How to: Get Ready Faster In the Morning

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One of my least favorite things about the school year is waking up early! I love sleeping in and it definitely can be a struggle for me to get up bright and early on weekdays! I am excited that with the time change it will be a little brighter in the morning and not pitch-black on the drive to school each morning! I put together some of my tips for getting ready faster in the morning so it makes getting up bright and early a little more bearable!

Shower the Night Before
Personally, I like to shower at night but it also saves time in the morning because you don't have to spend 30 minutes to a hour showering plus time to blow dry your hair!

Lay out your Clothes the Night Before
I have an uniform at school but for days when we can dress down or dress up for Mass, I always pick out my outfit the night before so I don't have to spend anytime in the morning debating over what I should wear.

Wake Up without Hitting Snooze
This can be hard initially but once you establish a routine of not hitting snooze, it is so much easier to wake up! If you are really tempted to hit the snooze button, maybe buy a new clock and don't learn where the snooze button is!

Choose Simpler Makeup
On mornings when I am crunched for time, I usually tone my makeup down a bit. For me, this means just wearing powder and mascara but this definitely helps me spend a little less time getting ready!

Pack your Lunch the Night Before
My mom definitely established this routine for me but it is so helpful! Assemble everything you need for lunch like prepare your salad and put it into the fridge. I usually put everything that doesn't need to go in the fridge directly into my lunch bag so it is easier too!

Have Everything Ready
Do this so you don't have to scramble in the morning! Keep everything you need in your bag (aka not on the floor all over your room) and if you need anything special for the day (a calculator for a math test, for example), put it in a spot where you will remember to grab it!

What are your tips for getting ready quicker in the morning? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Definitely agree with the simpler makeup statement; I never realized just how much time I spent doing my makeup in the mornings until I cut down on the amount I wore. Great post!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

    1. It definitely saves a lot of time to do a simpler routine! Thanks Tori!


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