Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Eight Dresses Perfect for Christmas

Picking a fun dress is always one of my favorite parts about preparing for Christmas. My family and I always dress up for Christmas Eve Mass and I always picking a dress for that. This year, I think I will be wearing an emerald green Lilly Pulitzer dress that I styled on the blog last November. The holidays also bring a plethora of events and parties that dresses are required for as well.

Today, as you may have guessed, I am rounding up some of my favorite, festive dresses that are perfect for all the holiday season brings you this year!

Do you know what you will be wearing for Christmas or other holiday parties this year? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Guide: Fit Gifts

We all have that one friend... you know the one who posts extremely cool, fitspo posts on Instagram, attends workout classes multiple times a week, eats only organic and possibly only smoothies, and looks perfect while doing all of that. These gifts are perfect for her!

J. Crew Hoodie- Especially in the winter time, cute outerwear is definitely appreciated. Whether this is for running outside or just running errands around town, this J. Crew hoodie is too cute!

Lululemon Tee- Between my mom and I, we own this top in multiple colors. Even though it's on the pricier side for workout tops, it is seriously the best and comes in both short and long sleeved versions.

J. Crew Striped Tank- I can seriously not stop buying (and wearing) striped clothing when it comes to regular clothes so why not incorporate that into my workout attire as well? I seriously love everything from the J. Crew and New Balance and this fun top is no exception!

Pure Barre (image via)- I started taking barre classes at my local Pure Barre studio in June (which you can read about here) and I think a class subscription would be a perfect Christmas gift to help get an early start on your New Year's Resolutions!

Fitbit Alta- I got a Fitbit in February and even though mine broke a few months ago, I still think it would be the perfect gift for the fitness lover. They track your steps, sleep, and workouts and you can also add in your water intake and food log each day. I reviewed the Fitbit Flex in this post but like the Alta because it's slimmer and you can change the bands out!

Nike Free Runs- I've worn only Nike Frees since middle school, they're seriously the best for both working out and casual wear. The blue and white pair are so cute and will go with so many outfits.

Lululemon Headband- The under $15 price tag of this cute headband makes it such a perfect stocking stuffer or a gift for a friend. Lululemon headbands are the best for keeping your hair out of your face, they're definitely my favorite.

Kate Spade Bow Leggings- These leggings are on my Christmas list and they are seriously so cute. They're a bit pricier than what I typically spend on workout attire but they would seriously brighten up any early morning winter workouts (looking at you, 6 AM barre class)

What are your favorite gifts for friends who love everything healthy/workout themed? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Bucket List

The Holiday season is in full swing so I thought it would be fun to share with y'all what's on my bucket list for this December. December is definitely one of my favorite months of the year as Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I am definitely very excited about it haha! It's crazy to think that this time next year, I'll be prepping for my college finals and will not be home until mid-December so I definitely want to do my favorite holiday things at home (even though most of these I'll should be able to do at school next year).

Watch my favorite holiday movies
I'm so excited to watch all of my favorite movies. I've already started by watching Elf but hope to watch a few more of my favorites this holiday season as they're such a good way to get into the Christmas Spirit

Enjoy my Starbucks favorite: Peppermint Mocha
Skinny Peppermint Mochas are my go-to coffee this time of year and I'm so excited to get a few this month at Starbucks!

Find a perfect gift for everyone on my list
It may be because I love shopping but I love finding the perfect present for my family and friends. I also love seeing the reactions of my family to their gifts on Christmas morning and wrapping the presents, of course!

Bake lots of sweet treats
If you're a longtime reader of Chic in Carolina, you know that I love baking! Unfortunately during the school year, I don't have a lot of free time to spend baking, which makes the holidays the perfect time to make some yummy goodies. I'm planning on sharing a recipe post in the next few weeks or so but for now, be sure to check out my Christmas board and my Baking board on Pinterest!

This one is actually already done but I had to include it on my bucket list anyways. Decorating for Christmas is always one of my favorite parts of the season, especially decorating the tree!

Spend time with family and friends
It seems life has been so busy lately and the holidays are the perfect time to spend quality time with my family and friends, especially over break when I don't have any homework to do. I'm so excited for my family to come visit for Christmas and also to hang out with friends over the break

Visit Christmas Town USA
Christmas Town USA aka McAdenville, North Carolina is known for their Christmas lights and decorations and isn't too far away so I really want to take a little trip to go see the town this year.

Make lots of hot chocolate
Nothing is better than curling up to watch a Christmas movie with a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course). Hopefully, I'll be able to do this more than once this Christmas season ;)

Drive around my neighborhood to see all of the Christmas lights
I've honestly never done this but I really want to go drive around my neighborhood or the neighborhoods nearby to see all the lights while listening to Christmas music!

What is on your holiday bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, December 2, 2016

My Chic Week: November 25- December 1

Happy Friday y'all! This has been quite the week, jumping back into the craziness of school after a relaxing Thanksgiving Break. I only have 11 days of school before Christmas Break begins (thanks goodness) but my teachers decided to make these few weeks a bit stressful with an abundance of tests, quizzes, essays, and projects. Thankfully, my exams are after Christmas this year haha!

My family and I were home for Thanksgiving this year, which meant we were able to decorate earlier than usual. After sleeping in, we went to go pick out our Christmas tree and then I went to a lunchtime barre class. My mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon decorating for Christmas, which is always so fun! After dinner, my entire family watched Elf, which was such a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

I wound up nannying for a few hours on Saturday morning and then came home to help finish decorating afterwards. I loved having time to just relax over break so it was nice to have a low-key afternoon before going to Mass and then having dinner at home.

Sunday was a fairly relaxed day as well. My mom and I ran errands in the morning and then I spent the afternoon working on my to-do list, including blog posts and reading a book for AP Lang that I somehow forgot about haha!

Monday was just one of those days were it was "go, go, go" all day long. Waking up was a bit rough, especially after such a long weekend, so my morning coffee was much needed haha. I had my Faith Formation class in the afternoon and we practiced Away in a Manger. Let me tell you that first graders singing is super cute haha! After Faith Formation, I ran home to eat dinner and then was back to Church for my little brother's Confirmation rehearsal. My brother is being confirmed next week and since I am his sponsor, I wanted to attend the meeting so I know what to do haha. I also had a Psychology test to study for, which was pretty fun as you might imagine.

Tuesday was such a busy day with tests, a meeting during lunch, and working after school.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays at my school, we have "block day", meaning we only have 4 of our 8 class but for a hour and a half. We didn't have too many block days in November due to a plethora of short weeks so this was the first block day in a while, making it seem a million times longer haha.

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day as it was my last college application deadline. I finished all of my applications about a month ago but it was so exciting to reach that final deadline. I find out my next "round" of notifications in a few weeks (eek!) so stay tuned!

Other than that fun deadline, Thursday was fairly normal day as I nannied in the afternoon as well!

Thursday's OOTD

On my Radar:

2. I absolutely loved Full House as a child- my childhood best friend and I would watch it pretty much everyday! This article about how the creator of the show purchased the real-life Tanner house made me so happy to read!

3. This sweater dress is so cute and is under $60!

4. Cristina posted this week about 25 Days of Joy, which I absolutely love as it's the cutest idea!

5. Julia is one of my favorite bloggers and while I was low-key reading through old posts of hers, I found this post on preparing for guests, which is so helpful for the holidays!

This week's posts:

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Favorites

I feel like I say this every month but I cannot believe that it is already December. 2016, even though it has been so busy and crazy for me, has flown by and totally reminds of the saying "the days are long but the years are short". I am so excited for everything that December holds- especially Christmas, which is my favorite holiday!

At the start of every month, here at Chic in Carolina, I recap all of my favorite products and other odds and ends in my monthly favorites posts. I have been sharing these posts since September of last year and it is always fun to look back at months at a glance through these posts.

Tory Burch Riding Boots (similar)- I received these boots for Christmas last year and it has finally been warm enough to wear them. I love how classic they are and they are such an amazing quality as well.

Lilly Pulitzer Margate Dress- I bought this dress after seeing one of the salesgirls at Lilly wearing it during a shopping trip earlier in the month and it is seriously amazing on. It didn't really impress me online or on the rack but it is honestly so flattering on and is so comfortable as well. I styled it last week on the blog and wore it for Thanksgiving as well

Drybar Mudslide Mask- This isn't exactly a new favorite but I just bought another one of this mask and y'all: it's seriously the best. I've been obsessed with the Drybar ever since I got my hair done there in NYC and this stuff smells amazing and also makes your hair so soft

Lilly Pulitzer Candle- I got this candle as a GWP around this time last year and I honestly only started using it in the past few months. That was definitely a mistake as it smells amazing and it is so cutely decorated as well. Unfortunately, this specific candle is no longer sold at Lilly but this one is pretty similar

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara- I've heard good things about this mascara for years and decided to try it out while in Sephora recently. All of the rave reviews did not disappoint and it is definitely the best mascara I've ever tried!

Popover- With the weather finally cooling down, I have been living in my popovers between nannying and then going to and from Pure Barre. My parents gave this one to me last Christmas and it is fleece lined inside, making it so comfy! It also has a monogrammed in the Lilly print, Samba, which I love as well!

Longchamp- I switched from my Tory Burch bag to my Longchamp earlier in the fall as I feel navy is such a gorgeous color to go with my fall and winter outfits and I love how easy this bag is. It holds so much stuff, making it perfect for running between school, my nannying job, barre classes, and everything else! It also wipes off super easily, which is super helpful.

What were your November Favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gift Guide: Hostess with the Mostest

Gift guides are back (see Monday's guide here) and today we're talking about hostess gifts. Whether you're staying with a friend over a holiday weekend or going to a Christmas party, the Holidays are always full of fun events and it is always good to not show up empty handed. These gifts span a variety of price ranges, making them perfect for any hostess!

Evelyn Henson Map Print- Getting your hostess a map of an important city (whether it's a city you traveled to together or her hometown) from Evelyn Henson is such an unique gift and would really show how grateful you are for her. This would be perfect to give if you are staying overnight at someone's house over the holidays

American Ornament- Ornaments are such a cute and easy gift idea. I especially love this American one from Swoozies, so cute!

Draper James Coaster Set- Draper James has so many cute items it's slightly ridiculous but I love these holiday coasters as they are so darling! Definitely would be a fun gift for a holiday cocktail party

Kate Spade All in Good Taste Book- I bought this book earlier this year and it is so fun. I love all of the etiquette and party-throwing advice, which makes the perfect gift to give to a hostess!

Anthropologie Dish Towel- Anthropologie's home decor and accessories section is the cutest and I absolutely love this dish towel. It is so cute and would be perfect to bring along with you to a Christmas party

Kate Spade Cutting Board Set- I absolutely love Kate Spade's home section and this cutting board is a part of a set that would be so cute to give as a hostess gift. I mean, who doesn't love Kate Spade?

North Carolina Cutting Board- This cutting board comes in several different states and you could even show up with some cheese and crackers on it for a party. Definitely a fun statement piece!

Lilly Pulitzer Soap Set- Perfect for the southern hostess or the hostess that already "has it all". You can always count on Lilly for fun pieces and this soap set is no exception!

What are your favorite hostess gifts? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How To: Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Even just after Thanksgiving last week, I definitely need to get back on track with healthy eating and my usual workout schedule. The holidays are definitely a fun and exciting time of year but they can also be unhealthy with the amount of sweets lying around (hello Christmas cookies) and a lack of working out (who wants to work out when I could be sipping a Peppermint Mocha and watching Elf?).

It is possible to be healthy during the holidays and not go crazy at the same time. I am a firm believer in balance and not depriving yourself (so I will not be telling you to never eat cookies again around here ever).

Schedule in workouts
With a busy calendar, it can be hard to find the time to workout. Sitting down at the beginning of the week and scheduling all of your workouts, whether it be signing up for classes or just scheduling 3-4 PM at the gym on Monday, is such a great way to prioritize working out in your schedule

Splurge only on what you love
The holidays always has a plethora of treats available and odds are, you probably don't love everything available. If shortbread cookies aren't your favorite, don't waste your calories eating multiple shortbread cookies just because it's there

Park farther away
Whether it's at the mall or just at school or work, park your car a little farther away from the entrance than usual. Even though it may not seem like a lot, it certainly adds up and gives you a few extra minutes of walking.

Drink lots of water
Some drinks, such as soda, have a lot of sugar and calories in them, which adds up quickly! Water is zero calories and so important to your body so it is so essential to make sure you're drinking enough water (I typically try to shoot for half my body weight in fluid ounces)

Balance the Treats
If you're going to a Christmas party later in the day, today probably isn't the best day to have Chick-fil-a for lunch. It's totally okay to splurge on your favorite holiday drink from Starbucks but maybe you should opt for a healthier dinner later on. Balancing the not-so-healthy with the healthy ensures that you're eating somewhat decently

Keep Consistency
If you regularly go to the gym three times a week, try to keep that the same during the holidays. If you normally wake up at 6 AM, this probably isn't the best time to start waking up at 5:45. The holidays are busy enough so I would try to keep what your body is used to as consistent as possible (within your control of course)

The holidays are always a busy time of year and sometimes sleep is put to the wayside. I recently watched a documentary in my AP Psychology class about sleep deprivation and it was so interesting how sleep deprivation, even in just an one week time period, affects your body. Even though it may be hard, allow yourself to get your 7-8 hours every night and you will feel so much more energized because of it

How do you stay healthy this time of year? Let me know in the comments!