My Chic Week: November 24- December 7

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! Who is excited for the weekend? I am even though most of it will be spend studying haha! I honestly cannot believe that it is the last weekend of the semester and that finals start on Monday. Clemson is also supposed to get some snow today so hopefully that will add a bit of excitement to my weekend of studying!

Two Fridays ago, I was still at home for Thanksgiving Break (so crazy that it's already been two weeks!) and started my day off with a Pure Barre class. After class, I met my family for a bit of early Christmas shopping and then a stop at Starbucks!

My cousins left in the afternoon on Friday so we said goodbye to them and then we spent the rest of the day decorating the house for Christmas!

On Saturday, I went to another barre class and then my family and I picked out our Christmas tree, which is always a highlight of the Christmas season. We decorated in the afternoon and then we had some family friends over to watch the Clemson vs. South Carolina game!

Sunday was my last day at home and I spent the morning relaxing and then packing up to head back to Clemson. One of my sorority sisters took the train from her hometown to Charlotte so I picked her up there and then we drove back to Clemson together, which made the ride a lot more entertaining.

Monday was a pretty busy day getting back into the routine of the things. I had class in the morning before catching up on a few things in Starbucks!

I had my field placement Tuesday morning and then the rest of my day was fairly routine, nothing too crazy!

I had two classes on Wednesday and then my bio lab was canceled, which was nice as I had more time to study for my bio exam the next day! I wound up camping out in the library to study so that was fun haha.

Thursday morning, I had my exam and I'm proud to say that I did way better than I expected to! A celebratory stop at Chick-fil-a was in order and then I had my second class of the day!

Friday was a fairly normal day of class but the exciting part of my day started when class ended as last weekend was the ACC Championship and Clemson played Miami in Charlotte. My friends and I decided to go to the game and stay at my house so we headed out after class on Friday. We had a laid back pizza dinner and then went in the hot tub!

Saturday morning, we were honestly pretty lazy and stayed in our pajamas super late. Once we got ready, we headed to my favorite mall for a bit to do some shopping before the game!

We then went to two of my favorite spots in Charlotte: Bakersfield East Blvd. and then Amelie's in Uptown. I had never been to the Uptown location of Amelie's but since it was close to the stadium, it was so fun to take my friends there!

Then it was time for the game! It was so much fun and it was great to see Clemson win in my hometown!

Sunday morning, we slept in, ate a homemade breakfast, and then packed up all of our stuff to head back to Clemson! Thankfully, we didn't hit any traffic so I was able to move my car and get dressed before my sorority's chapter meeting.

Monday morning, I had a presentation in my World Religions class and then my Math class. Since I don't have any classes Monday afternoon, I decided to take the time to catch up on some blog for y'all, which was much needed. Even though I have exams next week, I am still planning on having posts up so be sure to stop by to check those out!

Tuesday morning was my last field placement of the semester, which was definitely a little sad as I loved the classroom I worked in!

I then had my bio class, got my life together in the afternoon, had my sociology class, and then did a Pure Barre workout in my dorm room!

Wednesday, I had two classes in the morning and then had lunch in the dining hall with some of my friends. We're all in the same math class and have formed a tradition of going every class, thankfully most of us are in the next level of math at the same time so we can continue this next semester.

I had my last biology lab of the semester in the afternoon and then got some work done after that.

We had our last function of the semester on Wednesday night and it was holiday themed. I brought one of my friends who isn't in Theta and it was so much fun!

Thursday morning, I slept in before heading to my last Biology class of the semester, which was such a relief to have all wrapped up.

I have a presentation and paper due today for my Education class and spent some time working on my paper in the afternoon, only to find out that my computer decided to save it as a Word Work document and have it vanish (seriously y'all, if you understand what that means, I have no idea lol!). I stopped by the IT office to see if there was any home and then went to class.

After class, I met up with one of my friends to go to an event that Panhellenic was throwing in the Greek Quad. They had free food and free Comfort Color t-shirts so I will never complain about that! We then camped out my sorority's study room to get some work done (with a few breaks for cookies and hot chocolate downstairs in-between!).

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Happy Friday!

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