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Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Friday friends! It's been a hot minute since my last "My Chic Week" post so I figured I should share what I have been up to lately so we're back on track for a new MCW post next Friday! I absolutely cannot believe that it's already Spring Break and second semester of sophomore year is halfway through!!


This semester, I'm taking 6 classes (so 18 credit hours): Principles of American Education, Human Sexual Behavior, Educational Psychology, Intro to Special Education, Social Psychology, and Arts in the Elementary School. It is definitely a crazy semester (spring break is really welcomed right now) but all of my classes are interesting so makes things better!

Fundraising Director

My sorority's philanthropy event is right around the corner (two weeks to be exact) and we've made so much progress! We've ordered t-shirts, sent out letters to our alums (over 1200!), and our working on the final details! After working on this event all semester, it's crazy to think it is just around the corner.


At the end of last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to join the Undergraduate Student Advisory Board for the College of Ed. We had our big event, Day in the Life of an Education Major, at the start of March where we got to gush about the College of Ed and it was kinda crazy as I attended Day in the Life my senior year and it was actually the day I decided to go to Clemson! I also was featured on the Clemson instagram account on a Q&A livestream featuring College of Ed students, which was so cool (even if my friends said I looked extremely awkward during it haha).


Some times I sit back and literally think about how beyond blessed I am for the friends that I have here at Clemson. One of my biggest worries before college was making friends in college and it's funny to look back at that from where I am now. My education friends and I joke that we have officially made the transition to being "real" friends now (I guess it takes spending countless hours together and sharing your location on find my friends to get to that point!). I also feel so lucky in establishing a strong core friend group to do life with as well as the opportunity to grow closer to people I wasn't necessarily close with at the start of the school year!

Weekend in Charlotte

I had to go home at the start of March to get my car registration renewed and Rachel came home with me for the weekend! It was fun to be home for the weekend and we went shopping, bopped around Charlotte, and grabbed popsicles at PopBar in NoDa.


As I shared in this post, my sorority had our formal a few weeks ago. Getting all dressed up is pretty rare in college so formal is the perfect occasion to get all glam for the night!

Spring Break

This week is Clemson's spring break and my roommate Rachel and I are in sunny Florida! We went to Disney on Monday and Tuesday and have been in Jacksonville at my grandparents's for the rest of the week. I'm planning on sharing recap posts with y'all soon!

Happy FriYAY!

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