How to Prepare for a Busy Week Ahead

Thursday, April 26, 2018

With finals right around the corner and approaching quicker than I'd like to admit, it's easy to say that the rest of the semester will be busy with a crazy week ahead. There's always those weeks in the calendar where you know that it will be a busy one, whether it's a random week during the semester or finals weeks. Even though there's usually not a lot you can do about a busy week, I've found that being prepared for it helps so much! Over the weekend when I know I have a busy week ahead, I'll usually get some of these items done to prep and get ahead.

Clean your room
I try to keep everything tidy throughout the week but cleaning up over the weekend is so helpful for starting the week on a fresh note. I'm way more productive when my room is clean as the clutter distracts me so a clean room helps to start off your week on a good note!

Update your agenda
I find the weekends to be such a good time to sit down with agenda and update it with all the events for the week ahead (maybe with a cup of coffee in hand!). I know that updating my agenda always makes me feel a little more prepared for the week ahead as I have more of a handle on it.

Lay out your outfits for the week
Not necessarily applicable for college girls as I usually just wears norts and a t-shirt for class but laying out your clothes ahead of time saves so much time in the morning. Especially if you're one to overthink what to wear for the day, this can save so much time during the week and also be a motivation as you'll have cute outfits to wear throughout the week!

Clean out your bag
My backpack and purse tend to get pretty crazy throughout the week so I like to take a few minutes during the weekend and clean things out. I'll throw away those random pieces of trash and put random coins in my wallet so that my bag is ready to go during the week and that everything is easier to find.

Catch up on chores
During the week, it's harder to have time to do chores so I try to do that over the weekend so it gets done. I try to vacuum, dust, and wipe everything down with a Clorox wipe so everything is clean for the week ahead!

Get some sleep
I always try to sleep in on the weekends and go to bed early on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. My sleep schedule can be pretty unpredictable throughout the week so getting some sleep on the weekends makes sure that I start the week on a refreshed note.

Go to the grocery store
When you know you have a busy week ahead, going to the grocery store and stocking up on everything makes the rest of the week go so much easier. I don't need to go to the store every week in college but having food on hand ensures that you don't have to go in the middle of the week!

Do laundry
Laundry is honestly such a hassle in college. I live in a fairly large building so it seems like our building group-me is full of people talking about laundry as there's never open washers and driers. Having all of my laundry washed, dried, and folded makes me feel so accomplished and doing it over the weekend gives you one less item to do during the week.

Make your to-do list for the week (and break it down by day!)
When I have a particularly busy week, I find it helpful to break down everything I need to do by day so it seems less overwhelming. Whether it is a big project that I need to accomplish or random tasks to do, I'll add those items to the to-do list for that day so it's ready to go and I don't forget anything throughout the week.

Get ahead on assignments
If you know that something is coming up later in the week, the weekend is a perfect time to start or get it done. This will save you stress later in the week as you'll have one less thing to do as it's already done!

How do you prepare for a busy week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh gosh something I am definitely bad at is planning ahead, love some of the ideas in here

  2. It took me awhile in college to learn the art of NOT procrastinating, but now that I'm out of school I think I do a better job at it!! You've learned well!!

    xoxo A

  3. I have to plan everything out or I get super stressed! One thing I do not do though is plan out outfits, because I change my mind so much!

    1. Thanks Marianna! That one is harder for me too haha!

  4. Cleaning out your bag/purse... yes! I try to do this every weekend-- it's amazing how much trash and lipsticks I pull out :D

    1. Oh my gosh, it's crazy! Thanks for reading, Amanda!

  5. These are great tips! I noticed a lot has to do with getting organized ahead of time and I totally agree with that! An organized room makes my thoughts more organized too!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. I always spend Sunday organizing for my week ahead. It just makes the work week go so much smoother!

    Xo Mindy

  7. great tips for getting prepared! something I always have to do to stay on track.

  8. I surely am not the type of person who does this kind of thing but I would love to do this soon because I feel like I'm so unorganized and I have so much clutter in my life right now...... I should get my life together. Haha. Thank you for this Katie!!!

    Much love,

  9. really love all these tips, but definitely gotta catch up on sleep... that totally helps me power through my week :)

  10. I love this so much! Having to pick clothes out in the morning is the bane of my existence. It's such a good idea to plan all of my outfits for the week.


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