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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Happy Wednesday! As mentioned in Monday's post, I feel like I've been watching a lot more shows this semester so far so I wanted to share a few of my recent favorites with y'all. 2 are shows I always watch season after season and am currently watching the new season while the other 2 are new-to-me shows that are on Netflix!

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This is a really random find but so good! Elite focuses on a group of students at a prestigious private school (hence Elite) and the 3 students who are able to attend due to receiving a scholarship. Suddenly, one of the students in their class dies and no one knows who it was. My roommate and I literally changed on our mind on who the killer is every episode and watched both seasons so quickly! It is a Spanish show that they put the English translations over the actors' voices so that was kind of annoying but you get past it quickly!

Grey's Anatomy

The new season of Grey's just came on and y'all know I am a big Grey's fan! Although I am sad that *spoiler* Alex left, I'm excited to see where this season goes.

The Bachelor

I know this is a totally basic option but I can't help but keep up with the Bachelor every season! This hasn't been my favorite season as I feel like a lot of the girls are very dramatic and immature and honestly Peter hasn't been that great of a Bachelor (I was excited for him and it's just kinda been blah of a season) but I'll definitely be finishing the season.


Rachel and I decided to watch this one day after hearing good things about it from friends and oh my goodness, it's so good! It's a 6 episode documentary series on Netflix about a group of college cheerleaders at a community college in Texas and even though I never cheered, I found it so entertaining!

What shows/movies have you been watching lately? Let me know in the comments!

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