My Chic Week: March 22-28

Friday, March 29, 2019

Happy Friday! I am so excited to be back with a new My Chic Week post to share with y'all- it's been quite a while since my last one! For those of y'all who may be new to the blog (hello! check out my about me here and be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter!), each Friday I share a recap of my day-to-day life. I love reading more "real-life" posts on other blogs as I think it is fun to peek into other people's lives and it is kind of fun to look back on these posts!

This past week has been a crazy one as it was the end of my spring break as well as getting back into the swing of classes! For spring break, my roommate Rachel and I went to my grandparents's house in Florida and also spent a few days at Disney- be on the lookout for recaps next week!

Last Friday started off with brunch at a restaurant near my grandparents's house. I had Cinnamon Roll pancakes, which were absolutely incredible!

We then went back to my grandparents's house for a bit before spending the afternoon at the beach. We had dinner at the beach as well and were able to see the prettiest sunset!

Saturday was our last full day in Florida so we slept in and hung out for a bit before getting ready for the day! We packed up our things and had a pretty chill day to round out our spring break!

On Sunday morning, it was back to Clemson as spring break was sadly over! The six hour drive turned into eight with traffic and the the world longest's wait at Wendy's for lunch, which is always a fun time. Once we got back, Rachel and I unpacked and then had dinner with two friends before going downtown for Insomnia cookies!

I didn't have class on Monday so it was a good way to get ahead before the week truly begins. I did a lot of philanthropy event planning and got ahead on some school work as well! Monday night, I had a meeting for my study abroad trip to Italy in May, which always makes me so excited to go!

Since I didn't really have any classes on Monday, Tuesday was my first "real" day getting back into the swing of things. My first class wound up getting canceled so I got to sleep a little longer and then my classes are pretty much as they are always are. The last few weeks of the semester will be crazy with school work but what else is new! After class, one of my friends and I grabbed dinner on campus and then wound up walking around our sorority hall trying to find our doppelgängers on the composites (for those of y'all who aren't familiar with greek life, we have our picture taken each year and there is a composite of all of the members on the wall for each year our sorority has been at Clemson!). I then walked into my room to find a few friends were hanging out in there so we caught up for a bit and then went to get ice cream in downtown Clemson!

On Wednesday, my art class had a field trip to the children's museum in Greenville, which is 45 minutes from Clemson. A group of my friends and I drove together and then enjoyed the museum a little too much for a group of college sophomores! We grabbed ice cream on our way back to campus and then went to go see one of my friend's dogs at her apartment.

Once I got back, my roommate and I grabbed dinner in downtown Clemson. We had a mixer for our sorority on Wednesday night so my friends and I hung out in my room beforehand and then went to the mixer for a bit.

Thursday was a bit out of my routine as two of my classes were canceled, which is always a fun surprise! I had one class then grabbed lunch then went to my last two classes of the day. After class, I grabbed dinner and then went to a meeting. My Thursday was pretty laid back as I showered and watched the new episode of Grey's while blogging for a bit.

Happy FriYAY!

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