2018 Favorites

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It's been a while since my last monthly favorites post (oops) so to wrap up 2018, I wanted to share some of my favorite items of the year. I think these type of blog posts are a super fun way to be introduced to new products to try out and y'all really love them as well as I received a few requests to share more favorites posts!

Barbour Jacket- This was a Christmas present jacket last year and I have seriously gotten so much use out of it! I wear it practically every day in the fall and winter months- I'll wear it to class with leggings and a t-shirt but it looks so cute "dressed up" with jeans or a skirt with a sweater! It is a bit pricier but is one of those pieces that will never go out of style!

Spotify Premium (image via)- How I survived so long without Spotify Premium, I have no idea. I decided to get it before flying down to Florida for Easter last year so I could listen to music on the flight and it has been so worth it. Listening to adds seems like such a small thing but it is so nice to skip songs while listening on my phone and take advantage of the extra features! I spend a lot of time in the car during the summer driving to and from my nannying job so it has definitely come in handy. I also have the student account so I get Hulu too!

AG Jeans- These were a bit of a splurge (I got them on sale too) but they are seriously the comfiest jeans that I have ever put on my body. They fit perfectly and are super flattering. I honestly never want to wear another pair of jeans haha so they are definitely worth the investment.

Keurig- My roommate last year brought the Keurig for my freshman dorm (which you can see in this blog post) and the family I nanny for sweetly gave me one as they had an extra. It's the industrial version so it holds a lot more water, which is convenient as you don't have to fill it up as often! I absolutely love having a Keurig as who doesn't want a nice warm cup coffee at the press of a button?

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short II- I've had these Lulu shorts since the summer before freshman year but I seriously wear them all. the. time. during the spring and summer months. They are so dang comfortable and perfect with an oversized t-shirt (#basic) or a workout tank. Clemson is super casual in terms of what people wear to class so I live in these when it's warm out!

David Yurman Bracelet- I've had my eye on this bracelet for a while and saved up over the summer to splurge on it. I wear it practically everyday and love how versatile it is! I'm currently wearing it as I type this and I know this will be a go-to jewelry piece of mine for years to come!

Amazon Echo Dot- My family has the larger Amazon Echo at home and we absolutely love it. My dad received the Echo Dot that I use at a work event and since we already have one at home, I brought it to use in my dorm room in Clemson. I use it everyday for my alarm to wake up, to listen to music in my room (my friends seriously walk into my room and say "Alexa, play *insert whatever song here*"), or for timers. I'll be sharing a review of the Echo Dot that is a bit more thorough in a few weeks so be on the lookout for that!

Gluten Free Pretzels (image via)- This is admittedly a random item to love but here we are haha! I am not gluten free or Celiac but I just really love these pretzels. This probably sounds weird but the texture is way better than that of regular pretzels so I definitely recommend adding these to your cart during your next Target run!

Sheila Fajl Hoops- These earrings, referred to as Sheilas, are super popular at Clemson and when I saw they were cheaper on Amazon during Prime Day, I decided to try them out for myself! For a pair of hoops they are super lightweight and I love how they dress up any outfit- I'll wear them to class if I want to feel a little more put together than usual!

OTBT Bushnell Wedges- Another item I was introduced to at Clemson. These wedges are super popular and they're also amazingly comfortable. I didn't believe that they were comfortable until I bought a pair of my own (because like who actually believes wedges are comfy?) but I am not kidding in saying they are comfortable as I literally wore them for 12 hours straight during recruitment and my feet didn't even hurt. I also love that they look cute with a dress or with jeans and a top!

What were your 2018 Favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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