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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hi friends and welcome back to Chic in Carolina! Or should I be welcoming myself back as it's been a while since my last post on here (or on Instagram or Twitter oops!). I had no intention of taking a blogging break between Thanksgiving and now and had quite a few posts half done to share with y'all but honestly stepping away from the blog for a bit allowed me to focus on school work, which was much needed for the craziness that is the end of the semester and finals week.

I absolutely hate that Chic in Carolina was put on the back burner many times this semester- I feel like every other post I write starts with a "hey it's been a while" and my perfectionist self feels like it's failing to not have posts consistently up for y'all. It's easy to compare myself to bloggers who aren't in college who blog for a living and say well if they can get x number of posts up a week and I'm not doing that so I must be failing. But it's not as yes I am a blogger but I am also a full-time college student, which eats up enough of your time. This semester has definitely been my hardest yet. I had to put a lot more work into my classes and had a lot on my plate at times. I applied for positions that I thought were perfect for me that I desperately wanted, only to get turned down. As y'all read in this post, this semester brought the news that my sorority experience in college will be ending at the end of the year. And not to say that this semester was completely horrible because that would be a lie, but some of these things hit hard and I felt like it would be ingenuine to myself to be posting content on here and on Instagram that makes my life seem rosy and perfect when in my mind, it doesn't seem that way (and I know it's all relative as losing your sorority or not getting a position you wanted is a very first world problem to have).

Blogging in college is hard as there is constantly so much going on that it's hard to dedicate time to it. I know that sounds horribly lazy to say but I feel like in high school I definitely pushed myself to get it all done, including stuff on the blog. I've relaxed a lot in college (still very Type-A) and have realized that it's ok not to do everything.

I definitely am planning on continuing to blog in 2019 although I don't know if that means cutting down from my 5 days a week posting schedule that y'all are used to so there's less breaks or not! We'll see and I would absolutely love your feedback (my email is or feel free to Insta message me or on Twitter as well!).

Now that I got "deep" with y'all on why I haven't been posting, I want to share some quick snaps of what I've been up to plus a few life updates at the end!

Fall Break

It's absolutely crazy that I haven't caught y'all up since Fall Break as that seems ages ago! I went home for the break and it was pretty low key as I hung out with my family, my mom and I had a shopping trip, I nannied one afternoon, went to a few barre classes, voted for the first time (!!!), and got my hair cut!

dress (on sale!) ⎢heels ⎢hoops

Theta Semi

Right after Fall Break was my sorority's semi-formal! It was super fun and was the perfect excuse to get dressed up!

 Clemson vs. Duke

Right before Thanksgiving was the Clemson Duke game! It was super exciting as it was our first night game of the season too!


I decided to go home early for Thanksgiving on Sunday as I was heading back early for the Clemson South Carolina game. This gave me a longer break, which was amazing! All of my extended family came into town, which was super fun. This picture is from the Turkey Trot my family did on Thanksgiving!

Clemson vs. South Carolina

During Thanksgiving Week, Clemson fans have turkey on Thursday and then chicken on Saturday when we beat South Carolina! It was our last home football game of the season and it was even better that we beat South Carolina for the fifth year in a row!

ACC Championship Game in Charlotte

The Tigers went to the ACC Championship again this year (#4inaRow) so a bunch of my friends and I made the trip up to Charlotte and stayed at my house for the weekend! The actual game was a wash out weather wise so I didn't wind up taking any pictures but my parents hosted a tailgate then we watched the Tigers beat Pitt!

Snow Day Before Finals!

The Friday before finals week it snowed (a little haha!) so I had to snap a picture of the hall in the little bit of snow we got!

Finals Week

The most dreaded week of the year for college students...finals. I'm so thankful that it is over (haha) and absolutely love this picture of Tillman that I snapped walking back from my last exam of the semester!

dress (on sale!) ⎢hoops


After finals came Christmas! My break has been so relaxing so far, which is just what I needed after a crazy semester! We spent Christmas Day at home in North Carolina and are currently at my grandparents's house in Florida!

Now for a few updates!!

1. I'm studying abroad!! Elementary Education at Clemson is a hard major to study abroad for an entire semester with as many of our courses involves a field work experience in a local school but I am so excited to be doing a May-mester this summer! I will be going to Italy and am so so excited about it!

2. I signed a lease for next year! My current roommate, Rachel, and I will be living together again in the cutest little house. I am so excited to decorate and, of course, share it with y'all!

Thanks for reading and all of y'all's support! xoxo

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