Saturday, July 21, 2018

Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday y'all! Today is my last Saturday at home this summer, which is absolutely crazy! I'm heading to the beach with the family I nanny for tomorrow for a few days and then my family and I are heading up to our lake house in Upstate New York for a week. Then I'm home for a few days before heading back to Clemson for sorority recruitment!

1. I shared this fun graphic from the Everygirl on my Instagram Stories the other day- I thought it was too cute not to share!

2. I've been thinking of getting a pair of slippers as my dorm room has tile floors and my mom shared with me that Ugg is having a major sale, including slippers- I'm thinking of buying this pair

4. My friend Renee is interning in NYC this summer and I love this outfit she shared earlier this week!

6. How cute would this Tuckernuck top be for Clemson games this fall?

7. Love this outfit on Madison and also the story behind her outfit!

8. Be sure to subscribe to my email list for more exclusive Chic in Carolina content

9. I've been pinning a lot more than usual on Pinterest this week so be sure that you're following along!

10. A few recent purchases: this basket from Target, this phone case (gotta love Prime Day), these earrings, my favorite lip balm, and this bracelet

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2018

My Chic Week: July 13-19

Happy FriYAY y'all! I hope y'all are wrapping up your week and have some fun weekend plans ahead! Each Friday here on Chic in Carolina, I love sharing a recap of my week called "My Chic Week" with y'all- it's a fun way to keep y'all updated on my "real" life and also look back on each week!

I had Friday off of work so I slept in a little bit before getting ready for the day. I had a doctor's appointment and then my mom and I ran a few errands. I went to a Pure Barre class and then did some crafting in the afternoon. My night was pretty laid back as my family made some pizzas on the grill!

I slept in again on Saturday and then went to an Empower class at my Pure Barre studio. We had some family friends over in the afternoon, which was so much fun as we grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs and swam in the pool (plus the ice cream truck came by, which is always fun in the summer!). I also babysat that night!

Sunday was a pretty laid back day as I slept in and then spent the rest of the day working on the blog, doing some crafting, and then hanging out by the pool!

celebrating National Ice Cream Day!!

Monday was back into the swing of things with nannying in the morning, a barre class, and then nannying in the afternoon!

I nannied in the morning on Tuesday and then afterwards, my mom and I ran a few errands! I went to a Pure Barre class and then came back to my house for a bit before nannying again in the afternoon!

art print c/o

Wednesday was another typical day of barre and nannying- nothing too crazy to report!

Thursday was a busy day as I nannied in the morning and then after dropping off the older boy I nanny at school, the two year old I nanny and I went to a local children's museum, which was so much fun! We played there for a few hours and then went out to lunch!

I then headed over to the mall as I wanted to pick up something at the Container Store (aka organizational heaven) and I also splurged on a David Yurman bracelet that I had been eyeing forever.

Later in the afternoon, I met my friend Meredith (who y'all met in this post) for a coffee catch up and then had a pretty laid back night at home!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

All White in Harbour Town

Long time, no outfit post! Honestly, my daily outfits have been kind of boring lately- workout clothes for barre and then norts and a tee for nannying. One night while in Hilton Head (which you can read about here), I actually wore "real clothes" so I wanted to share with y'all!

I'm obsessed with this outfit as it incorporates so many of my favorite pieces from this summer! These jeans are my favorite purchase this summer as they are so comfortable and fit so well and this top is just too fun! I love a white on white look as it seems so crisp and classic to me- plus, it totally makes you feel like a guest star in the White Party episode of Gossip Girl!

Top: Lilly Pulitzer Jeans: AG Wedges: OTBT Sunglasses: Kate Spade (similar) Earrings: Moon & Lola Purse: Louis Vuitton (less expensive here)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Babysitting/Nannying Activities

If you read my "My Chic Week" posts, you know that I've been nannying since my junior year of high school. I started babysitting when I started high school but started nannying the summer before my junior year of high school. In high school, I nannied three days a week after school as well as the summers but now that I'm in college, I nanny during the summer.

Since I've had a lot of experience babysitting, I wanted to share some of my favorite activities to do with kids that are fun and a perfect way to keep them busy! I know a lot of my friends nanny as a summer job so this time of year is perfect to be sharing with y'all!

Painting is such a fun activity for all ages and the kids always seem to enjoy this. Put some old newspaper on the table and make sure the paint is washable for a fun activity (that is fun for us babysitters too!).

Bring a "new to them" game to play
If you're babysitting a family for the first time, bringing a fun game for the kids to play is always a great way to help them warm up to you. It also makes having a babysitter come be exciting, especially if it's a game they don't have! Some of my favorites to play with kids are Life, Blokus (the best!!), Apples to Apples, and Uno!

Go out for a treat (ice cream, a cake pop at Starbucks, donuts, etc.)
Obviously not an everyday occurrence if you're nannying but going out for a treat is a great way to reward good behavior and make having a babysitter be special! Give the kids an option or two and let them pick!

Take a Walk/Ride Bikes
If you are watching a younger baby, taking a walk in the stroller is a great way to get out of the house and it gives the baby so much too look at. A bike ride is fun if the kids are older! You could also take a walk to get a treat if it's within walking distance

Kids always love to bake, whether it is cookies or anything else! If they are a bit older, they can help you bake the cookies, which is always fun! Another option is to bake sugar cookies before you go over to their house and have the kids decorate them! Having whatever you bake as a treat is also a great incentive to behave!

Take a "field trip" to your house
The little boys I nanny love coming over to play at my house. We still keep some of our old toys so they love playing with those, jumping on the trampoline, seeing my dogs, and playing in the pool. Obviously, ask both their parents and your parents before hand!

Go to children's museums or the zoo
Charlotte has a lot of fun activities for kids to do so it's always fun to check those out! Whether it's a museum, the zoo, or even a library, it adds something a little different to the kids's routine and is always fun!

If it's rainy, watch a movie
I don't like to have the kids I babysit and nanny have a lot of screen time when I'm there but if it's raining, a fun activity is to turn on a movie (especially if they haven't seen it before) and make some popcorn. I nannied all day a few summers ago so we would always watch a movie after lunch to get a little quiet time! You can also bring one of your childhood favorites over to watch!

Go to the Park
I've never met a kid who does not like going to the park so if the weather is nice, go to the park to play and get some of their energy out!

Make Jello
The boys I nanny love making jello and it's a fun activity that doesn't take up too much time either!

If you nanny or babysit, what are your favorite activities to do with the kids? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, July 16, 2018

My Chic Week: July 6-12

Happy Monday y'all! Even though I typically share MCW posts on Fridays, I want to get all caught here on Chic in Carolina so we will have two this week (one today to catch up and then back to our normal schedule on Friday!). Hope y'all are having a productive start to your week!

Friday was our last day at the beach so we pretty much spent all day on the beach by the water to soak up our last day! We made a few pizzas at the house for dinner and then got packed up!

We headed back to Charlotte on Saturday so it was an earlier morning to get out the door! We made a stop at Chick-fil-a for breakfast then drove back home. I don't have too much to report as once we got home I unpacked all my stuff, went with my mom to pick up our puppies from the kennel, and then hung out.

I did not have any major plans for Sunday, which was so nice as I was able to reset a bit and get ready for reality before Monday hit. I slept in, enjoyed a yummy breakfast, cleaned up my room, and then got dressed for the day. I've been trying to preschedule a lot of blog posts for y'all so I'm prepared for when I'm on vacation and during recruitment in August so I did a lot of blog work in the afternoon after lunch! I also made these chocolate chip cookie dough balls, which were so yummy! The rest of the day was pretty laid back as I had dinner with my family and then we watched Big Brother!

After a week of vacation, it was back to work on Monday. I missed the two little boys I nanny so it was fun to see them on Monday morning! I also got back into my routine of going to Pure Barre!

Tuesday was another typical day as I nannied in the morning and afternoon and went to a Pure Barre class in between!

I nannied in the morning as usual on Wednesday and then met one of my best friends from home for coffee afterwards. We have both been so busy this summer with our work schedules so it was so fun to finally catch up with each other!

I then went to a barre class and then nannied in the afternoon as well!

Thursday was a fun day as the five year old I nanny played hooky from school and came over to my house to play! We played with some of the toys we have at my house, went to Target, got lunch at Chick-fil-a, swam in my pool, and watched some a show before heading back to pick up his younger brother from school. I think it's safe to say we were both pretty worn out haha!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday y'all! Sorry for the lack in posting over the past few days- one of my posts didn't publish properly for some reason and paired with a crazy week, I didn't have the time to get them up for y'all! But check back in for lots of fun content in the weeks to come!

1. As an Elementary Education major, I loved Sally's post on how to survive and do well during student teaching!

2. My favorite LBD (which I styled here) now comes in a gorgeous light blue!

3. As y'all probably heard by now, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has open up to card holders this week. I usually don't buy a ton as I feel like the clothes aren't up to their usual quality but I do love stocking up on my beauty favorites during the sale! I'm not sure if I'll be sharing a full post yet but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with y'all!

4. Caitlin's wedding photos are absolutely stunning!

5. Did you hear that IHOP has gone back to being IHOP?

6. I had a coupon at my Pure Barre studio so I just purchased this DYI tank and I love it- it's really chic and white workout tanks are so versatile

7. The Everygirl is my favorite for "get your life together" inspiration and this post on how to prepare for your week on Sundays is so good!

8. So excited to hear that Krista got engaged!

9. I know it's kind of crazy to be talking about fall but I am obsessed with this Lilly dress that is perfect for any fancy event you have this fall!

10. This post from Cara on why she has been changing her blog content + her thoughts on Instagram pretty much sums up my thoughts on blogging right now

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

5 Unexpected Items You Need to Pack for College

Packing for college can be pretty weird if you think about it as you are preparing to move to a new place sometimes hours away yet you'll probably find yourself in the spring asking why you brought some items as you never used it. Unlike moving as an adult, you aren't bringing everything you own with you as you simply do not have the space in a dorm room, making it tricky to decide what you really need to bring with you.

I shared my complete college packing list with y'all on the blog a few weeks ago but I wanted to share with y'all five items that you probably won't think of packing that you will definitely be needing in your freshman dorm!

Photo by Elizabeth of Elizabeth J

1. Power Strips (with a surge protector)
Odds are your dorm won't have as many outlets as your room at home and you will have a plethora of items that need to be plugged in from lamps to microfridges to Keurigs to your hair dryer to your chargers. Power strips maximize your outlets and definitely bring power strips instead of extension cords as extension cords are prohibited in some dorms as they can be a fire hazard!

2. Desktop Fan
I bought mine at Costco last summer and it came in handy because 1. the AC in your dorm can be pretty unpredictable so this will help you stay cool at night (especially at the start and end of the year when it is warmer) 2. it acts as a bit of a sound machine, which is useful if your hall is loud and busy and you want to get some sleep!

3. Weekender Bag
My weekender bag has come in handy so many times over the past year! You usually don't have a lot of space in a dorm room so a large suitcase isn't exactly ideal as it takes up a lot of space and you don't use it that often. A weekender bag, however, can be folded and takes up a lot less space, which is crucial when you don't have a lot of space to deal with. I used mine when visiting friends at other colleges, weekend trips, or heading home for breaks!

4. Portable Coffee Mug
You probably have your cute coffee mugs all ready to go but definitely invest in a travel one as you'll want it for 8 AM classes. I love Contigo ones as they keep your drink warm for such a long time! I always brought my coffee with me to my field placement last fall and then to my 8 AM class in the spring so it came in handy and I almost didn't bring it!

5. A Black Dress & A White Dress
If you are planning on joining a sorority, definitely go ahead and pack these as you'll definitely use them! Many sororities wear white dresses for events like initiation or new member pinning so it's easy to bring a white dress with you than to have to find one at the last minute (I brought my graduation dress along with me). Some sororities wear black dresses as well and they're so versatile so I would definitely go ahead and be prepared by bringing both!

Any other unexpected items that you relied on in college? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, July 9, 2018

My Favorite Things

Happy Monday y'all! Today is my first day back to work after a week-long vacation (which you can read about here) and I'm definitely ready to get back into a more regular routine although I will miss sleeping in every day!

Every once in a while, I love sharing a more "get to know me" style post here on Chic in Carolina. I always love learning more about other bloggers as it makes them seem more relatable than simply sharing some outfits and style links with y'all. It's also a great way to introduce myself to those of you who may be new around here (definitely check out my about me page!) or reintroduce myself again!

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite things from random categories, which I am so excited to share with y'all!

Starbucks Order: A Skinny Vanilla Latte- hot in the winter and iced in the summer

Colors: Pink and Blue

Store: Lilly Pulitzer

Ice Cream Flavor: Oreo/Cookies & Cream

Outfit: A Lilly shift dress- perfect for so many different occasions!

Perfume: Tory Burch

TV Show: My top 3 are Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and One Tree Hill

Drink: Lime La Croix and Sweet Tea

Sports Team: My family is big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I obviously love Clemson!

Holiday: Christmas then Easter

Breakfast Food: Donuts!

Lilly Pulitzer Print: Let's Cha Cha is the print that initially drew me to Lilly and is still one of my favorites!

Shoes: Tory Burch Millers

Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Place: Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Dessert: Either ice cream or chocolate cake but I will never say no to dessert!

Movie: The Proposal

Guilty Pleasure: Eating ice cream out of the carton!

App: Instagram

Flower: Peonies and Hydrangeas

Book: The Great Gatsby

Fast-Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-a

Workout: Pure Barre (I'm sure y'all probably knew that!)

Time of Day: Afternoon

Food: Filet Mignon

What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday y'all! After a week at the beach, I am currently heading back home to Charlotte today! Thankfully this isn't my last beach trip of the summer and who doesn't love sleeping in their own bed after time away?

1. I purchased a pair of Tory Burch aviator sunglasses (these are super similar) earlier this week and I am obsessed!

2. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, as y'all probably know by now, is right around the corner and it has honestly become a polarizing topic here in the blogging world. I personally love stocking up on my beauty favorites during the sale but completely understand how it can be overbearing on social media. I wanted to know if y'all would be interested in any #NSale content so leave me a comment on what you think!

3. Cara always has the cutest workout clothes so I loved this post on workout wear from her!

4. Totally random, but I purchased this water pick on Amazon and I'm so excited to test it out. I know that totally makes me sound like an old lady haha!

5. The dress I wore to my sorority formal this spring (which you can read about here) is now available in a shorter version, which is too cute!

6. Kelly is one of my favorite bloggers and I loved reading her post about things you may not know about her!

7. Vineyard Vines is celebrating their 20th anniversary and released a collection of classic VV pieces that are too cute! My favorites are this dress, this tote, and these chino shorts! Plus, their sale is 30% off with code SUMMER18

8. It took me a while to get into it but I finally finished Eligible this week and really liked it (the beginning was rather slow in my opinion)! What should I read next?

9. Love this house that Town & Country did a feature on- absolutely stunning! The price tag isn't as amazing haha

10. After months of looking at it, I finally bought this adorable scarf! Tuckernuck was having a sale for the 4th that is sadly no longer going on but I think it will be super cute paired with white jeans and a top or a dress!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2018

My Chic Week: June 29- July 5

Happy FriYAY from sunny Hilton Head! My family and I have been at the beach this week for vacation and it has been such a great trip and way to celebrate the Fourth of July! I have lots of fun pictures to share with y'all today so grab an iced coffee and maybe a donut and let's catch up!

Last Friday I had the day off of work, which was nice as I was able to get a lot done before heading to the beach. I slept in, went to my usual Pure Barre class, got my eyebrows threaded (which was long overdue!), and then started to pack for my trip!

Saturday morning, I slept in before tidying up my room and finishing packing for the beach. We then loaded up the car and drove down to Hilton Head for the week. Once we arrived at the house, we unpacked and then made a yummy dinner. We rented some bikes for the week so we rode our bikes over to the Salty Dog to get some ice cream after dinner!

Sunday was our first full day at the beach so after breakfast, we headed down to the beach. We hung out on the beach all afternoon and then headed back up to the house to get ready for dinner.

We went out to dinner in Harbor Town on Sunday night and since there was a bit of a wait at the restaurant, we walked around the shops and then my mom and I shot blog pictures. We then had dinner and grabbed ice cream for dessert afterwards.

I went to the bathroom and my family thought I needed to have all three trays of hush puppies?

Monday was another beach day after sleeping in and eating breakfast! We then made dinner at home and caught up on Big Brother!

I purchased my sunhat at the Charlotte Lilly store a few weeks back when they had one of the paint artist come into the store so it is actually custom so I don't have a link to share! 

the house we're staying in is so cute like look at the sitting room!

Tuesday morning started off with donuts from Duck Donuts, which is always a great way to start off the day! The rest of the day was spent at the beach, which y'all might of guessed!

Wednesday was another morning of sleeping in and then a casual breakfast. Hilton Head has a Lilly Pulitzer signature store on the island so we ventured over there to find out that it was closed (makes sense as it was the Fourth after all).

Our Fourth was pretty laid back as we biked over to the Salty Dog for ice cream and t-shirts, hung out at the house, and then watched some fireworks!

I've gotten into the routine here at the beach of sleeping in and then enjoying a late breakfast before putting on my swimsuit and heading to the beach. Yesterday, we headed back to the Lilly store to do some shopping as the Lilly store here is too cute!

purse (for less here)

left: topshortssandals
right: dress (unfortunately not available online anymore)

left: shorts
right: dress

We then went back to the house for lunch and then headed down to the beach. We then hung out by our pool for a bit before dinner and watching Big Brother!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

What's it like being friends with a Blogger

Happy Thursday y'all! I am so excited to be sharing this post with y'all today as it has definitely been on my radar for a while. A while back Dorothy shared a post on what it is like being friends with a blogger and I thought it was such a fun idea. So I decided to share my own version and ask my friends what it is like being friends with me, which is kind of a weird question to ask haha!

Some of my friends were so sweet and sent me their paragraphs- I think it's funny how often my love for my agenda is mentioned!


Olivia was one of my first friends at Clemson as we were in the same Pi Chi group for sorority recruitment. We literally met on the first day of college and I'm so glad we got to run home to Theta together on Bid Day!

Anyone who feels like their life is hopeless chaotic mess should make friends with a blogger because bloggers like Katie are so organized that their ability to effectively schedule will eventually spill over to their friends. Of course, her other friends and I tease her relentlessly about what a soccer mom she will be. We can already envision the color coded calendar stuck on the wall and a perfect chalkboard menu in the kitchen for weekly meal planning.

Currently her individual planner is her lifeline and she even takes it with her everywhere, even to our sorority chapter meetings (I think she loves her planner more than me). I typically text her questions about functions because I know she wrote down the details. Katie checks her email religiously and makes sure our whole friend group in signed up for our sorority events and are all in the same group seconds after signups come out, which is insanely impressive considering slots can be filled after five minutes. It’s really nice having someone around who can keep track of when I need to be where because without her, I would’ve forgotten to show up to quite a few important things.

Bloggers also know the best food stops, even if it isn’t their home city, and make sure you get to experience the best snacks with them. This year she took our friend Rachel and I to Greenville to get off campus for a bit. We stopped at this incredible breakfast place in Travelers Rest near Greenville called Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse. Who else but a blogger would find the off the map breakfast place on the way to Greenville or make for a better friend?


Mackenzie is my big in my sorority and I'm so thankful that she has become one of my closest friends too!

Having a little who is a blogger is so much fun!!! I always get excited when she posts her my chic weeks because I’m always looking for my feature! It was also so special to me that she did a whole post all about big little reveal. Although I’ve never had a friend who has a blog, I have loved learning about the blogger world through Katie and absolutely love reading all of her posts!


Rachel is my roomie for the next year and I'm so excited as we always have a blast together!

I don’t know that there is any super dramatic difference in being friends with a blogger as opposed to someone who does not blog. Other than the fact that Katie is constantly taking pictures of her outfit or what she eats, but then again, a lot of people who don’t blog do that as well! It's cool though to see a friend doing something they are passionate about, in the case of being friends with Katie, it's blogging. Now we’re not roommates yet, so who knows? Next year could be crazy and I could realize that being friends with someone who has a blog is insanely different than having a friend without a blog


Meredith and I have been friends since elementary school and even though we go to different colleges, we are still super close friends!

Sitting down at the cozy coffee shop in my hometown, I am excited to catch up with an old high school friend. The sun is warm and shining, the iced coffee cold and sweet, and armed with a plethora of crazy stories from our first year away from home the afternoon is almost ready to commence, but not without the trademark question: “Wait let me get a quick picture of this”. To some friends, it may seem innocuous enough of a question in that the quickly snapped pic will appear on a snapchat or instagram story. With a blogger as a best friend however, I know it is much more than that. Every picture snapped and afternoon spent together holds the possibility of contributing to a post on the blog. Being friends with someone who runs a blog doesn’t necessarily mean EVERY time we are together pictures are taken- with some of the looks I’ve showed up in for a coffee chat after working for 6 hours you would probably be seriously scared of me. Rather, it means that even when we would go weeks without chatting when our lives became busy, and we found ourselves unable to find a time to sit and chat, I would still be able to check the blog and be up to date on the major life events in Katie’s life-and get some fantastic fashion inspiration at the same time. Being friends with a blogger also means that I will never be able to compete with Katie’s level of organization. In order to run this crazy successful blog of hers on top of school, sorority, nannying, and family, Katie’s day is organized  and planned down to the minute. There has never been a time she has shown up even in a minute late to coffee, or without her planner stashed somewhere near by. Having a blogger as a friend has meant that I have been able to read and watch as my friend inspires and helps others with her relatable and humorous breakdowns of her week, and her many organizational how-to posts. Holding the capability to watch as a friend grows and evolves into such an influential person has truly been an incredible honor, and I hope some of you have been able to get to know Katie as the compassionate and driven woman that has been one of my favorite people these last 10 years. I know I am truly a better person for having her as my friend, and I am so happy the rest of the world is able to get a small glimpse into her fabulous insights and life through Chic in Carolina. 


Emily and I met the first week of school in one of those freshman welcome week sessions and we wound up being in a lot of the same classes as we're both Elementary Education majors. Plus, she wound up joining Theta too!

Katie is an amazing friend as is, but being a blogger is a plus ten points; in almost all our conversations, she whips out some tidbits from her blogging – whether it be about what we’re eating, doing, or wearing. I’ve never had a friend that was a blogger and I’ve come to realize that being friends with a blogger is great! To start, Katie knows all the sales, where to get the cutest clothes, and how to spit out some good life advice for whatever situation (which I’m in need of often). I had no idea Katie was a blogger when I first met her, but I definitely noticed how in tune she was with everything; when I found out she was a blogger, it made Katie even cooler. I know for a fact that I ask her way too many questions about where she gets her planners and her super cute tassel earrings. With that being said, Katie is my go-to friend for most everything, she’s in the know. I love Katie, blog and all! 

I hope y'all got to see a little more of what it's like being friends with a blogger!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July y'all! Just popping into to quickly wish y'all a happy Fourth! Hopefully you have the day off and will be celebrating our freedom wearing your red, white, and blue, whether it's at the lake, at the beach, or at a barbecue! I'm at the beach with my family and our family friends and I'm excited to see some fireworks tonight! Do y'all have any fun plans for the day?

Hope y'all have a great Fourth!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to Pack the Perfect Bag for Sorority Recruitment

It's crazy to think how quickly the summer has flown by! This time last year, I was getting everything ready to move into my freshman dorm at Clemson and also to go through sorority recruitment the first week of school. I shared my tips and tricks for recruitment a few weeks back but wanted to share another blog post about recruitment that will definitely make your life easier during recruitment week: what to pack in your bag!

Sorority recruitment is full of very busy days so you may not have enough time to head back to your dorm to freshen up before your next party. Keeping the essentials on you will make your recruitment experience and who doesn't want that?

At Clemson, we do not have sorority houses so we have sorority recruitment in our basketball arena (which sounds weird but it works out and is nice to be in the air conditioning) so during your parties you can leave your bag in the seats of the stadium. You are not allowed to bring your bag into the party, which sounds kind of weird but you can leave your bag with the rest of your Pi Chi group's stuff and it will be there after the party (the Pi Chi's or recruitment counselors will be walking around so no worries about it getting stolen!). For schools where the sororities recruit out of their houses, PNMs leave their bags in front of the house so leave any fancy designer bags at home!

The Bag- As I mentioned before, it doesn't matter how fancy or cute your bag is as you can't bring it into any parties with you but I think bigger bags like tote bags are useful as they can hold all of your stuff. I used my Longchamp tote last fall when I went through recruitment and it was perfect as it holds everything you could possibly need (I call it my Mary Poppins bag) and also zips up to keep all of your items secure!

Water Bottle- Let's be real, recruitment is in August and it is going to be hot to say the least. It's so important to take care of yourself during recruitment and drink a lot of water! I know at Clemson a few girls have passed out before so definitely stay hydrated and bring a water bottle!

Snacks (image via)- Again take care of yourself and eat! Recruitment is full of very long days so do yourself a favor and pack yourself some snacks as parties may be in the middle of your usual meal times or you'll find yourself hungry at random times as you have been up for so long!

Gum or Mints (image via)- You will be meeting a lot of new people during recruitment and the parties will be pretty loud (think over 200 girls trying to have conversation at the same time) so you will probably be standing somewhat close to the girl rushing you so bad breath isn't exactly a great first impression. Keeping gum or mints handy ensures that you won't have bad breath and honestly, the Pi Chis will probably be handing plenty out before parties!

Makeup Bag- I keep my makeup essentials in my bag so that I could freshen up in between parties! This helped me feel like I was putting my best foot forward whenever I walked into a party!

Deodorant- Let's be real, it's going to be hot outside and you'll be doing a lot of walking! Kind of self explanatory but you'll be glad you threw this into your bag!

Notebook + Pen- Panhellenic gave all the girls going through recruitment a notebook but if you don't get a notebook, I definitely advise bringing one with you to write down your thoughts. Writing down what you thought of the sorority and maybe the names of the girls you talked to helped me later on as all the parties start to blend together after a busy day of recruitment. This helps you out when it comes time to vote on your favorite chapters!

Portable Phone Charger- As I've mentioned before, recruitment has some very long days so you'll want to bring along a portable charger to make sure you have enough battery to make it through the day!

Headphones- If you have a break in between parties or just need a few minutes to refocus, headphones are definitely handy. You'll be surrounded by other girls during recruitment so it was nice to have the option to listen to music while waiting.

Hairbrush- As weird as it sounds, I found that quickly running a brush through my hair was a great way to freshen up in between parties. If you use hair spray, I would definitely bring that along with you too!

Tide Stain Remover Pen (image via)- Hopefully you won't be needing this item but it's definitely handy if you get a small stain on your clothes. Even if you don't need it, one of the girls in your Pi Chi group might!

Safety Pins/Fashion Tape (image via)- Similar to the stain remover pen, you hopefully won't need this but it's always better to be prepared, especially when you probably won't have time to run back to your room when you're having a fashion emergency!

A Pair of Flip Flops- At Clemson, the first two days of recruitment are pretty casual so most girls wear sandals of some sort but as a general guide, your outfits get dressier as the rounds progress so most girls wear wedges for round 3 then wedges and heels for round 4. I definitely recommend walking over to wherever you have recruitment/the houses in a pair of flip flops then changing into your heels/wedges before heading into the party. Your feet will thank you!

Any additional items you recommend for your bag for sorority recruitment? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, July 2, 2018

June Favorites

Was it just me or did June absolutely fly by? July is set to be a pretty busy month of travel as I'm in Hilton Head this week and then will be going to Bald Head Island and then Upstate New York later in the month. I'm in a bit of disbelief that I only have a month left of summer but thankfully it is going to be a very exciting and fun month!

At the start of the month here on Chic in Carolina, I love sharing with y'all my favorites from the month before. It's such a fun way to both recap my month and share some fun products with y'all!

J. Crew Pajamas- After last Thursday's blog post, y'all know I love a good pair of matching pajamas and I love these. I received the long sleeve/long pant version of these a few years back for Christmas and they are seriously the comfiest so I knew I needed the short sleeve version for summer! They are so comfy and perfect for summertime!

Day Designer Agenda- I used a Day Designer last year (see how I organized it here) and absolutely loved it so I knew that I would definitely be getting another one for this year. It started in June and I'm loving it- it helps me keep everything organized!

AG White Jeans- These were definitely a bit of a splurge but I tried these jeans on at Anthropologie and I knew I had to have them. The fabric is more of a jegging than traditional denim, which makes them so so comfortable! I love them paired with a fun top and a pair of wedges and I did size up one size as they didn't have my usual size in stock in store!

Alo Leggings- I had a coupon to use at my Pure Barre studio and decided to splurge on these leggings. They are so comfortable and so cute too! I've worn them a bit too often to barre lately and I know I will wear them in the fall once it cools down a bit.

Drybar "Prep Rally"- I've admittedly had this product since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last summer as it came in a set with two of my other favorite Drybar products but I just started using it lately and I love it! I use it as a heat protectant before I blow dry or style my hair and I love that it makes your hair smell so good too!

What were your June Favorites? Let me know in the comments!