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Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! I meant to have this post go up yesterday but I had a bio test yesterday morning and spent pretty much all afternoon Wednesday studying for it (a little ironic given the title of this post haha!). So y'all get two posts today: this post and then a new My Chic Week post later this afternoon!

Final exam week is less than two weeks away and I feel like everyone on campus is stressed getting through the last set of tests before exams and then all of the final papers and projects! If you're in the same boat that I am (high school or college), I wanted to share some of my favorite go-to tips to help you through finals week.

Find a study spot that works for you
Finals week is the time where you want to be the most productive with your time and how productive you are can be influenced by the environment. I'm usually more productive and focused when I study in the library or in Starbucks but my dorm room is definitely not the most productive place for me to study. But it also depends from person to person as I know people who can't study in the library and prefer to study in their rooms! Knowing what works best for you will help you do better in getting your studying done!

Retype your Notes
I usually handwrite my notes in class so the first thing I do when I start studying is take my notes and type them all up on my laptop. This makes studying later on easier and also gets you more familiar with the material, which definitely doesn't hurt!

Utilize Quizlet
Another go-to study method? Quizlet! I've been using quizlet since my freshman year of high school (fun fact: my classmates called me the Quizlet Queen lol) and it is such an easy way to learn the material. Plus, they also have different games to play using your flashcards!

Study in the method that works best
Finals isn't exactly the time to try something new! If a study method has worked for you in the past, stick to it and use it again for the final.

Review with friends
My friends in my math class and I usually study together for our tests and it is honestly so helpful for studying the material. Your classmates may have a way to look at that tricky concept that makes more sense to you or help you make acronyms for memorizing something. Plus it makes studying for hours a bit more exciting!

Get enough sleep
Sleep is so so important and finals isn't a time to slack off on it. It's so much harder to do your best (or even stay awake during the exam!) if you're exhausted so make sure to get to bed at a somewhat decent time!

Reward yourself after the test!
I am a big fan of treating yourself once you finish the exam, even if it's nothing crazy! Getting a celebratory Chick-fil-a lunch or watching an episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix while eating ice cream are some of my favorite ways to relax after an exam and relieve stress.

Any tips that you would add? Let me know in the comments!

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