Easy Ways to be Healthier

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After all the sweets consumed on Valentine's Day with the Christmas cookie weight that has yet to go away, taking on healthier habits is very important, at least for me right now. With spring (and Spring Break and Prom!) right around the corner, I have gathered my favorite, easiest ways to stay healthy so y'all can get back on the right track (me included!).

Opt for an Iced Coffee over a Frappucino at Starbucks
The frappucino: the sugar and calorie packed drink disguised as coffee that is more like a milkshake. As yummy as they may be (everything in moderation), opt for a iced coffee or latte the next time you need your Starbucks to save some calories!

Park farther away in the parking lot
The longer the walk, the more calories you burn! Not to mention, you probably have to deal with less people!

Stay away from Soda
I cut soda out of my diet two years ago (winter of my freshman year) and honestly, I have no desire to drink it anymore. Soda has no nutritional benefits and is packed with chemicals not to mention the carbonization causes bloating!

Make sure you are eating the correct portions by measuring out your food
I am awful in the fact that if you put a plate of food in front of me that I like, I will eat the whole thing. Especially with things like peanut butter of coffee creamer, take a second to measure it out so you don't pack on any additional calories!

Invest in a Fitbit
Obviously this does require a bit of an investment, but I definitely do think it is worth it if it is in your budget! I have the Fitbit Charge and I love that it tracks your steps and sleep and you can add in your food and water for the day. I have found that getting in all of my steps is a motivator for me to get up and get moving!

Get as much sleep as possible
Sleep has a big impact on your overall health and so push yourself to get to bed as early as possible!

Use a cup with a straw to drink more water
If you find it hard to drink enough water everyday, add a straw into your cup. Sounds insane but it helps you drink so much more water!

How do you stay healthy? Let me know in the comments!

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