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Thursday, June 27, 2019

One of my favorite parts of each summer is designing my room for the upcoming school year. I absolutely love decorating and hunting down the perfect pieces for my space! This year is especially exciting as rather than just a small dorm room, I'll get to decorate an entire house as I'll be living off campus this year (so stay tuned for the inspiration for our living room as well). My freshman year, I lived in an all-girls dorm with hall style bathroom (check out my room tour here) and last year, I lived on my sorority hall which also had hall style bathrooms (check out my room tour here). This year, I'll have my own bedroom AND bathroom, which honestly sounds like such a luxury at this point.

For my freshman year and sophomore year rooms, I put together an inspiration board to share with y'all (freshman year, sophomore year) and honestly it's so helpful to have that vision for the space before it comes to life in August when I move in. For my room this year, I've decided to go with navy and white for a classic and crisp look that I know I won't get tired of, which is a good thing as I plan on using these pieces for the next two years in college and after college as well!

headboard ⎜So I haven't decided on the exact headboard I want but I know I definitely want one as it makes your room seem so much more home-y! I have one in my room at home and then had one in both of my dorms (from this website which I adore) so I want something similar in terms of being white & tufted but not sure of the exact look quite yet!

duvet cover ⎜I wanted a fairly simple duvet cover as since I plan on using this bedding for the rest of college and post grad as well, I wanted something that would look good even if I switched things up throw pillow wise! I love that the stripes add a bit of texture but are still neutral. Even though my bed at school is a full, I purchased the Queen size so it will fit the mattress I'll use post-grad!

gingham sheets ⎜Pottery Barn (where the duvet is from as well) was having a sale a few weeks back so once I found these sheets, I had to get them (especially since they were on sale). Y'all know that I love my gingham and the set came with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and 2 pillowcases!

throw pillows (scalloped & gingham) ⎜This is another aspect of my room that I'm a bit undecided about. I know that I want the scalloped euro shams (I mean how could I not) but am trying to decide what other throw pillows to add in. I'm thinking of the two gingham pillows and then maybe a monogram pillow in the front but we'll see!

mirrored chest ⎜Right when you walk into my room, I have a small wall right next to my closet so I'm thinking of putting some sort of dresser there (and potentially a TV?). I really like the look of this one but think it may be too small to use as a dresser as most of the reviews mention using it as a nightstand.

desk + memo board ⎜I decided to bring my desk, chair, and memo board from my room at home (which y'all can see here) so thankfully that is something I have already and don't have to purchase!

nightstand ⎜I purchased this nightstand from Ikea and then added a drawer knob from Anthropologie to make it a bit more unique! I needed something smaller to fit in my space and also wanted something with a drawer and a shelf so this fits the bill perfectly!

For all of my college girls, how are you planning on decorating your room this year? Let me know in the comments!

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