First Semester of Junior Year Recap

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Happy Thursday y'all! Sorry for the random amount of posts here on the blog- I had some prescheduled but the end of my semester was busier than I expected it to be! I have been at home for break for a little over a week and wanted to share a little recap of my entire semester with y'all!

I'm currently a junior Elementary Education major at Clemson University and I cannot believe that I am already a junior and that junior year is already halfway over!


Deciding to come to Clemson senior year of high school was honestly the best decision I've ever made. I have always loved Clemson from the start but this year, I have really felt so at home while I'm at school. College has its ups and downs but I am so thankful that I get to go to Clemson. I'm already starting to get a little sappy about how old I am getting and how I don't want to be a senior since that means I'm getting closer to having to leave.


This semester, I took five classes: Problem Solving (a math class), Classroom Assessment, Physical Education Methods for Elementary School Teachers, Digital Media, and Introduction to Reading for Elementary School Teachers. I decided over the summer to drop my Psychology minor, which turned out to be the best decision. I added a minor since I had a few gaps in my schedule since I placed out of some classes due to AP credits but never really planned on doing anything with it (I find Psychology fascinating but didn't want to go into counseling). I was pretty conflicted as I was only a few classes away from finishing and I hate quitting things but I think taking 18 credit hours this semester would have given me unnecessary stress! I enjoyed my classes this semester and got all A's (I'm not one to share my grades but am super excited about this accomplishment!)


I feel like I have settled into a good spot friendship-wise at school. I am truly so lucky to have found my biggest supporters, people to turn to, and friends who go along with stupid ideas. I feel like freshman year was awkward as you don't exactly have your "people" yet and sophomore year was better. Junior year has definitely been the best as I've been able to grow in friendships I had before as well as make new ones! I also love how many groups of friends you are able to have in college- I have my big circle of friends I met through my sorority (and continues to grow with friends met from other places!) and my education friends have turned into real friends.

Move In

Let's rewind back to August! I'm living off campus for the first time this year (all freshman are required to live on campus at Clemson then I lived on my sorority hall last year) and I really do love it! Having my car outside my door is so convenient and it is so nice having more space! I also have my own bedroom and bathroom, which is so nice! I was able to move in at the start of the month so my parents and I moved my stuff in, I went back for one more week in Charlotte, then officially moved in a week later! I shared a tour of our downstairs, a tour of my roommate Rachel's room, and then a tour of my room here on the blog!

Game days, game days, and more game days

It wouldn't be fall in Clemson without football! The Tigers had another amazing season of home football games (now for the playoffs!) and it was so fun to get to go to all of them. I love getting to see all my friends, get dressed up in my orange and purple, and cheer on the Tigers!


In September, my family and I went to Vermont for my uncle's wedding! It was such a fun and special weekend!


The day after we got back from our trip to Vermont, we unfortunately had to put our sweet dog Cassie down. She was 13, which is a pretty long life for golden retrievers, but it was heartbreaking as she was the first dog I had growing up.

Just this past week, we added another puppy to our family, sweet Darby! Even though we could never replace our Cass, the house feels a bit more full with two dogs again and we can't get enough of those puppy snuggles!

Fall Break

Clemson's fall break was in October and even though it was a short one with a home football game on Saturday, it was nice to spend some time at home, see the kiddos I nanny, and go to Pure Barre!

Ring Ceremony

At the start of November, I received my Clemson ring! At Clemson, receiving your senior ring is a huge honor and I was lucky enough to get mine earlier than usual (most people get it spring of junior year!). It is currently being resized but it is such a special tradition and I'm so glad my parents were able to be in Clemson for it!


The weekend before Thanksgiving, Rachel and I hosted a bunch of our friends for a Friendsgiving dinner, which was so much fun! I made my first ever turkey and we had so much food with the best of company!


I had an extra long Thanksgiving Break this year since all of my classes on Monday + Tuesday canceled and we didn't have a home football game the weekend before so I wound up going home the Thursday before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to be able to recharge before a crazy end to the semester and to spend time with family at home!

ACC Championship

After Thanksgiving, I was in Clemson for one last week of classes and then was back home in Charlotte for the ACC Championship game. I've been all three years that I have been a Clemson student and it is always so much fun! I drove home with a few friends on Friday then the game was on Friday! My parents wound up hosting a tailgate near the stadium, which was so much fun as a bunch of my friends were able to stop by! The game was pretty cold but was a fun one!

Finals & Back Home

We drove back to Clemson on Sunday morning and after lunch at Chili's with friends, I was studying the rest of the day for my reading exam the next morning! A few of my friends came over to study together, which made things a bit more bearable!

My only exam was Monday at 8 AM, which was nice as I got it over with but made for a kinda crazy 24 hours. After my exam, I had a celebratory breakfast with friends then came back to my house to pack and clean before heading home for break!

How did your semester go? Let me know in the comments!

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