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Thursday, May 17, 2018

It's officially grad party season! Most colleges have had graduation by now it feels like but high schools are just starting to have their graduations. I know my family has quite a few parties to attend in the next few weeks so I wanted to share a fun gift guide for any grad in your life!

Some of the gifts I received last year for graduation came in handy for my freshman year of college so I included a mix of practical gifts as well as some fun ones! If you're still stuck, monogrammed items are always (plus no one will mistake your monogrammed towel for theirs in the communal bathroom!) or college themed items are always fun. While it may not seem as fun as a physical gift, cash is always appreciated or a Starbucks gift card is perfect for coffee runs in the fall.

Map Art Print- Whether it's for their hometown or their new college town, a fun art print is perfect for the graduate's new dorm room in the fall. All of Evelyn Henson's art is so cute and colorful and will certainly brighten up a dorm while reminding the grad of home!

Lilly Pulitzer Makeup Bag- I've gotten so much use out of the makeup bags that I received for graduation last year. Not only are they perfect for holding your makeup, they can help to hold small necessities or even be used as a pencil pouch!

Clear Gameday Bag- If your grad is going to a big football school, this gift is the perfect way to prepare her for gameday. College football stadiums tend to have strict regulations for bags so having a clear or smaller bag is so handy. I love that the monogram makes it a bit cuter and also that you can personalize it by picking her school colors

Picture Frame- A perfect gift if your bestie is graduating! Fill it with a cute picture of the two of y'all and it will be perfect for decorating in the dorm! Pro tip: find out what color she is using for her dorm room or pick a neutral color so the frame will fit in with her color scheme

Kate Spade Gingham Phone Wallet- I remember doing an overnight visit at a college during my senior year and the girl I stayed with and all of her friends all had these plastic wallets on their phones. I remember thinking that they were not the cutest but after receiving one going through sorority recruitment, I was a convert as they are so practical. I kept my student id in mine and it made it so I could quickly run out to the dining hall or whatever and not need to bring my wallet with me. This Kate Spade version makes it so much cuter with gingham and scallops- I may need to buy it for the fall haha!

S'well Bottle- Water bottles, as you may expect, definitely come in handy in college as you don't have access to your family's collection of various water bottles and cups. I love s'well bottles as they don't spill, can easily be thrown into your backpack as you're running off to class, and come in so many colors and patterns to fit your grad's personality

Monogrammed Tassel Keychain- This keychain is so cute and would jazz up any grad's car keys. I love adding a fun piece to your keys for a personalized touch as they distinguish it as "yours" and also add a bit of personality!

Weekender Bag- A weekender bag comes in such handy as heavy suitcases take up a lot of space in an already small dorm room and it's perfect for when your grad visits home or visits their friends at other colleges! I have this exact bag and it has come in such handy plus I love that it's monogrammed!

What are your go-to grad gifts? Let me know in the comments!


  1. such great items, especially the monograms!

  2. I have the Evelyn Henson Charlottesville print but I still need to order the Charlotte one!! I love her artwork. These are such fun ideas!

    xoxo A

    1. All of her pieces are so fun, they're my go-to for a cute gift! Thanks Annaliese!

  3. ahhh gimme allll the Lilly! Such great ideas for new graduates!

  4. I love weekender bag. So cute and everything fits there!

  5. I got a weekender bag as a graduation gift and it has lasted to this day! Such a great gift!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. It's such a practical gift! Thanks for reading, Deborah!

  6. The print is so cute! I think these would all make wonderful gifts for a grad!

  7. I love that monogrammed weekender bag! So adorable for summer travel :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  8. Cute picks! I've been eyeing Evelyn Henson's prints - they're so cute!

  9. Can't live without my Swell bottle lol. The company I work for actually sells tassel keychains that double as phone chargers- I'm obsessed and I think they make excellent gifts as well

  10. The art print is adorable! I love giving art work as gifts to friends considering at this age we don't have much to decorate our spaces!

  11. ohhh as a grad, all of these sound like some amazing ideas!!!! totally love how practical they are too <3

  12. I would love that customized tassel keychain ;)


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