all to read and that y'all have a great Wednesday!


  1. What cute gifts!! Love the photos of your family. Big and Little traditions are such a fun memory from college!

    xoxo A


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