My Chic Week: October 18-24

Friday, October 25, 2019

Happy Friday friends! Who else is excited for the weekend? I'm excited to have a home football game (even if it will be a rainy one) and to see my parents as they're coming into town for the game. As always, I'll be sharing what I'm up to in next week's MCW post but for now, let's catch up on the past week!

On Friday, I went to class and then came back to eat lunch. I had a bunch of laundry to do and tried to get some homework done. Since we were having friends over the next day, I made some Oreo balls (so easy and so good!) as well as prepped mini hot dogs!

My friends and I all went to Smokin Pig for dinner on Friday night. It's the yummiest barbecue restaurant right outside of Clemson and it was so good (as always). As we walked outside, we saw the prettiest sunset so we all stood there for a solid 10 minutes taking pictures.

My little, Nora, wound up coming over to hang out after dinner, which was so fun as I got her hooked on watching One Tree Hill (one of my favs!).

Clemson had an away game last weekend (at Louisville) so we decided to host our friends for a brunch and watch the game together on Saturday. I was able to sleep in before doing some last minute prep. Our friends brought a few dishes and we made pumpkin pancakes and waffles. It was such a fun day to have everyone together for the game!

After the game, we hung out for a while and then I had a chill night. I made a quick dinner, showered, then Rachel and I watched After on Netflix (which we both liked), before going to bed somewhat early.

I had no plans on Sunday, which was so nice as I was able to catch up on homework, cleaning, and blog work. I honestly love productive days and being able to get a ton done. Since we won our football game the day before, Papa Johns had half off pizza so Rachel and I picked that up for dinner and eating that and watching Zoey 101 was a great way to end the weekend!

Monday was back to classes and I had both of my M/W/F classes. Let's just say after a short week last week, I was thinking it was Wednesday all day, which was not fun! After class, I went to the gym and then showered before doing homework.

One of my friends turned 21 on Monday so a group of us went to a Mexican restaurant off campus to celebrate! It was so fun seeing everyone and eating way too many chips haha. After dinner, I swung by my house to grab my backpack before going to one of my friend's house to study for a test, we had later in the week!

On Tuesday, I had my first class of the day and then a long break as my second class canceled. I wound up staying on campus since I still had my 2 PM class so I hung out on campus for quite a while. I had my academic advising meeting before 2 PM class then met Rachel at Starbucks to do homework for a bit before going to a cycling class. I then went home to eat, shower, and do some studying!

Wednesday was not anything too exciting, just a lot of studying! I stayed on campus longer than usual after class to study with friends, studying by myself at home for a while, then went to study with friends for a bit!

Thursday was such a busy day but in a good way! My day started off with an exam in my PE methods class, which isn't really fun but it didn't take the whole class period so I was able to grab coffee so that was better than nothing. I then went to my next class of the day after hanging out in Starbucks for a bit.

I am the undergraduate student advisory board for the College of Education and we hosted a panel for high school seniors during my break, which was so much fun! They asked some great questions and I am always so happy to brag about my college.

After that ended, I had about an hour before my next class so I got a few things done in the education library before my last class of the day. I had my class then went to the gym before going home to have a relaxed night after a busy week!

Happy Friday!


  1. This sounds like such a great week! Those Oreo balls look amazing! Do you have a favorite recipe? Productive Sundays are my absolute favorite. I usually use my Sundays to catch up on blogging, do school work, and do adulting things like go grocery shopping.

  2. It sounds like you had a great week! I also love productive Sundays! Celebrating your friend's 21st birthday sounds like so much fun and your cycling class sounds like fun!


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