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Thursday, August 11, 2016

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the Lilly Pulitzer Sale is just around the corner. If the sale is the same date as it has been in previous years, it should be this Monday! That's right, this Monday y'all! If that put you into a bit of excitement like it did for me, I have the perfect post for you ;)

I've shared my tips for the sale a few times already so I thought I would share a fit guide of all the items that I have been loving this season. The end of summer sale usually includes the last part of the resort line, all of spring, and the first half of the summer line. All of these items fit into that time frame so hopefully they'll be included in the sale!

As many of y'all probably know, I live in Charlotte, North Carolina where we have a Lilly Pulitzer store in Southpark Mall. I've shopped at Southpark at lot more than I have in the past this year since I now work as a nanny right by the mall, which means I have more dressing room selfies from Lilly visits. Just as an fyi but I did not buy all of these items but some of them I do own and the rest I hope to buy in the sale or own a similar item!

For reference, I am typically a size 4 but occasionally I'm a size 2. In stores, I'll grab a size 4/size small first and then size down to a size 2/XS if needed.

Item Name: Wright Dress in Sea Blue Via Sunny Engineered
Size Worn: XS
Fit Review: Runs big but so so flattering! Definitely size down one size. One of my favorite Lilly pieces this spring/summer!

Item Name: Marlowe Dress in Koala of the Wild (left) and Trunk in Love (right)
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: True to size (TTS). The Marlowe is a Lilly classic that every Lilly girl needs in her closet. Plus they can be worn year round!

Item Name: Lana Cap Sleeve Dress
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. Very classic and flattering

Item Name: Bailey Top in Poolside Blue
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: On the larger side. This is the sleeveless version of an Elsa Top so I would order the same size you order in Elsas in this top!

Item Name: Lenore Skirt in Poolside BlueBeach Walk
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS but is definitely on the shorter side

Item Name: Reagan Dress in Happiness Is (styled here)
Size Worn: 2
Fit Review: TTS. I bought the 2 as they didn't have the 4 in store but it fit perfectly!

Item Name: Loren Dress in Breakwater Blue Tini Bikini (left) and Flamenco (right)
Size Worn: S (left), XS (right)....pretty sure!
Fit Review: TTS. Super flattering and these pictures show the difference between a small and extra-small... I think because I can't remember what size I tried on!

Item Name: Sophie Dress in Poolside Blue Love Birds
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS and super flattering

Item Name: Pearl Shift in Poolside Blue Love Birds
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS but not a fan of the neckline

Item Name: Iona Top in Hibiscus Stroll Engineered
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. Stick with your usual size for a slightly loose fit but size down if you want it a bit more fitted!

Item Name: Buttercup Shorts in Mango Salsa
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. Definitely stick to your normal shorts size!

Item Name: Cathy Shift in Southern Charm (styled here)
Size Worn: 2
Fit Review: Runs very big! I'm typically a 4 and I probably could have gone with a 0 (and I'm never a 0). Definitely a gorgeous shift though, one of my favorites this year!

Item Name: Pansy Lace Skort in Wave Runner (styled here)
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. Runs a bit longer than most skorts which is really nice!

Item Name: Largo Shift in Resort White Seahorse Lace
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. So flattering on!

Item Name: Captain Popover in La Via Loca
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. It does have a bit of extra room but it's a popover so it's don't really supposed to be tight. If you like tighter popovers, size down!

Item Name: Colette Scallop Hem Skort
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. Fits perfectly!

Item Name: Coral Top in Pool House Pool
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. This top is a bit bigger but I would definitely stick to the S.

Item Name: Luxletic Simone Skort in Lover's Coral (styled here)
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. Plus it runs a bit longer and has built in shorts!

Item Name: Rachelle Dress in Navy (left) and Pink Sun Ray (right)
Size Worn: XS
Fit Review: Runs loose in the bottom but the top is super tight. Like it's hard to get off tight. For me, if I sized up, the top would fit but the bottom would be huge!

Item Name: Melle Dress in Southern Charm (top) and You Gotta Regatta
Size Worn: XS
Fit Review: TTS but I'm not a fan of the fit on the Melle Dress. The prints are super pretty but the fit doesn't really blow me away as it doesn't really do anything for me!

Item Name: Harper Embellished T-Shirt Dress in Pool Blue Any Fins Possible
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. Super flattering and is longer than the similar Brewster dress (which I styled here)!

Item Name: Essie Dress in Navy and Fansea
Size Worn: XS
Fit Review: Runs big although there's no much of a difference between the S and XS even when it comes to length. I liked the XS better. I may be wearing an S in the navy but I don't remember!

Item Name: Marble Top (styled here)
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS. It is loose but super flattering on. A favorite of mine this season!

Item Name: Kelly Pants in In the Deep
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: On the smaller size. I bought my usual size but it is a bit tighter. Size up if you want a looser fit!

Item Name: Alina Pants in Fronds Place (styled here)
Size Worn: 2
Fit Review: Runs big, size down. These pants are the best, they're a palazzo pant esque fabric, making them super flattering!

Item Name: Mila Shift in Trunk in Love
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS but the Mila Shift does run a bit tighter and shorter than other shift dress styles!

Item Name: Carmel Dress in Pool Blue Pink Lemonade (styled here)
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: A bit big. I took my usual size since I wanted it to be flowy but kinda wish I got an XS!

Item Name: Clara Dress in Kir Royal Pink Just a Splash
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: I was not a fan of this dress. I saw it on another fashion blogger on Instagram and decided to try it on. It's silk but is super baggy and has a "shark bite" detail at the bottom which I wasn't a huge fan of!

Item Name: Ryder Shift in Pink Pout PBJ
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. The same style as the shift in Lover's Coral and they fit the same way!

Item Name: Ryder Shift in Lover's Coral
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. Such a pretty shift!

Item Name: Selina Halter Top & Skirt Set in Pink Sun Ray Summer Siren
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: Skirt TTS, Top a bit small. After seeing Lilly crop top sets on my Instagram (follow me here) all summer long, I decided to try one on and I surprisingly liked it! The top was a bit tight but other that it was super cute!

Item Name: Adie Short in You Gotta Regatta (styled here)
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS. I got the same size my Callahan shorts and Buttercup shorts are and the fit is the same if not a bit more flattering!

Item Name: Sasha Shift Dress in You Gotta Regatta
Size Worn: 4
Fit Review: TTS but a weird neckline. I love the print and the coral stripe but hated the neckline. It's more of a hater style (but connects in the back) with a really big "halter", which I don't really like and it doesn't flatter my figure.

Item Name: Mikela Top in Fansea (styled here)
Size Worn: XS
Fit Review: Runs a bit big. I sized down as the XS fit a bit better than the S but the S would have worked too! Super flattering!

Item Name: Beach Shorts in Kinis in the Keys
Size Worn: S
Fit Review: TTS but on the loose side. I love that these shorts are a bit looser since that makes them super comfy!

For tips for the sale, be sure to check out this post, this post, and this post!

What items are you hoping to snag in the sale? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love this post! I'm very excited for the sale, but I have a long list of things I want but haven't tried on, so this was very helpful to read.

    XO, Brooke

  2. This was so helpful!! I've never gone in store to try on Lilly items (lol I need to though) so this reference is super helpful! Thanks for sharing girl!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  3. This was so helpful! I always go into the store during the sale since I just want to try everything on before I buy it. I love this post and you look great in all your clothes!

    Katie |

    1. I'm so glad it helped! I have yet to shop the sale in store but I really want to! Thanks Katie, you're too sweet!


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