Gift Guide: Under $50

Saturday, December 19, 2015

For me, the worst part of Christmas shopping is sticking to a budget! I know especially when shopping for gifts for all of my friends, it is particularly hard to find things that are perfect for them but also don't break the bank!

A quick tip for gifts for friends is to set a firm budget to spend on each of their gifts. Whether it be $5 per person or $25 or more, be sure to stick to that! I always try to spend a similar amount of money on each of my friends so I don't buy one friend a $100 present and another a $1 present so it's evenly distributed! And trust me, you can find great gifts at any budget!

Anyways continuing on to the gift guide, I have gathered up quite a few gifts under $50 and most are under $30 that are perfect for your friends, mom, sisters, cousins, etc. and don't break the bank!


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