My Chic Week: January 20-26

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Sunday y'all! So sorry the lack of posts last week- I was in a weird little funk and didn't blog. But I'm back and have a lot of fun content to share with y'all this week! To keep my My Chic Week posts up to date and to ensure Friday's post isn't a million miles long, I wanted to update y'all today even though I don't usually post on Sundays. One thing to note is that this post doesn't have a ton of pictures but Friday's MCW will have a lot more haha. Grab a cup of coffee and let's catch up!

Friday, I only had one exam so I was able to sleep in before heading in to take my Calc midterm. After exams ended, I dropped by brother off at home and then went out to lunch with one of my best friends. It was so fun catching up with her and decompressing for the stress of exam week. We sat in the restaurant and just talked for like two hours, which was so fun.

After lunch, I came home and hung out for a little bit. Since it was Friday, I decided it was the perfect time to go get frozen yogurt.

After nannying, I came home and relaxed with my family. We ate dinner and then just hung out.

Saturday was a really casual day, which was nice after exam week. I went to a barre class in the morning and then worked on a few things on the blog during the day. I went to Mass with my family and then babysat that night as well.

Sunday morning, I slept in and just hung out at home working on blog stuff during the day. I went to Pure Barre on Sunday, which was very exciting as it was my 100th class. I'll be sharing some more on that tomorrow but I am so excited to have hit that milestone in barre class.

After Pure Barre, I came home and my family and I had dinner with some family friends to eat and watch the Steelers game, which don't work out too well for the Steelers haha.

Monday was back to full days of school, which was a little hard after only being at school for a grand total of 8 hours during exam week. My school has a program where we have a topic for the week between first and second semesters so we spend the week learning about that and going to various talks (no classes!).

Monday was also the first night I had my Faith Formation class in over a month and after that ended, I went to a barre class and then came home and watched the Bachelor.

oxfordlilly scarfskirt ⎢fitbitflats (not pictured)

Tuesday and Wednesday were both fairly normal so nothing much to report on to y'all! On Tuesday, I wound up having the afternoon off of work so I went to a barre class and then on Wednesday, I nannied in the afternoon and packed for my senior retreat.

On Thursday, I went on my senior retreat with the rest of my grade. We did our retreat at a place about a hour away but closer to the mountains that had gorgeous views. It was nice to spend more time in prayer, reflect, and also connect more with my classmates. We weren't on our phones a lot so I don't have any pictures from that to share but my dad sent me a picture of my dogs at home that night that I thought was too cute not to share with y'all!

On my Radar this Week:

1. Friday was my blogger bestie Riley's 18th birthday! She has the cutest blog and is seriously such a great friend both inside and out of blogging. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter if you don't already!

2. J. Crew's new arrivals are so cute! Be sure to check out my "wishlist" board on Pinterest to see everything I have been loving!

3. Grace wrote a post about her blogging tricks and tips that every blogger, whether you just started or have been blogging for years, should definitely read!

4. Dorothy's Day Designer organization post has me thinking of investing in a Day Designer for college in the fall

5. Winter is definitely start to wear off on me and I've been dreaming of spring as seen through my "inspiration" Pinterest board

Happy Sunday!


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