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Monday, October 21, 2019

Happy Monday y'all! It has been a hot minute since my last blog post so I figured there is no better way to get back on track than with a new My Chic Week post! I have had this post in my drafts for quite a while so grab a coffee (it's Monday, you need it) and let's catch up!

Let's back up to 3 Fridays ago, October 4. I only have one class on Fridays, which isn't too bad honestly. I then had a pretty chill afternoon at home and attempted to get some homework done. Some of my friends came over to watch Gossip Girl and hang out, which was so fun.

It finally cooled down that Saturday and was an overcast day, making it perfect for sleeping in and having a lazy morning. I went and picked my sorority little, Nora, up at her apartment then we went to Michael's and Chick-fil-a. I had a blank spot on my wall in between my kitchen and my living room and wanted to fill it in with an abstract canvas. Since I couldn't find anything that was perfect, I decided to have a little crafternoon, which was so much fun!

Once we finished, I dropped Nora back off before watching Gossip Girl and going to bed early!

I have been so productive on Sundays lately and this one was no exception. I did homework, cleaned, went to the grocery store, and then made some pumpkin bread!

On Monday, I had my two classes and then afterwards, I went to the library to study for an exam I had the next day. I wound up running into my friend Olivia, which was fun as we were able to study together for a bit. I then went to the gym before going home to shower and eat dinner.

I made pesto chicken for dinner (using this recipe) and decided I need to tweak it a little!

Tuesday was another busy day of classes and after class, I went to the gym (pretty sure lol) and then worked on a group assignment with some of my education friends.

On Wednesday, I had my two classes then came home to change into teacher clothes. For my physical education class, we have to go observe in an after school program so I did that with some of my education friends to get our assignment done!

I usually have three classes on Thursdays but my afternoon one was canceled so I got to go home at 12:15 instead of 3:15! After class on Thursday, Rachel and I drove to Anderson as she needed to get her tire fixed. We had Panera for dinner and then drove back to Clemson.

Friday morning was pretty typical as I had my math class. Rachel wasn't able to get her tire fixed the day before so after my class, we went back to actually get it fixed. We decided to take advantage of the afternoon and run a few errands while we were in the area.

Our friend Madison came over to cook dinner, which was a lot of fun, and then a few other friends came over to hang out that night!

Our Fall Break was two weekend ago but we had a home football game so I stayed for the game and went home on Sunday. I slept in before trying on multiple outfits and getting ready! Our friend Madison is the absolute best and came and picked us up. We then hung out at her house for a bit before tailgating and going into the game. Clemson beat FSU, which always makes for a good Saturday. After the game, we wound up going to McAlister's for a late dinner and then stayed up far too late watching TikToks lol.

My Game Day OOTD- Dress: SheIn (borrowed from Rachel) Flatforms: Nordstrom Earrings- Sheila Fajl Necklace: Kendra Scott Apple Watch Bracelet: David Yurman Purse: Tory Burch (similar) Sunglasses: Tory Burch (similar)

Rachel and I left Clemson at the same time that Sunday and got Panera for breakfast before going home from break. My drive was fairly easy and I was home by lunchtime. I had a chill afternoon at home and then went to meet one of my best friends from high school, Meredith, for coffee. Our fall breaks just so happened to overlap and I was so glad we were able to catch up as it had been a hot minute!

I then went home to have dinner with my family and celebrate my younger brother's birthday (which was that Tuesday). Even though I have a kitchen in my apartment, there is nothing like a home-cooked meal!

On Monday, I slept in before walking my dog and then going to a Pure Barre class. The class was so good and it was fun to be back in the studio, even if it was for only one class. I then met my parents for a lunch at one of our favorite spots nearby.

That afternoon, I was able to pick up the two little boys I nanny up from school, which was so much fun! I'm so glad I was able to spend some time with them.

On Tuesday, I slept in a bit and then went to the mall! I needed to get another knob from Anthropologie in case I buy another side table for my bedroom next year and couldn't help but look around! I wound up trying a few things on and couldn't leave without a new candle!

left: dress
right: sweaterjeans, sandals

I then went to my eyebrow threading appointment and had lunch at home. I got my things together to bring back to Clemson and then took Kona for another walk!

I got my hair cut on Tuesday (I actually cut a good bit off) and then had dinner with my family before  heading back to Clemson!

On Wednesday, it was time to get back into the swing of things after fall break, which definitely wasn't the funnest time as I had quite a bit of homework to catch up on. Rachel and I went to Publix and had fajitas for dinner, which were so yummy, then I was back to working on a paper for my math class!

On Thursday, I had my two morning classes then had lunch on campus with one of my friends. We then grabbed Starbucks and went to our 2 PM class. After class, I came home to do homework for a bit before going to a meeting. After my meeting, I met a few friends at Esso for Chicken Tender Night. On Thursdays, they run a special where you can get 50 cent chicken tenders and while we don't go every week, it's always so fun when we do!

Happy Monday!


  1. What a fun few weeks! I miss fall breaks and having free time for cancelled classes ;) This post makes me miss college a bit haha!

    xoxo A

  2. What a fun way to recap your week! Love it!

    xo, Gigi

  3. I've been wanting to craft again (and I need to have more productive weekends, haha). I've never tried Pure Barre but I've heard good things!

    Your dog is adorable! <3


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