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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

While in New York the other day, I decided that I really needed to do another "behind my instagram" post. These posts were really popular a few years ago but I still occasionally see a feed in my Bloglovin' feed (be sure to follow me here!).

A bit of blogger secret for y'all is that your favorite blogger's Instagram feed isn't as effortless as it may appear. A ton of work goes into Instagram and even more goes into it if you have an established "theme". I can never establish a theme on my Instagram and it's still a ton of work.

So today, I will be sharing some of my latest Instagrams with y'all, what it appears to be happening in the pictures as well as what actually went on behind it. While we're at it, be sure that you're following along on Instagram to stay in the loop for all of my latest pictures and stories!

What it looks like: A cute OOTD post at the airport
What actually happened: I beg my brother to take this photo and he takes several, they all turn out bad. My mom takes the phone and takes this one. Notice the natural hair and no makeup look too!

What it looks like: At my local Trader Joes and they had peonies so I had to take a picture
What actually happened: My local grocery stores never have peonies so I had to buy some when I was at Trader Joe's. And being a blogger, I had to stand in front of the display and get a picture of all of the flowers and my shoes!

What it looks like: A quick look of what's in the passenger seat of my car
What actually happened: I took the boy I nanny to get donuts and I had to get some for my family to try as Duck Donuts are amazing. I attempted to take a cute picture for Instagram in the store showing y'all the donuts but the tabletops there are black so the picture was very harsh. So instead, I sat in my driveway to take this and wound up with some weird lighting

What it looks like: Sunday Funday with ice cream
What actually happened: I have multiple ice cream pictures from this outing and I literally stuck the napkin for my ice cream in my mouth for one of the pictures where I just held out my ice cream. Do it for the gram am I right?

What it looks like: A quick OOTD before heading out for dinner
What actually happened: There's approximately 30 other tries of this picture in my camera roll in two different location. And this pictures wasn't exactly quick either (to my brother's dismay!)

What it looks like: All I do on vacation is eat ice cream and wear sandals
What actually happened: Well that's true but I wanted an Instagram of my ice cream but wasn't wearing a cute outfit so a picture of my shoes it was

What it looks like: A picturesque night of cooking s'mores in my Lilly popover
What actually happened: I quickly take this picture to find my marshmallow charred and that the lighting's bad

What it looks like: Touring the Ben & Jerry's Factory and got a waffle cone! Love the hints of my arm candy and my nail polish
What actually happened: We're eating this ice cream in the lobby of the Factory since it's pouring out and I stick my hand with my cone in front of this wall and force my mom to move over

What it looks like: I'm at a coffee shop being productive and organized!
What actually happened: It's August 2 and I needed to start the Common App meaning I started the stress of college applications haha

What it looks like: A road trip back to the South requires a stop at Chick-fil-a right? Look at my cup of lemonade with my purse!
What actually happened: I was waiting for my food on my trip home from NY so I whipped out my phone to take this picture. First I tried to selfie it, which failed. Then, I hung my bag on the corner of the cabinet with the trash can in it and took this picture. A second later I awkwardly had to move for someone who wanted to throw away his trash. Safe to say that I embarrassed my siblings 

What "crazy" things have you done for the sake of your feed? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is too funny! The things we do for Instagram! My sisters give me the weirdest looks when I take pictures like this, but really they're the best photographers I have -- despite the teasing I get from them!

    xoxo Taylor | Positively Taylor

    1. Haha glad you like it! I experience the same thing!

  2. Loved this post! Siblings are the best, my sister makes the funniest comments and faces when I get her to take my Instagram. It's worth it for a cute feed!

    Ashley //

    1. Thanks Ashley! My sister refuses to be the photographer anymore, my brother only does it now haha!

  3. OBSESSED with this post! I love the behind the scenes, it makes me feel more human and reminds me that even my fave bloggers also force their brothers to take pictures for them and make their life seem more glam than it really is haha
    paige // eyeliner wings & pretty things

  4. It's so true! Usually the pictures I post of my dogs on Instagram are in the moment snaps but the other photos take a lot of work!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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