J. Crew Warehouse Sale Recap + Tips

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As mentioned in last week's My Chic Week (read it here), I went to the J. Crew Warehouse Sale in Charlotte two Saturdays ago. Typically the J. Crew Warehouse Sales are in Asheville, North Carolina but when I found out they were having one here in Charlotte, I was so excited. It started on a Thursday and since I had school, I went on the last day of the sale.

The sale was set to start at 10 AM, so my mom and I arrived at 9:30 just in case there was a line. Surprisingly, there was no line and the sale actually started, so we walked right in and started shopping.

There is an overwhelming amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories once you walk in. Like probably 20 sets of 4 large folding tables full of boxes and boxes of assorted clothes. Not to mention several hanging rods of bridesmaids dresses, dresses, and blazers. The back section of the warehouse had probably 10 folding tables full of shoes also.

Unfortunately, all of the clothes were mixed up so it was hard to tell what sections of the room were pants, tops, skirts, dresses, etc. or what size since they were mixed into all of the boxes. Although, after digging through boxes, you are able to find some pretty great deals! After two hours of sorting through boxes to find what we wanted, my mom and I were able to find a ton of clothes for around $200, which is practically unheard of when shopping at J. Crew normally.

I would definitely say our biggest hits were casual tops, shoes, and then pants. I hoped to find a few casual dresses to wear to school but they were a lot of bridesmaids dresses (I did find one dress though, don't worry!) and I didn't see any of the ever-popular puffer vest!

The price list, if y'all are interested!

Holding my mom and I's haul in front of the sign after shopping
My haul!

The verdict: Even though it was quite overwhelming (there was so many clothes), my mom and I found a ton of great deals! I will definitely go to a J. Crew Warehouse Sale again!

Now for some Tips for a Warehouse Sale if you ever find yourself at one:

Wear Tight Fitting Workout Clothes
The J. Crew Warehouse Sale didn't have any fitting rooms so if you wanted to try it on, you had to try it on over your clothes. Wear tighter workout clothes (see what I'm wearing above!) so you can easily slip items on and off! I also recommend wearing flip flops so it is easier to try things on!

Check for Quality
Some of the items in the sale had holes, missing buttons, or stains on them. Be sure to double check your items to make sure the quality is the best possible. Also, when looking at the jewelry, be sure to check that it doesn't have any pieces

Don't Buy it Just Because It's on Sale
If you don't love it, don't buy it! If it doesn't fit you properly, don't buy it (I definitely needed this advice once finding a pair of chinos I loved but sadly didn't fit properly)!

Try it On
Think you know your size in something? Just quickly slip it on and be sure! Also, sometimes clothes look different on so be sure to try it on before buying it!

Be Civil (aka don't fight with someone over a pair of $8 chino shorts)
Luckily, I didn't witness any fights during the sale but try to be nice to the other people around you. Don't take anything out of other people's hands and say excuse me when it's crowded. There is no need to find yourself worked up over this and reminder, it is just clothes (not the end of the world!).

Have you ever been to a J. Crew Warehouse Sale? What are your tips? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Those are great tips! I always wear tight workout pants when shopping so I can easily slip things over them.

    1. Thanks Taylor! It was so helpful, especially for this sale since they didn't have any dressing rooms to try stuff on in!


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