How to Create an Inspiration Board

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday y'all! I am so excited for today's blog post as it is actually a guest post! My sweet little Nora graciously agreed to share a post on how to create a cute inspiration board. She has the cutest inspiration boards in her bedroom in her apartment and let's just say the memo board in my bedroom (which you can see a tour of here) needed a bit of help. She is super creative (unlike me!) and helped me out with the project! I asked her if she wanted to share how to do it on the blog to help y'all create cute inspiration boards.

For a bit of background, Nora is my little in my sorority (I introduced her to y'all in this post) and is a sophomore at Clemson! She is a Marketing major from Boston and we both bonded over our love of preppy blogs. Here's a picture for reference even though I'm sure y'all know her from My Chic Week posts.

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be sharing a post on Katie’s blog today about making your own inspiration board. It’s a super easy, personalized, and cheap way to decorate your room or apartment! I love looking at mine everyday and everyone who comes into my room always compliments it. It’s a great way to share the things and people you love without breaking the bank (and you can change it whenever you want!).

Things You’ll Need:
· Corkboards/bulletin boards (I used two of these but you can find them anywhere or even DIY some!)
· Printed photos (I ordered mine from Shutterfly and Katie printed hers at home – both ways worked really well)
· Push pins/tape (I used these to add a pop of gold)
After you have all your supplies, it’s quick and easy to make your actual inspiration boards! I started by going through my photos and grouping certain ones together. Most of my photos were either 4x6 or 4x4, but I cut a few of them down to be even smaller. I found the graphics/quotes on Pinterest (here’s my board of all my inspiration board ideas) and VSCO, and then the rest are ones of me/ones I took! After I went through my photos, I started hanging them onto the boards. I found it easiest to start in a corner and work my way across the board. I think it looks the best to have the photos layered and not evenly spaced out. On my boards, I used a lot of nature photos and prints in the background as a way to fill the space. There’s really no right or wrong way to do this, just play around with it and see what you like the most! When photos were layered on top of each other, I made sure to tape them together using double stick tape. They’ve all stayed up so far (I put it up in August) so I’m hoping it’ll last all year! After all your photos are pinned/taped up, you’re done!
You can personalize your board even more by adding old notes/tickets/memories. I’m thinking of adding some of my football wristbands from this year or some of my plane tickets from the summer and last school year.

Thanks so much to Katie for letting me share this post today! I had so much fun writing it and I hope you all enjoyed reading it!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

It's crazy to think that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I'm not too big of a Halloween girl so I am always relieved once November arrives as love Thanksgiving. I mean who doesn't love yummy food and the opportunity to break out a cute fall outfit? I decided to pull together a few cute looks that will be perfect for whatever your Thanksgiving plans hold!

My go-to outfit for Thanksgiving is always a cute and casual dress that is loose enough where you don't feel too constricted after dinner! This outfit looks super cute for all the family pictures but isn't uncomfortable where you're dying to take it off by the end of the day.

I love how festive this top is and these jeans are seriously the comfiest thing (sensing a trend for these outfits? haha). This outfit is perfect if your family is more laid back for Thanksgiving but you still want to look cute and pulled together!

This outfit is perfect if you want to be a little more dressed up for Thanksgiving but still want to be comfortable enough to enjoy all of the food! This top is stunning and I think it would be such a wardrobe staple plus I love how dainty the pendant necklace is!

What are you planning on wearing for Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments!

My Chic (Past Few) Weeks

Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Monday y'all! I absolutely hate starting off blog posts with the "omg it's been a while" but the semester is just flying by! My semester has had most of our big assignments and tests in the middle of it rather than the end, which is kind of nice as we are starting to slow down a bit but I have not had hardly enough time to stay on top of my blog work!

I decided to get back into the swing of things, I would share a big MCW post with y'all! My last MCW post left y'all on October 24 so I decided to pick up from there and catch y'all up!

I'm planning on sharing a "Day in my Life" post for this semester soon on the blog but my schedule worked out where I only have one Friday class, which is nice as I only have to go to one but is kind of annoying to have to drive and park on campus just for one class lol! I have the afternoon free on Fridays, which I love though!

Three Fridays ago, Rachel and I decided to deep clean and re-organize our whole house, which was much needed haha! One of our friends (Rachel's big and my big's roommate) recently turned 21 so she had a party to celebrate, which was a lot of fun!

The next day was our Homecoming football game against Boston College, which was a lot of fun! It was a night game, which is always a favorite, and the weather said it was supposed to be raining all day (hence everyone wearing not as cute gameday outfits with boots ready for the rain!) but thankfully it didn't rain until we got home! My parents and some of our family friends came and it's always so fun seeing them!

Jersey: Nike ⎢Jeans: J. Crew (old, similarCamp Socks: J. Crew (similar) ⎢Duck Boots: L.L. Bean

My parents left pretty early that Sunday but brought by bagels for breakfast. I then spent the rest of the day getting my life together before another busy week!

This was a week full of classes and homework honestly! I had a big project in my PE class so one of my friends and partner for it came over a few times so we could get it all done!

Friday was a pretty typical day as I went to class and then hung out at home afterwards. My friend Madison and her roommates had people over to celebrate Halloween, which was a lot of fun! I got to see a lot of friends and then we went to Cookout afterwards, which is always fun!

Jersey: Nike Leggings: Alo Yoga (similar) Sneakers: NikeApple WatchBracelet: David Yurman

Two Saturdays ago (November 2), Clemson played Wofford and my parents also came into town for this game! I slept in before quickly getting re
ady and heading to campus. We tailg
ated for a bit and a lot of my friends were able to come by, which is always so fun!

Sweater: Anthropologie (on sale!) ⎢Skirt: Free People (similarCowboy Boots: Laredo ⎢Sunglasses: Maui Jim (similar- borrowed from my mom!) ⎢Hoops: Sheila Fajl

I wound up leaving the game at half-time, but it was a fun one and I always love seeing the sunset in Death Valley! My parents and I went to dinner by their hotel and
then I came back home!

Sunday was an exciting one as I got my Clemson ring! I got my hair done then met my parents for lunch. Usually when my family visits, they leave fairly early on Sunday to go back home so I was glad to spend some extra time with them in Clemson!

The Clemson Ring Ceremony is a big deal at Clemson and it is when students receive their class rings. You have to have 90 credit hours to order your ring (so senior standing) and I was so excited that I had enough credits to get mine early (most people get their rings the spring of junior year!). A lot of my education friends received their rings as well and it is such a wonderful ceremony that truly reminds you why you love Clemson! I'm so excited to finally have mine and will probably never take it off!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (old, styled here)⎢Wedges: Lilly Pulitzer ⎢Hoops: Sheila Fajl ⎢Bracelet: David Yurman

Monday was quite a busy day as I headed to campus early since we had an event for the Undergraduate Student Advisory Board for the College of Ed, which I'm a member of. We had coffee and donuts in the lobby of the education building, which was such a fun way to brighten up a Monday!

I then had my two classes and did some homework in the afternoon before an initiation ceremony for an honors society, which is pretty exciting!

I had a big project due in my PE class on Tuesday (we had to create song lyrics about a historical figure and create a video, which doesn't sound horrible but it took a ton of time to complete) and we watched all of our videos in class on Tuesday, which was quite entertaining. I then had my 11 am class and my friend Caroline and sat in Starbucks for a bit to eat lunch. I had my 2 PM class then went home to work on a paper for my math class.

Wednesday started off on the early side as I had to register for my next semester of classes at 8 AM. I then had my two classes of the day and went to the gym before heading home.

Thursday was a pretty typical day of classes. I opted for a barre workout video instead of going to the gym as it was about to pour and my umbrella snapped in half the last time it rained. I got a few things done and went to bed early, which I always love!

Happy Monday!


Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Thursday and Happy Halloween y'all! I am so excited to be sharing today's post as it's been on my radar to share for quite a while. I asked some of these questions literally last year (blogger of the year award goes to me...clearly) and never got around to answering them. I also asked some questions more recently over on my Instagram so follow along to catch the next one!

I love reading more personal posts on other blogs that allow readers to truly get to know the person behind the computer! Hopefully this helps y'all get to know me a little bit better as well!

image via this blog post

Favorite fun places to visit in/around Charlotte?

I have so many so I think I may do a full post on this soon but for now the short list:

Restaurants: Bakersfield East Blvd, Ruru's, Bad Daddy's

Coffee Shops: Not Just Coffee, Waterbean, Joe & Nosh

Sweets: Amelies (a Charlotte classic!), Jeni's, Suarez Bakery, Duck Donuts

Shopping: Southpark Mall, Swoozies, Birkdale Village

To Do: Freedom Park, Walk around NoDa, Go out on Lake Norman, Visit Davidson

Do you have any pets?

Yes! My family and I have a golden retriever named Kona. We recently had to put down our sweet girl Cassie but I know she's running around in heaven :)

Are you still keeping an education major or do you think you'll change it? I know this is a time when a lot of people change their majors so I'm just curious!

Yes, I am still an Elementary Education major! I absolutely adore it, the classes I've been able to take, and am so excited to be a teacher. I did declare a Psychology minor my freshman spring but did decide to drop that!

How did you transition into college?

Keep yourself busy!! I started the process of going through sorority recruitment literally the day after I moved in freshman year and I am so glad I did as it helped with my transition to college life so much as instead of being in my room alone, I was out and about meeting new people!

If I had too much alone time freshman year, it did make me feel less adapted into college life as I would miss my friends or home while doing things whether it's studying in the lib or watching a movie with the girls on my hall, helped so much!

Favorite healthy meals?
Now that I have a kitchen of my own, I definitely want to learn how to cook as honestly I ate dining hall food my first two years of college and I eat whatever my mom makes at home. As for healthy meals, I think a grilled chicken (with a lemon dressing from Whole Foods) with a salad is one of my favs!

What's one of your favorite books?
I recently read "American Royals" by Katharine McGee and loved it! It was such a fun read and I'm excited for the sequel!

Favorite part about college? About Clemson?

I definitely love the independence of college and how other than your scheduled classes, you can decide how to spend your time! I love having the time to do fun things with my friends everyday.

As for Clemson, I could seriously talk about this all day! I absolutely love our campus but you cannot beat the people. Clemson students are seriously the friendliest and I absolutely love the friends I've made. People are so passionate about Clemson, which you can see when alums are still so excited about the school even years after graduating!

Favorite place you've ever visited?

Ok so I am a bit biased from my trip to Italy in May (which you can read about here!) but I absolutely loved Cinque Terre as well as Florence! 

In the United States, I loved my trip to Hawaii in high school and love beach trips to Kiawah Island in South Carolina!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Oooh good question! Right now I would probably say London, Paris, or Bora Bora!

What made you start blogging?

At the start of high school, I started following a few different bloggers and loved the idea of blogging. I didn't have a lot of free time in high school as I was pretty involved, had a lot of schoolwork to do, and played soccer freshman/sophomore year and then nannied junior and senior years after school so I wanted a creative outlet! And here we are!

What's your favorite Lilly print?

Southern Charm and Let's Cha Cha

How do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed?

When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I always sit down with my agenda and a notebook and write out everything and anything I need to do. Doing that gives me a better grasp of what I need to do and makes me feel less stressed.

To manage overwhelm, I try to give myself plenty of time to get things done and to also balance school work with time spent with friends!

Thanks for reading!

Weekend Reading

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Happy Saturday! I'm so excited as I finally have a new Weekend Reading post up for y'all. It has been a while since my last one (September...of last year, to be exact) but I'm so excited to get back into sharing them with y'all! Basically, each weekend I share various links that I have caught my eye during the week. Grab a cup of coffee and maybe a yummy treat and let's get reading!

a snap from Venice this summer (shared in this post)

1. My friend Annaliese shared an honest post on when it may be time to leave your job and I think it's a must read for anyone in college or just out of college!

2. I think this recipe may be a little above my abilities in the kitchen but sounds so so yummy!

3. This fall outfit looks so cute on Kate

4. Love this post on how to use Instagram to plan travel (will be keeping this in mind as my family is beginning to think about travel plans for this summer!)

5. Cara and Amy shared the cutest (and easy!) Halloween costume idea

6. I love being productive as much as the next girl (if not more haha) but I love these tips on how to avoid the productivity trap (perfect if you need work on relaxing like I do)

7. I've never been the biggest Youtube video watcher but I love Lindy's channel. All of her videos are so fun (especially her vlogs!) and they make me want to be friends with her in real life lol

8. I tried this dress on in Anthropologie last week and absolutely love it! I don't think I have any occasion coming up to wear it to as it is so fancy but I feel like it is very Gossip Girl

9. Love this look at Kate Middleton's best style moments

10. In love with these black over-the-knee boots from Tory Burch. They're definitely a splurge and I wish they were navy but I love love love the bow detail

Have a good weekend!

My Chic Week: October 18-24

Friday, October 25, 2019

Happy Friday friends! Who else is excited for the weekend? I'm excited to have a home football game (even if it will be a rainy one) and to see my parents as they're coming into town for the game. As always, I'll be sharing what I'm up to in next week's MCW post but for now, let's catch up on the past week!

On Friday, I went to class and then came back to eat lunch. I had a bunch of laundry to do and tried to get some homework done. Since we were having friends over the next day, I made some Oreo balls (so easy and so good!) as well as prepped mini hot dogs!

My friends and I all went to Smokin Pig for dinner on Friday night. It's the yummiest barbecue restaurant right outside of Clemson and it was so good (as always). As we walked outside, we saw the prettiest sunset so we all stood there for a solid 10 minutes taking pictures.

My little, Nora, wound up coming over to hang out after dinner, which was so fun as I got her hooked on watching One Tree Hill (one of my favs!).

Clemson had an away game last weekend (at Louisville) so we decided to host our friends for a brunch and watch the game together on Saturday. I was able to sleep in before doing some last minute prep. Our friends brought a few dishes and we made pumpkin pancakes and waffles. It was such a fun day to have everyone together for the game!

After the game, we hung out for a while and then I had a chill night. I made a quick dinner, showered, then Rachel and I watched After on Netflix (which we both liked), before going to bed somewhat early.

I had no plans on Sunday, which was so nice as I was able to catch up on homework, cleaning, and blog work. I honestly love productive days and being able to get a ton done. Since we won our football game the day before, Papa Johns had half off pizza so Rachel and I picked that up for dinner and eating that and watching Zoey 101 was a great way to end the weekend!

Monday was back to classes and I had both of my M/W/F classes. Let's just say after a short week last week, I was thinking it was Wednesday all day, which was not fun! After class, I went to the gym and then showered before doing homework.

One of my friends turned 21 on Monday so a group of us went to a Mexican restaurant off campus to celebrate! It was so fun seeing everyone and eating way too many chips haha. After dinner, I swung by my house to grab my backpack before going to one of my friend's house to study for a test, we had later in the week!

On Tuesday, I had my first class of the day and then a long break as my second class canceled. I wound up staying on campus since I still had my 2 PM class so I hung out on campus for quite a while. I had my academic advising meeting before 2 PM class then met Rachel at Starbucks to do homework for a bit before going to a cycling class. I then went home to eat, shower, and do some studying!

Wednesday was not anything too exciting, just a lot of studying! I stayed on campus longer than usual after class to study with friends, studying by myself at home for a while, then went to study with friends for a bit!

Thursday was such a busy day but in a good way! My day started off with an exam in my PE methods class, which isn't really fun but it didn't take the whole class period so I was able to grab coffee so that was better than nothing. I then went to my next class of the day after hanging out in Starbucks for a bit.

I am the undergraduate student advisory board for the College of Education and we hosted a panel for high school seniors during my break, which was so much fun! They asked some great questions and I am always so happy to brag about my college.

After that ended, I had about an hour before my next class so I got a few things done in the education library before my last class of the day. I had my class then went to the gym before going home to have a relaxed night after a busy week!

Happy Friday!

Junior Year House Tour: My Bedroom

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Continuing my house tour with my bedroom! This year, I am living in a two bedroom house off-campus with my sophomore year roommate, Rachel (see our room on our sorority hall last year here) and we each have our own bedroom and bathroom on the second floor. When designing my space, I wanted a classic, clean look that I could use for years to come and I wouldn't get sick of. I decided to do navy and white as obviously it is very on brand and it is simple enough where I could add different accents if I wanted to!

My room is larger than I expected it to be and I love that I have a walk-in closet as well as my own bathroom (I share with my sister and home and then I shared with hall mates my first two years of college). I tried to incorporate pieces from previous spaces, such as my desk from my room at home (which I need to share another tour of as I've changed it a lot since that post) and pillows, curtains, and storage cubes from my dorm last year. I love that my room is relaxing and calm- I've been told it looks like a hotel, which is such a great compliment!

Bedroom Sources
Accent Dresser: Wayfair
TV: Amazon
Frames: Amazon
Art Prints: MapsByMel on Etsy (Kiawah print & North Carolina print)
Gingham Sheets: Pottery Barn
Duvet Cover: Pottery Barn
Euro Shams: Kate Spade
Accent Pillow: Anthropologie (old)
Headboard: Ikea
Nightstand: Ikea
Nightstand Knob: Anthropologie
Candle- Capri Blue "Volcano"
Books- "Chictionary", "A Simplified Life", and a book from an used book store in Italy
Lamp: Kate Spade (found at Home Goods)
Acrylic Tray: a boutique in my hometown
Gold Picture Frame: a graduation gift from Pier 1
Desk & Chair- from my room at home
Amazon Echo Dot
Magazine Holder- Target (similar)
Makeup Organizer- Pottery Barn Teen
Acrylic Letter Sorter- from Mackenzie Horan's old Boutique
Bracelet Holder- The Container Store
Memo Board- Home Goods
Basket- Target
Curtains- Target (held up with command hooks and a tension rod!)

Bathroom Sources
Rug- Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Gold Accessories- The Container Store (container & unfortunately the cup is no longer available online)
Italy Art Print- Birthday Gift from my little!
Basket- The Container Store (similar)
Shower Curtain- Bed, Bath, and Beyond (similar)

Thanks for reading!
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