How I Organize My Agenda

Monday, September 21, 2015

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with my agenda. I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda for three years now and love it! So helpful for keeping track of homework, meetings, test dates, social events, trips, etc. I did a similar post last spring but you know new year, new agenda so I thought it would be fun to give y'all an update on how I organize my agenda!

Here is the outside of my agenda! This year I have the Large Agenda in Pink Lemonade and I added a white monogram from a local boutique!

Another view of the exterior of my agenda! I use Ink Joy pens and love them! They come in so many colors and I bought a ton of them before the school year started at Staples!

The first pages of the agenda is a super cute description of what Resort 365 means and then a pocket with a picture of Palm Beach!

Here is the other side of the pocket and then the sticker page! I love the color the stickers add to the pages and I have also have a ton of academic stickers (currently unavailable, check eBay or your local Black Lion- that's where I got mine!)from last year!

Another bright and cheery, Palm Beach-themed page! I love how happy the agendas look, which is so helpful since I usually use my agenda for school so a bit of happy is needed!

A new addition to the Lilly agenda this book is the address book. I have found it super helpful for keeping track of addresses (I am showing a blank page for privacy reasons!) and emails!

Another new page this year is the travel pages. There is four of these and they have space for your itinerary, activities & excursions, and packing lists! I haven't used any of these pages yet but I am sure I will use them for spring break and summer vacations next year!

Each month has a page featuring the print of the month and a cute quote! I love this month's "I'd rather be at the beach" because it is so true!

Here is the monthly view! The biggest change from how I organize my agenda this year vs. last year is I'm color coding! I have a different color pen for each class then for social activities and then for everything else! 

A closer look of the monthly page! I use the to do list for long term projects and then I keep the code to my color coding on a Lilly post-it note that I got as part of a Gift with Purchase on National Wear Your Lilly Day when I visited the Kiawah store (read about that here!) 

Here is the view of the weekly pages, I only use pink and black pens here to keep it simple and I just record all of my homework and then non-academic activities are recorded in pink!

A more close up view of the weekly pages. I keep it pretty simple on these pages by writing all social events, meetings, appointments, days off, trips, and basically all non-homework and test related stuff in pink. I also write down all of my homework by using a line for each class!

How do you organize your agenda? Let me know in the comments!


  1. The color coding system will change everything, it really helps me stay organized! I do it the exact same way except I normally write social events in the large calendar and not in the weekly portion!

    Carley @

  2. Your agenda is so cute! I think that I need a Lilly agenda next year!


    1. Thanks Alyssa! I highly recommend them (they hold my life together!).


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