Thursday, October 20, 2016

Too Blessed to Be Stressed (Stress Management Tips)

It's starting to get to the time of the year that is full of stress. The newness of the year has worn off and the assignments are starting (or have) pilled up. September/October is when I start getting stressed (especially this year with college application deadlines quickly approaching) so I decided it would be appropriate to share with y'all my tips for managing stress!

Breathe in, breathe out
I know for me while I'm doing my homework with something due that night, a test tomorrow, and a million other things to do, it is so easy to get stressed out. To reduce stress in the moment, focus on your breathing a minute or two. It helps you to focus and calm down, which is definitely helpful when you have a lot to do!

Treat yourself
This definitely doesn't need to be anything big but after finishing your homework for instance, treat yourself to a small treat whether it be a cookie or a long bath or an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Balance is key and these small moments will help relax you after a busy day plus a reward is always helpful in getting things done!

Remember you don't have to do it all
Prioritize what's most important to you. Stuff (saying that generally as it's different for everyone) adds up quickly and it's so easy to find yourself in five clubs, a sport, and working along with managing classes and friends at this time of year. Focus on what makes you happy (and spend less time on what doesn't) and you're bound to be less stressed!

If I'm being completely honest, I barely worked out junior year, which is insane because junior year was definitely a very stressful year for me. Since starting Pure Barre in the summer (which you can read about here), I have definitely realized how much of a mistake that was because working out, no matter what workout you do, is such a great way to get moving as well as to spend a little time outside of your "school zone", which I find really helpful!

Write it all out in your agenda or on a to-do list
Sometimes I get home from school totally overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do that night. I write all of my homework in my agenda (see how I organize it here) while at school but love using to-do lists as well! The first thing I do when I'm sitting at my desk to get stuff done is write out a list of everything I need to do that night (even if it's like shower or put away laundry). Visually seeing all I need to do really helps me because most of the time, it's not as bad as you initially thought it would be!

Have a little me time
Even though I am an extrovert, I love having me time especially after a long and stressful day. Curling up in bed with a good book or an episode of Netflix is always a go-to after finishing homework and calms me down before bed!

Light a candle and play some music
Even with a mile-long to-do list, lighting a candle and playing some music can help reduce stress while actually working on your homework or whatever you need to get done. Plus, they're both pretty easy to do!

Make sure to get enough sleep
I am one of those people who needs a lot of sleep to function and if I don't get a lot of sleep, there is no way I am at my best the next day! Even though it's hard at times, be sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour because your mood will be so much better with a few extra hours of me time.

How do you manage your stress? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Wishlist

Coming off of my month of new shopping and entering into a new season, I have definitely bought a few items as well as been shopping around for some new items these past few weeks! I have been loving making these wishlist posts for y'all (see the spring wishlist and summer wishlist) and thought I would share what has been catching my eye lately!

What is on your fall wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dressing for Fall in Not-So Fall Temperatures

I don't know about y'all but it hasn't exactly been quintessential fall weather lately. North Carolina is notorious for being bipolar in weather because one day it will be 60 degrees and then the next will be 85! Even though I adore my summer clothes (hello fun Lilly prints and seersucker), I've been super excited to wear some of my fall and winter pieces even though it's not exactly cool enough for them yet.

I've decided to pull together a few outfits for y'all that have a fall "vibe" but are still appropriate for those warmer days (and hoping it cools down soon!)

dresstote (under $50) ⎢bracelet (under $15) ⎢flats

topskirtflats (under $20) ⎢necklace

How do you dress for fall in warmer temperatures? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, October 17, 2016

On my Radar

After not posting for a few weeks, I decided last week to do an entire separate On my Radar post instead of including it into my My Chic Week post on Friday like I typically do. I didnt want the post to be a million miles long and decided it would be fun to do an entire On my Radar post because I haven't done one in a while!

The Pure Barre See Your Strong Challenge (20 classes in 31 days) started today! I'm so excited for this challenge and to hopefully complete it!

Love how honest Frannie is in her recent post- a good reminder that college is a different experience for everyone!

This Vineyard Vines sweater looks so comfy

I've been trying to be more active on Pinterest lately so be sure to follow me!

This outfit from Carly is so cute

Anyone who loves Gossip Girl will love The Thousandth Floor- I just finished it last week!

Seriously in love with the J. Crew Activewear line (especially these darling striped capris and this polka dotted t-shirt!)

I love how Amy styled this outfit!

I made these cupcakes over the weekend and they were SO yummy

Halloween is just the corner and I need to come up with a costume as seniors at my school are allowed to dress up. I'm thinking of going as Eloise (from Eloise at the Plaza) but would love to hear y'all's ideas for a school appropriate yet cute Halloween costume!

Lilly has new arrivals! I love this dress

Cathleen shared this pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe and they look delish

Wednesday is the PSAT and I am so excited that I don't have to go in till eleven thirty since seniors don't take it! Senior year definitely has it's perks

Love this outfit from Caitlin

These Kate Spade leggings are the cutest!

Junior year was definitely a bit rough for me so I totally relate to Maggie's post about junior year!

Love Ashley's blog redesign!

What has been on your radar lately? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, October 14, 2016

My Chic (Past Few) Weeks: September 23- October 13

It seems like forever since my last My Chic Week post- September 23 to be exact. Senior year has definitely been a lot busier than expected, leaving not a lot of time for blogging (which I hate). I'm hopefully to schedule a lot of content for y'all for the coming weeks and be better about getting frequent posts up for y'all!

The past few weeks have definitely been busy so I thought I would share the major events rather than every little detail (because that would be a million years long blog post)!

A few weekends ago, my grandfather and aunt visited to celebrate both of their birthdays. Although it was a quick visit, we went out onto the lake for lunch at one of my family's favorite restaurants. It was still fairly warm so it was nice to spend some time out on the lake before fall temperatures truly set in.

Lately, I have been babysitting a ton, which has been a lot of fun! A few weekends ago, one of the little boys I nanny for and I went on a little walk through the park during Festival in the Park and I couldn't help but get a popsicle from King of Pops (this one was Oreo Cheesecake and was amazing!).

My mom and I also drove down to Greenville, South Carolina to go tour Furman University again (read about my last visit in this post). We stopped at Starbucks in Gaffney to grab some food since it was kind of lunchtime and I had the yummiest pumpkin muffin.

Furman is such a gorgeous campus and we had much better weather than my last visit (which was rainy and cold). Shannon of Prep Avenue (one of my favorite bloggers!) was our tour guide and it was so fun to see Furman again. At Furman, seniors in high school can spend the night with a freshman so I decided I had to stay overnight. I had such a great time getting a little glimpse of college life and made me super excited to go to college next fall!

The day after my Furman overnight I had my senior pictures taken! My photographer send my mom and I a few unedited previews and I'm so excited to see the rest! Definitely expect a post in the future with more of the pictures!

As for school goes, I have submitted five out of my seven college applications and I'm excited to wrap those up! I took my last SAT on October 1st and I'm so relieved to have all of my standardized testing done.

be sure to read my post on how I organize my agenda!

The weather here has finally cooled down a bit and I'm so excited to break out more of my cold weather clothes! I'm excited to transition my closet to fall but here are two recent outfits that will definitely be on repeat in the coming months!

from this post

And a fun and kinda random snap from yesterday to round out the post! The little boy I nanny for was all over taking pictures on my phone yesterday and snapped this one while we were swinging on the rope swing in his year- turned out pretty well for a 3 year old! I thought it was too funny not to share!

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Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Inside my Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda

If there's one thing I could not survive high school without, it is 100% my Lilly Pulitzer agenda. I've been using Lilly agendas since my freshman year (see how I organized it sophomore year and junior year) and still absolutely love them! I've used the large agenda in years past but decided to get the Jumbo this year and love the extra space!

On the monthly pages, I keep track of tests and assignments due as well as my work schedule, meetings, special events, social events, and Pure Barre classes. I started using Le Pen pens this year after hearing so many good things about them from Dorothy, who is one of my favorite bloggers, so I assign each class or activity a different color to use on the monthly calendar!

(I blurred out my cousins's faces in the picture above for privacy reasons- that's the reason that particular picture looks a bit funky)

The major difference in how I organize my agenda from last year to this year is the color coordination on the weekly pages. In years past, I would just use a black or blue pen to write down homework assignments and then a pink pen for meetings, work, dates to remember, etc. This year, I took it a step further and used the colors I assigned to each class/activity on the weekly pages. Even though it is a bit more work to write in multiple colors instead of just one, it really is more helpful in terms of seeing what you have to do for each class. I'm not a fan of highlighting/crossing things out in my agenda as it makes it too cluttered for me so I typically do that on a to-do list instead!

Do you use a Lilly Pulitzer agenda? How do you organize yours? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My First Two College Acceptances

As many of y'all know, I am currently a senior in high school and going through the whole college application process. It has been quite the process so far (the reason behind my lack of posting lately) but a few weeks ago, I received my first two acceptances.

I decided to publish this post to keep y'all updated on the application process for me as well as for me to look back on in the future. I will not be sharing my opinions on what schools are my favorite or my thoughts on particular schools (like "I'm totally going to get into _______" or "________ is my reach school") but I'm planning on sharing more as the year goes on!

Now for the fun part... I was accepted into both the University of Mississippi and High Point University!

I received a scholarship from High Point in the spring as part of the Juniors Scholars Program, which allowed me to find out the status of my application before their official notification date in December. I received my letter informing me of my acceptance a few weeks ago, making High Point my first college acceptance (I'm applying to 7 schools).

While I was on my home from work that same day, I got a text from Ole Miss notifying me that my student portal was now accessible. I thought that was kind of weird because I wasn't officially accepted into the school but logged into the portal to find out that I was accepted into Ole Miss as well!

I now have a bit of waiting until I receive my next admissions notifications (the next one few will be in December!) but I'm so excited to already be accepted into two schools!

Are you a high school senior? How is the college application process going for you? Let me know in the comments!