100 Pure Barre Classes Later!

Monday, January 30, 2017

A few Sundays ago (January 22) was very exciting because it was my 100th Pure Barre class! As many of y'all probably know by me constantly mentioning Pure Barre in my My Chic Week posts, I've been taking classes since June (read about my experience after my first few classes here) and have been loving it ever since then.

Pure Barre has set up various milestones to reach in terms of classes (100, 250, 500, 750, and 1000) and it has been such a motivator for me to go to class knowing I was one class closer to my 100th. Since I've been taking classes for over six months now, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with y'all what I love about Pure Barre as well as the results of regularly attending class.

The Community
What I really love about my studio is how welcoming it is. Each teacher is so nice and encouraging and also takes the time to learn every client's name. I honestly did not know a single person when starting class but everyone at the studio is so friendly and welcoming. I have run into so many people I know at the studio and it seems everyone at the barre is willing to chat before class starts

The Class
Pure Barre is so fast paced yet you are constantly moving throughout the class. The class is definitely hard, no way around it. It keeps you on your toes every class as each section of the class is constantly being switched up so you never get bored. The music is always so fitting for each section (slower for abs, faster for thighs, etc.) and really motivates you to get through it

The Terminology
Pure Barre has its own "language" in that there is multiple terms that are used throughout the class such as tuck, up an inch/down an inch, high heels, seat, and more. It is honestly confusing for the first few classes but you definitely get the hang of it. One of the girls in my class told me when I first started that it takes 10-20 classes to get the swing of things and I remember thinking that was so many classes when I first started. Looking back on that, I totally agree and you definitely get the hang of what the teacher means after taking multiple classes.

The Results
I considered myself fairly in shape before I started Pure Barre. I played soccer since age 7 and just stopped the spring of my sophomore year. I knew there was room to improve in terms of athletics but I definitely wasn't out of shape. But since starting Pure Barre, I have become more in shape more than I have been like ever. My legs, arms, and even my abs have become more lean and defined. Pure Barre focuses on small movements and building long, lean muscles, which I have definitely seen so far and can't wait to see the continued results as I continue taking classes.

The Cost
Pure Barre is on the expensive (similar to other studio workouts) but offers multiple plans for payment. My studio has a discount for students, teachers, nurses, and veterans, which definitely helps as well. The unlimited class pack is initially expensive but the more you attend, the cheaper the cost per class becomes!

The Impact
After doing Pure Barre for around seven months, it has become such a big part of my routine. I try to attend three to five classes a week and I honestly look forward to each class. Especially since my schedule can be so crazy at times, I love having 55-60 minutes to myself and to just have a stress reliever. I always leave class in such a good mood (thanks to the endorphins haha) so class is definitely worth it.

Do you attend Pure Barre classes? Let me know in the comments!


  1. 100 classes is such an accomplishment! Congrats! I have taken a few pure barre classes and love barre3 classes here in Raleigh. Jess at Just Jess


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