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Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Tuesday y'all! If you're a long time reader of CiC, you know that at the start of each month I share my favorites with y'all (catch up on older editions here)! The last favorites post I shared with y'all was back in January for my 2018 Favorites post so let's just say this post is a bit overdue. I try to share some of my favorite products and items with y'all each month ranging from beauty to fashion to snacks to random other things that I have been loving!

Before formal this year (which you can read about here), I wanted to buy some self tanner as I felt I looked pretty pale in all of my freshman year formal pictures. I decided to buy the St. Tropez and love how easy it is to use! Just rub it on using the mitt, wait for it to dry, wait a few hours, and then shower it off. I was worried it would be orangey but it is a color that looks natural on your skin- just tanner!

Last semester, I definitely noticed the effects of too much screen time on my eyes! They felt pretty strained and my eyes would twitch. Blue light glasses had been a topic of conversation amongst my friends and I had a J. Crew reward so I purchased a pair from J. Crew Factory! I absolutely love them as I feel like they diffuse the blue light from my laptop and make it easier on my eyes. I use them whenever I'm on my laptop for an extended period of time (so like during class or studying in the lib).

Portable Charger (similar)
I'm not sure if my phone is dying faster or if I'm on it more but a portable charger came in handy while I was abroad! Mine holds about a full battery charge and a half for my phone, which was so nice to have on hand for long days where I didn't have access to a plug!

Apple AirPods
I received my AirPods as a present before going abroad and I absolutely love them! They're definitely a bit extra haha but the sound quality is so good and I find them a lot more comfortable than the Apple earbuds. I was curious about how long the battery lasts and it honestly lasts such a long time- I had them on a good chunk of the flight to and from Italy and the battery was fine!

I am not the best at editing pictures but wanted to step up my game for my Italy pictures on my personal instagram. VSCO X gives you so many more filters to use and has helped me achieve a more cohesive look on my feed!

My New Car
My little sister turned 16 while I was in Italy and will be taking my old car so I recently got a new car! It is a newer version of my old car (a Ford Edge) and I love it so much!

Essie "Ballet Slippers"
I can never resist a trip down the nail polish aisle while in Target so this was a recent addition to my collection! I've been meaning to pick up a new light pink color as my other one is getting old and I love how chic Ballet Slippers is!

Leather Tote
I had been eyeing the Madewell Transport Tote for a while and when I was in Florence at the Leather Market, I spotted a similar tote that I negotiated down to only 20 euros! I used it all the time when I was abroad to hold all the essentials and it seriously fits everything I need for the day. I know it will come in handy for holding the essentials while nannying as well as running around campus in the fall. Unfortunately, I don't have a link to my exact tote but below are a few similar options

What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I just bought AirPods in May and I love them! I just shared my beauty favorites over at my blog last week!


  2. Airpods and my blue light glasses are also my current favorites! Such great purchases!!
    - Amanda

  3. I love my blue light blocking glasses! They've actually helped my eyes out a ton. That bag is adorable!

  4. I need to get air pods in my life I was wearing my boyfriends and I wanted to keep them.

  5. A leather tote is totally an essential in my book, it's great you found yours for such a steal! Congratulations on your new car too, so exciting!

  6. I really need to get a pair of blue light glasses - I spend too much time at my computer to not have a pair!

  7. Great roundup! Congrats on your new car, that's exciting!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. Essie 'ballet slippers' is like my go-to nail color! I've gone through like 3 or 4 bottles lol.


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