My Chic Week: November 18-24

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Friday y'all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and it's great to think there's still 3 more days of the weekend! I'm so excited to have a fairly relaxed day as all that is on my agenda is decorating for Christmas (!!!) and going to Pure Barre (to work off all of that turkey haha).

Friday was quite a busy day- it seemed like there was so much going on with Spirit Week ending and also with tests and assignments due before Thanksgiving Break began on Tuesday. After school, I was home for a little bit and then I babysat.

Kona has been obsessed with sitting on my mom's tote bag- we call it her "tote bed" haha

Saturday morning, my mom, brother, sister, and I got up bright and early to go volunteer at my Church's Christmas Bazaar. My mom and I have been volunteering for years and it is always so much fun (you can read about last year's Christmas Bazaar here). After the Bazaar, I am always ready for Christmas haha!

My mom and I had a few errands to run afterwards, including buying our turkey at the Fresh Market. Last year, we bought this Peppermint Bark at the Fresh Market that was amazing and I was so excited to find some while we there (I may or not have eaten a ton of it haha).

I had a few things to work on during the afternoon, including baking brownies and getting ready for Homecoming!

Saturday night was my Senior Homecoming Dance, which was so much fun. It was great to see everyone in my grade outside of class and also to just spend the night dancing! I wore this fun Kate Spade dress that I wore for Christmas last year, which was perfect for the occasion.

Since I got home fairly late since I had to clean up after the dance, I slept in, which honestly was amazing. My mom and I ran out to Target a bit later in the morning. I love going to Target and honestly haven't been in such a long time since I've been so busy but it was so fun looking at all the different products they have (including this little flamingo dog toy!)

Since I already finished my homework, I spent the afternoon cleaning my room and blogging. I also fit in a Pure Barre class, so all in all it was a productive day!

Monday was a fairly easy-ish day. It was a dress down day for NHS and then I didn't have Faith Formation so I wound up working in the afternoon.

After nannying, I had a bunch of homework to do and I may or may not have bribed myself to do it with the help of Trader Joe's pumpkin macarons (one of my October Favorites), which are so yummy and fairly affordable for macarons!

As it was the last day before Thanksgiving Break, Tuesday was such a busy day with a bunch of quizzes and assignments to work on. Not to mention, the day seemed to just drag on! After school, my brother and I shot some pictures for Wednesday's outfit post and then I went to go nanny!

Wednesday was my first day of break and I thankfully was able to sleep in! I hung out at home all morning and then went to my favorite 12 PM Pure Barre class. After class, I was able to use my coupon from the 20 in 31 challenge to buy a few things and then I had a few errands to run. I wound up nannying in the afternoon and made sugar cookies and decorated them with the little boy I nanny. When I got home, my family had some family friends over, which was a lot of fun!

Yesterday, as you know, was Thanksgiving and I am so thankful that I was able to spend the holiday at home this year. My mom and I spent the morning and afternoon baking and cooking everything for the big meal. We had dinner with our family friends who are our old next-door neighbors and it was such a great way to spend the holiday. I certainly ate way too much food and will need to go to a few extra barre classes to burn it off ;)

And a few more from my Instagram stories this week:

On my Radar:

1. It's Black Friday and the deals have definitely begun. I will be sharing a big round up post of my favorite sales bright and early Monday morning but for now I would check out the sales at J. Crew, Tuckernuck, Evelyn Henson, and Tory Burch!

2. Seriously love these shaggy sweatshirts from Lauren James- plus they have them for selection colleges!

3. Have y'all seen Cara's apartment tour? It's seriously so cute!

4. I am obsessed with Kate's new site design- it's so pretty!

5. Love this outfit from Annaliese

Happy Friday!


  1. Those pumpkin donuts look amazing. I'm so glad you had a fantastic week!

  2. Your pup is the cutest and you looked fab at homecoming!

  3. That peppermint bark looks soo good! You looked so pretty at homecoming!

  4. Cute puppy! Sounds like you had a great week.

    Btw, I followed you.


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