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Thursday, October 27, 2016

During the school year, I find it so hard to find balance. My life is so centered around school and then around homework that sometimes it is really discouraging that I don't have free time for some of the things that I love. Junior and senior year have been practically busy so I have definitely learned how to lead a life that is a bit more balanced.

Give yourself one day of the weekend for you
I started doing this in the spring and it has been so helpful. I give myself one day "off" to do whatever I want- whether it's hanging out with friends or go shopping or just hanging out at home relaxing. The other day of the weekend, I do all my homework and get stuff done. This has such a good way to stay balanced because it allows you to have at least one completely school (or work) free day a week.

Learn to say no
I've definitely learned that you can't do everything. Whether it's an extra project for extra credit or a dinner out when you're exhausted, sometimes you just need to say no.

Turn off the electronics before bed
There are days when I'm ready for bed fairly early but wind up going to bed late because I spend a hour scrolling through my phone. Keeping my phone (or iPad) in another room really helps because I'm able to get more sleep but it is also better for your eyes and sleep quality to do so.

Know when to switch out of school/work mode
I'm one of those people who will not stop until everything on my to-do list is checked off. However, this doesn't always provide for a balanced life. It's so important to know when to stop working and spend time relaxing or hanging with friends and family or whatever you enjoy.

Stay on top of emails
This seems counterproductive but hear me out. Dealing with emails as they come rather than letting them pile up is so much more time-efficient. Simply putting emails into folders and cleaning out your emails really organizes everything

Working out has so many benefits- not to mention during a tough workout, you're not thinking about assignments or studying but instead focusing on you. My Pure Barre classes are a school free zone as I don't think about school when I'm at the barre, which is so helpful for me.

Give yourself time to do what you love everyday
Nothing leads to burnout quicker than working 100% of the time. I think it's so important to do something you love everyday whether that means going to get a coffee or reading for 15 minutes before bed.

Get enough Sleep
Never sacrifice sleep to "fit in all in". Sleep needs to be one of those non-negoitables and has a significant effect on your health and mood.

How do you lead a balanced life? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great tips! I never was able to lead a balanced life in high school, but I made it my mission once I got to college! And it has done so much for my happiness!

    Ashley //

  2. Love this! Learning to say no is so important. I also agree with taking a day for yourself on the weekends. Saturdays I love to paint and hang with my dog!

    Cristina /

    1. Thanks Cristina! Sounds like a perfect Saturday :)

  3. That email tip is so on point! I have such anxiety when my inbox is unruly!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  4. Yes, yes, yes!! I am a HUGE advocate for taking one day completely off during the weekend. It definitely helps my mind and my body by taking that one day to completely unwind.

  5. Turning off the electronic before bed is a HUGE one! I use my phone as an alarm and put my phone on do not disturb mode before bed so I don't hear it buzz all night!

    Greta |

    1. It definitely helps me get to bed earlier to because I'm not scrolling through Instagram haha! Thanks for reading, Greta!

  6. I love all of these tips! Especially getting more sleep, I become a monster if I don't get enough sleep haha!

  7. Thanks for making such great points and for reminding to have more balanced life. Turning off the electronic gadgets and getting enough sleep top the list for me.

  8. Balancing everything is hard, but these tips are really great! Sleep is always good!!


  9. Learning to say no is such a good one!

  10. Love these tips, great way to stay focused and balanced! If only it were that easy!

  11. These are such amazing tips! Learning to say no is something I've been working on this year!

    Mackenzie |

  12. I try to give myself a day off, too- it helps SO much! Even just an afternoon off does wonders.

  13. Such great tips! I recently started dedicating one day of the weekend to myself. I found that I was working SO much over the weekend that I never took a real break. It has definitely helped so much!

  14. Great tips! I've been starting my days off with yoga now which is helping me balance my mind. It's been a rough start getting up early, but I like it!

    I also try and take a weekend day to myself, and am learning to say no haha

  15. Giving yourself one day is such a great tip. I don't have a day for myself on the weekends, but on Tuesdays I don't have class so I have time to catch up on homework and decompress.

  16. Love this post! I am still struggling with learning to say no. Balance and self-love/health is so important and I really love what you have to say here. Awesome tips xx

  17. Great tips! I wish implementing them was easier though...


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