Midterm Exam Study Tips

Monday, December 14, 2015

The day is here: midterm exams! The week dreaded by every high school (and college) student. Exams can be incredibly daunting and you also want to quickly get through the week to get to Christmas Break (am I the only one who wishes to skip to Friday at 3 when Christmas Break begins?).

Anyways, exams stink. There's (unfortunately) no way around the fact but you can make them a bit more manageable and easier by strategically studying!

Find the Perfect Study Spot
Slightly self-explanatory but find someone nice and quiet that is comfy but not too comfy (aka don't study under your covers in bed or you may fall asleep). You want somewhere you can be the most productive as possible (so being surrounded by friends may be fun but also very distracting).

Start Early
Odds are you didn't find out about the exam the day before. Start the week before or even the weekend before to start reviewing material and working on study guides. Trust me, this helps to prevent the "My exam is in two hours and I know NOTHING" moments!

Get some Sleep
Try to get to sleep as early as possible! Your body needs the rest and will definitely thank you the next day!

Drink More Coffee
I typically try to only have coffee on mornings where I really need it (like when I wake up extra early or when I have a big test). Exams are definitely the time to drink more coffee for an extra jolt of energy. Please don't take this as me saying to drink 8 cups of coffee instead of sleeping the night before an exam but 1 cup isn't bad!

Use your time efficiently
I'm not a late night studier, I'd rather start when I get home at school and then finish at a decent hour. Use your schedule and block off sections of time to study (especially helpful when you need to study for two exams that are on the same day). Also be conscious of how much time you're spending on breaks. They are definitely helpful but make sure you are working longer than you are taking breaks!

Use Quizlet
Quizlet is basically my best friend during exam week (along with coffee!). So so so helpful! I definitely do not think I could have made it is this far in high school without it! Hear me talk all about Quizlet in this post!

Eat Well
Take care of your self during exam week! Make sure to eat enough and to focus on healthy foods to keep you full and focused during test times!

How do you study for Exams? Let me know in the comments!

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