Monday, May 8, 2017

My Chic Week: April 28- May 4

Happy Monday y'all! So last week was another slow one in terms of new blog posts here on Chic in Carolina. Senioritis is definitely real and has been affecting my productivity when it comes to blog work too. Thankfully, I only have 8 days of school left (!!!) so my posts should be a bit more regular. I have lots of fun content to share with y'all and hopefully, I will have pre-scheduled this week's posts over the past few days (prewriting this post so fingers crossed!).

Two Fridays ago was really laid back as I didn't have a lot due for school and I was able to go to a barre class after school since I didn't have to work. After my class ended, I went home for a relaxed dinner with my family.

That Saturday, I was able to sleep in a bit before heading to a 10:30 AM barre class. After barre, I went straight to go babysit for a few hours. I wound up working a "double shift" of babysitting on Saturday as I worked in the afternoon for a few hours, went home, and then babysat again for the same family in the evening. I did grab Chick-fil-a for dinner, which I will never complain about haha.

Sunday was pretty much dedicated to studying for my AP Psych exam. I went to a 9:15 AM barre class before starting my studying, which took up most of my day. My teacher hosted a review session at a local coffee shop later in the afternoon, which was a great way to review to material before the exam.

Monday was my AP Psychology exam so most of my day was dedicated to that. Since Psych is an afternoon exam, I didn't have to be at school until 11:30 so I was able to sleep in and relax during the morning. I was able to be somewhat productive and get a few random things done in addition to doing a bit of last minute studying.

Psych is a two hour exam, which is shorter than most AP exams thankfully! I don't want to say what I felt about it as I obviously haven't gotten my scores back but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it at the moment.

Since I didn't have any homework, I was able to catch up on Pretty Little Liars after school before heading to my Faith Formation class that I teach on Mondays. Monday was our last class of the year and I'm so sad because this is my last year teaching since I'll be at Clemson in the fall. After Faith Formation, I went to a barre class, which was a great way to decompress after a hectic day.

The rest of last week wasn't too crazy as I didn't have any other AP exams but and the end of the year is finally in sight. I did work each day after school, which is always good!

Happy Monday!


  1. It sounds like a busy week of studying! Enjoy your last few weeks of school! Jess at Just Jess