My Chic Week: August 19-25

Saturday, August 27, 2016

What a week y'all...I got back from the beach Monday afternoon (which I'll talk about very shortly), had one last day at home, and then jumped right back into school on Wednesday. Senior year has been off to a very busy start to say the least (thus why this post is going up later than usual) but so far so good!

If y'all follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent last weekend in Bald Head Island, which is near Wilmington, North Carolina. The family I nanny for spent the whole week at the beach and they asked me to come for the weekend and help them out. So on Friday morning, I drove out to the island (my longest solo drive so far). Bald Head Island actually doesn't have any cars on it (except for construction vehicles and emergency vehicles I think) and golf carts are the main mode of transportation so you have to take the ferry over.

After my ferry arrived on the island, the family I work for picked me up and we headed out to the pool at one of the country clubs on the island. After spending a few hours at the pool, we went back to the house and ordered some pizza!

On Saturday, we went to the beach in the morning and early afternoon, which is always a good thing in my book.

After spending some time at the beach, we went to go climb the lighthouse on the island, Old Baldly. It's actually the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina and had incredible views from the top, which was so fun to see!

We grabbed ice cream after climbing the lighthouse and then had dinner at the house. The little boy I nanny really wanted to go see the sunset so we went back to the beach after dinner. The sunset was incredible and the beach in Bald Head is so gorgeous.

On Sunday, we went to the conservancy on the island where we saw some turtles and then went to the little market. Right next to the market (which is the island's grocery store) is an adorable store called Bald Head Blues, where I got this adorable t-shirt that is super comfortable!

We then grabbed lunch at the casual pool restaurant at the club and then had another pool afternoon.

Monday morning, I woke up somewhat early to get ready for the day as well as to pack up the rest of my stuff. I helped the family I nanny for pack everything up and then also got in line for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. I got into the sale right as we were leaving the house and was able to finish my order before we got on the ferry, which I was so excited about.

We took the ferry from the island back to the main land and then we picked up our luggage. Then I was off to drive back home! The drive is about 4 and a half hours so I got home around 2ish. I then spent the afternoon unpacking, blogging, and getting some stuff for school done.

Tuesday was my last day of summer and I started the day off by going to a Pure Barre class. Afterwards, I ran home and got ready to go to the mall with a friend. I actually first stopped at the Verizon store to see if they could fix my cracked phone (the glass protector I have on top of the actual screen cracked because I dropped it...oops!) but unfortunately, I have to wait to receive the new protector in the mail.

After that, it was off to the mall to shop the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale and to get some essentials for back to school. I have never shopped the Lilly sale in stores before but really enjoyed it as you can try the items on and they are returnable as well. I shopped the second day so there wasn't as much inventory but there was still a lot of amazing pieces available! I wound up buying the Essie dress in Barefoot Princess, a phone case that was on sale, as well as this dress from the fall line!

After Lilly, we went into J. Crew as I wanted to try on the pixi pants since I can wear those to school. The pixi pants looked awful on me so I'm still on the hunt for a pair of navy pants that aren't jeans! If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments, tweet me, or email me at! Even though the pixi pants didn't work, I was still able to find a few pieces that I loved: this top, this dress (can't wait to wear it with riding boots this fall), and these chino shorts.

We stopped in Nordstrom as I needed a new pair of Jacks as my white pair broke while I was in New York. I also tried on my dream coat by Burberry and I need it, although the price is super steep haha. I've literally have loved it since freshmen year and think I may have to ask for it for Christmas because it's gorgeous!

Can't decide if I love the jacket in navy or red more! Don't  you  also love this outfit of a summer dress (styled here) with a quilted jacket) ;)
We stopped in a few more stores and then I was off to go nanny for the afternoon. After nannying, I had some items on my to-do list to accomplish and then it was time to get some sleep before the first day!

Wednesday was my first day of school and it was crazy to say the least. We met in our advisories, went to all of our classes (each class was 15 minutes), had lunch, and then had some games and activities. It was definitely go, go, go all day! Senior year didn't wait to start as I already had some homework to do that night and I nannied as well.

Thursday was my busiest day all week and started off pretty early as I went to a 6 AM Pure Barre class. I started going to barre this summer (read my first class experience post here) but because of school and work schedule, the 6 AM is the one class time that works for me most days. Although the wake up time was tough, it was a great way to start my day!

The mess homework creates in my room haha!
After Pure Barre, I drove home, quickly got dressed and ready for the day, ate breakfast, and then drove to school. Thursday was my first full day of classes as we had short classes on Wednesday and I had a meeting during lunch as well. I nannied that afternoon and was up pretty late working on homework and studying, nothing too exciting!

On my Radar this Week:

1. First week of senior year- as I mentioned before, I started my senior year on Wednesday and it's already been crazy! I have a lot going on in the organizations I'm involved in, I submitted my first application the other day, and my classes are pretty crazy already!

2. Town & Country posted this article on their Twitter the other day and if you're Type A like me, you'll love it!

3. This outfit from Annaliese is so cute and is actually shot at one of my favorite restaurants here in Charlotte (noticed it in the background of her pictures haha)

4. I've been trying to post a lot of Instagram Stories for y'all, so be sure to follow me so you can see them! While I was at the beach, I also hit 1,000 followers on Instagram so thanks y'all so much for that! It's crazy to think how much my blog has grown since March 2015!

5. Kate is one of my favorite bloggers and posted another edition of her coffee talks posts this week. She always concludes her coffee talk posts with a little reflection which is often faith based and her reflection was definitely what I needed to read this week!

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Happy Saturday y'all!


  1. I'm glad your senior year got off to a good (albeit busy) start; kudos to you for waking up early to go to Pure Barre before school! That article about Type A-esque photos is so great, too! Happy weekend!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. Looks like such a fun trip!! Savor every moment of your senior year!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I love all the Lilly dresses! Enjoy your senior year!
    xo, Kelsey


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