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Thursday, September 3, 2015

One of the things that I have been trying to work on lately for the blog is posting more Instagrams. As school gets busier and busier, I find it harder to post pictures! I decided to pull together some of my recent Instagrams for y'all and show you where I found the items in the picture and a little bit of backstory for y'all! For even more Instagrams, follow me (my Instagram is @chicincarolina)!

 My life has been a lot of schoolwork lately! Thank goodness for cute school supplies!

 My outfit for my Faith Formation Training last weekend! So happy it is cooling down a little so I can wear tops with sleeves again!

Last Sunday, after lunch my sister and I went shopping and these are what I picked up! I found this top at Lululemon for $29 which I could not turn down! I also picked up this adorable nail polish color, which was much needed since I just got rid of a bunch of old and unused nail polish!

Another shot of my view lately: homework (#readyfortheweekend)

I shared this picture from yesterday's post which featured this adorable dress from eShakti!


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