My Chic Week: August 25-31

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

After sharing a bit of a life update on the blog yesterday, I figured it would be good to catch y'all up even more with a My Chic Week post. If you're a regular CiC reader (if not, hello!), you know that I typically like for these to go up on Fridays for y'all but I didn't want Friday's post to be crazy long and I also wanted to get my blog posts back on their usual schedule. So I will be recapping as usual and the "On my Radar" section will be in Friday's blog post.

It's been a bit of an adjustment balancing the blog with college and being social but hopefully I can figure things out as I have so many ideas for fun, new content that I cannot wait to share with y'all! As always, if you have any ideas on what you would love to see on Chic in Carolina, email me at, tweet me, leave a comment on this post, or DM me on Instagram!

Now let's get back into what I've been up to!

My first class on Friday is a 9:05 and after waking up super early for high school, my 7:30 alarm feels like sleeping in. I'm not sure that I'll still be thinking that in a few months but so far it's great! After my first class, I went to the library for a bit and then had my second class.

I had a few meetings on Friday after my last class on Friday so I grabbed Starbucks in between. We had a meeting for the College of Ed regarding field placements, which made me so excited for the semester. A few girls in my Pi Chi group (aka my sorority recruitment group) and I hung out and had dinner at the dining hall, which was a great way to kill some time before receiving our schedules later that night.

I didn't have recruitment until later in the afternoon on Saturday so I took the morning to run to Publix to grab a few necessities and then also do my laundry.

I then got ready for recruitment and had my parties for the day. Once I got home from rush, I realized that one of the girls on my hall and I both got out "early" so we went out to dinner (and by out to dinner, I mean we went to the dining hall haha!).

I'm planning on sharing a post all about what I wore for each round but for now, I'll just post the links to each piece of my outfit!

Sunday morning, we had an early meeting with our Pi Chis to view our schedule for the day and then I went back to my dorm to get ready.

After recruitment, I wound up going to Church as well, which was a great way to end a busy weekend.

Monday morning, I was up earlier than usual to shop the Lilly sale. As I mentioned in the post where I shared about all my favorites from the sale, I was able to find a bunch of cute pieces for my mom and I and I'm so excited for them to come in the mail.

The rest of my morning and afternoon was pretty normal- I went to class, did some work at the library, you get the idea haha!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Monday afternoon was Bid Day so I found out I was invited to join Theta and then we celebrated afterwards!

Throwing what we somewhat know?

My first class on Tuesday and Thursday isn't until 11 so it's really nice to be able to sleep in and get caught up on various things on those days. One of the girls in my bio class and I grabbed Chick-fil-a after class and then I worked on some homework until my other class later in the afternoon.

My lab on Wednesday hasn't started yet so I was done with classes by 12:30 last Wednesday. I grabbed lunch in the dining hall and then caught up on some chores in the afternoon (including going to the mail room to pick up my vacuum haha!). I also hung out with one of the girls on my hall for a while.

That night, I had a meeting to go to- nothing too exciting!

Thursday was another day of classes and then all the new members from each sorority here at Clemson had a presentation to go to, which was a lot more entertaining than I was expecting!

Last Week on Chic in Carolina:

Happy Wednesday!

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