Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips & Tricks

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two happy things going on right now: 1. It's Thursday, which means we have one more day till Friday and the weekend (thank goodness!) 2. The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts today at 8 AM!

Usually these sales take place on a Monday and I'm a little bummed that it's on a Thursday because I had Monday off and would of been able to shop from home (today it will be attempting to shop in my free period and my mom helping me out at home haha) but it's the Lilly sale so I can't be too upset! And y'all, it's such a good sale! My Lilly sale posts are always up there in my most popular so today I will be sharing my top 10 tips and tricks for getting amazing Lilly for low prices today!

1. Once you're in line, don't refresh
For the past couple of sales, Lilly has had a virtual line, which basically puts everyone who wants to shop the sale into a long line. This has helped the site to crash less often that it used but if you're towards the back of the line, it does show fairly long wait times (the highest is "over a hour). Constantly refreshing, however, puts you in the back of the line so that defeats your goal of getting in as quickly as possible.

2. Be patient
The line is a bit notorious for having a million people in it but have a little patience as it will not be too too long till you're "let in" and the results are so worth it.

3. Once you're in, shop fast yet productively
Once it's your turn to shop, make a bee line to whatever "area" of the sale is most important to you (dresses, scarves, luxletic, and elsa tops are always good places to shop) for the best selection of products. Inventory goes fairly fast so I would glance over each of the sections and choose your favorite items to put into your cart.

4. Only check out once
Once you check out, you're put in the back of the line so I recommend making only one order at first. This means when you're in the sale, move quickly yet thoroughly as it may be quite some time before you can enter the sale again.

5. Use multiple devices
Before the sale, I would download the app on whatever devices you have (phone or tablet) and insert your credit card information. Some years, the app "skips" the line and allows you to shop faster but last year, for instance, the app pretty much shut down, so it's hit or miss but definitely useful to try!

6. Make a list before the sale
I was anti-list until last year but choosing your favorite pieces before the sale begins is so helpful for trying to get all of your favorite pieces and also staying in budget. I look for the pieces on my list first and then work from there during the sale, so it comes in handy. One thing to keep in mind is that items on your list will sell out so don't stress too much over that.

7. Choose practical pieces that work for you
When deciding over what pieces to buy, think about what pieces work best for your lifestyle and also for the season. Since we are in the middle of winter, I will primarily focus on items that can be worn now (such as cashmere cardigans, winter dresses, printed pants, or Elsa tops) rather than more warm weather pieces (like shorts and tank tops) but if I love something, I'll buy it no matter the season. If you're not a shift dress girl, this isn't the time to buy something new as there is no returns for sale items.

8. If you can, shop in stores
I shopped the sale in store during the summer sale last year and it was awesome. You're able to try everything on and stores allow you to return sale items while the online sale doesn't let you. If you're able to shop in store either today or tomorrow, I definitely recommend it.

9. Don't overlook the second day
Last year, Lilly released new items at 8 AM the second day so I would definitely continue to shop the second day as well since it may include other items you love!

10. Keep budget in mind
Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you have to have it. Think about an item's practicality (cost per wear!) and also set a budget so you don't go overboard and leave your wallet crying.

Are you shopping the Lilly sale today? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh I haven't shopped the sale in a while, but I got really cute things a few years back!

  2. I always shop in stores when I can because being able to try things on and know that they fit is so important to me. I love Lily Pulitzer.

    1. I shopped in store during the last sale and it was AWESOME! Even though they had a smaller inventory, you could try everything on and return it as well!

  3. Love this sale, it's definitely one of the best!

  4. OH I've never shopped this sale, but the items look so great! Love all the colors!


  5. Love the your tips! Lilly Pulitzer sale was sooo good!

  6. I've never shopped the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale, but it sounds awesome! These are great tips!

    Stephanie |


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