My Chic Week: December 9-15

Monday, December 19, 2016

As I mentioned in last Wednesday's blog post, last week was so hectic for me school wise and unfortunately didn't leave a lot of time for blogging (I also didn't have the time to pre-schedule my posts as I typically do since I worked all day that Sunday). Thankfully, Christmas break starts on Wednesday and content posting will be a lot more frequent and consistent. To catch up on the posts from last week, I will have two posts going up every day this week- one at my usual 8 AM and then another at 3 PM! I also wanted to catch y'all up on the My Chic Week post that should of gone up last Friday so grab a cup of coffee and let's catch up!

Friday was a pretty exciting day since my little brother was confirmed. My family and I are Catholic and Confirmation is an important sacrament you receive in the 8th or 9th grade. I was his sponsor and it was so exciting to see this important moment in his faith life.

I was in charge of picking up the cake!

Confirmation ended fairly late on Friday night so I slept in on Saturday before going to a Pure Barre class. Afterwards, I ran a few errands with my mom and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing homework and working on both my family Christmas cards and cards for blogging friends.

Sunday morning started off with an 8 AM Pure Barre class, which was worth it even though it means waking up a little later than I would of liked. 

After Pure Barre, I came home to eat breakfast and then was off to nanny all day. Nannying was pretty relaxed as I studied for my Calculus test during nap time and then we went on a walk (well a small one as it was so cold).

The houses in Myers Park are gorgeous- definitely house goals!

After nannying, I had dinner at home with my family and then studied some more for Calculus!

Mondays are always a busy day for me- I guess the start of the week and jumping back into the flow of things after the weekend does that haha. I had my Calc test last period, which was fairly nerve racking, and I actually wound up staying a few minutes after school (along with the rest of my class) to finish it. I had my weekly Faith Formation class and then went to a barre class as well before starting homework.

Monday's #OOTD

Tuesday was another busy day with a test and then a project due. I also nannied after school.

Wednesday started off with a test in AP Psych, which is always fun (haha) and then a discussion in my Apologetics class. My afternoon was pretty normal with a practice test in Lang and then working on assignments in Journalism. After school, I pretty much rushed down to the little boy I nanny's school for his Christmas concert, which was so cute. I stayed for a bit after the concert and made it home a little bit earlier than usual.

Thursday was a little more exciting as my advisory (homeroom) had our White Elephant gift exchange and then made grilled cheeses during lunch, which was a lot of fun. My day was fairly normal with a quiz in my government class and then nannying after school.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. That's so special that you were your brother's sponsor. My aunt was mine. It sounds like a busy week but it is almost Christmas and I hope you have a relaxing break! Jess at Just Jess


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