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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Before we jump into today's post, I wanted to share a bit of a life update (or more of a where have I been) with y'all. As many of you know, I am currently a senior in high school so my weeknights tend to be very busy between my nannying job, college stuff, and homework. I typically pre-plan my posts for the week over the weekend so that when the day the post goes up, I can focus more on post promotion and have more time for school than writing and editing. These past few weeks have been a bit crazy and between studying for a Calc test that was on Monday and then nannying all day on Sunday, I only had time to work on Monday's post. Thankfully, I had a lighter homework load last night so I could finish up this post for y'all and Christmas Break kicks off in less than a week (Tuesday can't come fast enough haha) so Chic in Carolina will be back on a regular posting schedule very soon.

Anyways, today I am sharing a guide for someone to tends to be a bit difficult to shop for: the guys. Whether it's for your dad, brother, boyfriend, guy friends, relatives, etc., it can be a bit hard to find a gift that is meaningful and fun as I know girls can be so easy to shop for because worst comes to worse, I look for something I would enjoy receiving haha and you can't exactly do that for guys!

Shep Shirt- Pullovers are such a great gift as they are so practical during the winter months and also are comfortable! I love this quilted shep shirt for the guys!
Plaid Wallet- This wallet is so practical, making it a perfect gift. Apparently I am having awful luck, as the plaid version has already sold out but fortunately, it is available in both espresso and black versions (and it's under $10)

KJP Belt- For guys, I think belts are definitely something that can tie together an outfit (do guys refer to what they're wearing as outfits? lol). Anything from Kiel James Patrick is such a good option as they have such a fun inventory of classic, preppy items, such as this belt!

Ray Bans- Sunglasses are an essential for both guys and girls, making them a perfect Christmas gift. Ray Ban aviators are such a classic and most guys will love them!

Frat Collection Pocket Tee- Frat Collection tees are such a fun twist on a normal t-shirt and would make such a fun stocking stuffer or gift for a friend. Be sure to use my code, KATIEMASTRONE16, for an extra 10% off your order!

J. Crew Socks- Apparently, it has been a big "trend" for men (according to my dad and his office) to wear quirky, printed socks along with their regular clothes. A fun pair of socks would be a perfect stocking stuffer as they are fairly inexpensive as well. Unfortunately these specific socks have sold out since I put together this graphic over the weekend, but J. Crew still has a lot of fun socks for men available!

USA Hat- I realized that most of the items in this gift guide are red, white, and blue but gotta love an American theme (even if it's accidental). This hat is so fun and classic with a bit of a retro touch to it!

Bean Boots- Bean boots have been so popular over the past few years for both guys and girls and are fairly inexpensive for winter boots (the 8 inch pairs are just over $100). Here in the south, we don't get enough snow to justify getting "hard-core" snow boots so bean boots are the perfect solution for that and are also perfect for the rain, making them super practical!

What are your go-to gifts for guys? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love this gift guide! Especially the L.L. Bean boots :) I got them for my BF for christmas!!


  2. Bean boots make the perfect gift for anyone!

  3. You sound soooo busy!! Awesome job on doing everything you are - that takes a lot of hard work! I loooove this gift guide, too. the boots are so cute!

  4. Great picks!! I love the bean boots and sunglasses!

  5. These are such great picks, will definitely be considering these things for my boyfriend!

  6. Bean style boots are always a good gift! Love that style!

  7. Awesome picks picks babe, Such a great guide.

  8. These are great! I can never go wrong with getting my guy some new Raybans or a 1/4 zip pullover!

  9. I always struggle with gift ideas for the guys in my life-- great picks and ideas!

  10. My husband would love that jacket! Such a great gift guide for men!


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