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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If there was one thing I could only splurge on, it would be on purses. I've always been a purse girl as my Type-A personality needs to be prepared for any situation I may encounter (haha). But seriously, I still remember going shopping with friends way back in middle school and stuffing everyone's jackets into my purse.

When it comes to purses, I definitely look for quality over quantity and for bags that I can use for years. I don't have a ton of purses but the ones I do have I use all the time. And as always, this isn't meant to be bragging or anything like that, I always love reading similar posts on other blogs and figured I would share!

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Tory Burch Thea Tote (similar)
My mom bought me this bag while we were in New York last spring (which you can read about here) and it's such a go-to of mine. I love it for everyday use as it has multiple pockets, which makes the bag a bit more structured inside. Everything has a place and is easy to find in this tote, plus I love how simple yet chic the exterior is!

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I lovingly refer to my Longchamp as my Mary Poppins bag as you never know what you may find in here. It's perfect for days when you need to have a lot with you but I do feel like I can never find what I need when I use it. I usually use it while I'm traveling as it's not too flashy and stores a lot and I'm planning on using it during sorority recruitment later this month to carry around my stuff to each round.

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I bought this bag during my freshman year of high school from a Kate Spade Secret Sale and it was one of my first designer "splurges". Now, I typically use this bag for babysitting or when I'm going somewhere and I want to bring my laptop as it's pretty roomy.

image via this blog post

Tory Burch Crossbody (similar)
My siblings gave me this bag for my birthday this year and I absolutely love it for events where I don't need to bring everything with me. It definitely does not hold a lot (just my iPhone, a few cards, and a pair of sunglasses) but it works for when I go out to dinner with friends and I know it will be great for game day at Clemson this fall.

image via this blog post

This bag was a "from me, to me" graduation gift and I use it all the time from running errands to occasions where I need a dressier outfit. I love that it has lots of room and makes any outfit look so much chicer. Similar to the Longchamp, it can be tricky to find items inside sometimes and you can't wear it on your shoulder so keep that in mind if you're thinking of splurging!

What are some of your go-to purses? Let me know in the comments!

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