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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Happy Saturday y'all! I have this surprise weekend blog post going up for y'all as I had two My Chic Week posts go up this week- I wanted to keep y'all updated on what Ive been up to but didn't want yesterday's MCW to be a million years long. I decided to share my On my Radar section of my MCW posts in a Weekend Reading so hopefully that works for y'all.

As for this weekend, I'm grabbing brunch at one of Clemson's favorite spots that I haven't been to yet and have sorority meetings tomorrow. And probably doing some homework at some point too! If you have any fun plans, I would love to hear so let me know in the comments!

1. Did you hear the news? Kate and Will are expecting Baby #3! My roomie and I had a poll going on the white board on whether it's going to a boy or a girl and boy won (although I think it will be a girl!).

2. I think that I definitely need to try Grace's Summer Beauty Reset soon!

3. This outfit looks so chic on Kate

4. I have my first Theta semi-formal in less than two weeks so I ordered this dress from Tuckernuck and I'm so excited for it to arrive

5. Samantha's dorm room is gorgeous and absolutely looks like something outside of a magazine

6. My friend Annaliese (who has the coolest job as a radio personality) shared a post all about why you hear certain songs on the radio, which I think is so interesting! My family actually talked about this when Annaliese visited our lake house in New York over the summer so it was fun to read in a blog post

7. Is it weird how much I love Caitlin's pantry! Organization goals there y'all

8. J. Crew has been killing it with their sweaters so far this season! My favorites are this ruffle cashmere sweater, this lavender sweater with drawstring sleeves, this cashmere v-neck, and this sweater with striped detailing

9. I love the Everygirl for articles all about wellness and this one about 20 easy things you can to improve your life is definitely a good one!

10. Since I just participated in sorority recruitment here at Clemson, I thought this article on Town & Country about sorority rush consultants was so interesting

What do y'all have planned for the weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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