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Monday, July 13, 2020

Hey hey! Long time, no talk! It's crazy to think my last post was back in March- you think with a few months at home, I would be able to get my act together and create some content but I think giving myself some time for inspiration to strike would be beneficial for creating content that I love, not just kinda like!

Anyways, the short story is in my time ~away~ from the blog, I realized I kinda miss documenting my life here on my little corner of the internet. It's fun to look back on different times in my life (especially in My Chic Week posts!) so I want to get back into it!

It's kinda insane that in one month, I'll start my senior year of college. Not sure how the time has flown by that much but I can't wait to be back in Clemson with my favorite people and soak it all in.

Since it's been a while, let's catch up on what I've been up to since my last post!

Spring Break in Miramar Beach, Florida

Back in March (which honestly feels like a million years ago), some of my best friends and I went to the beach for Spring Break. We spent so much time out on the beach and honestly had so much fun. Miramar is fairly close to Seaside so we went there a few times (and of course bought the iconic t-shirts and sweatshirts). We went right before everything shutdown so I'm grateful for all that time with friends before we all headed home for quarantine!

Quarantine at Home

I drove home from Clemson the Thursday of Spring Break thinking I would be home for 2 weeks and as I was driving home, Clemson sent out the text that class would be online the rest of the semester. I think quarantine was hard for everyone but it was just kinda weird being home when I should have been at school. I am very grateful to have the best family to spend it with but it made me very excited to get back to campus!

Turning 21!

Back in April, I turned 21, which was such a fun day! My mom and I went to a wine store near us for my first alcohol purchase and then we picked up Chili's for lunch! My mom was super sweet and organized a little drive by celebration with two of my high school besties stopping by with a bunch of our family friends! We then had a delicious dinner at home with a zoom call with a bunch of my college friends. I honestly didn't know what to expect having a "milestone" birthday in the middle of quarantine but I felt so loved and it was definitely a birthday to remember!

I'm Going to Grad School!

A few months ago I applied to Clemson's Teacher Residency program and I was so excited to find out I've been accepted! Basically it's a Masters program for education majors where instead of doing your student teaching your senior spring semester, you do it your entire 5th year! I'm so excited to stay in Clemson an extra year, gain more experience in the field of teaching, and that some of my best friends will be doing it with me!

Weekends in Clemson

Once North Carolina's stay at home order was lifted, I started going down to Clemson for weekends to spend time with friends and to spend time in my apartment. A bunch of my friends were there in May so it was fun to catch up and go downtown since I finally was 21 and could go out! We went out a few times back in May but now that cases have been going up a lot in Clemson, we've mainly been sticking around our houses and going on walks and stuff like that!

Weekend Trip to Charleston

At the end of May, I drove down to Charleston to celebrate my friend Olivia's birthday! She lives right by the beach so we spent the weekend on the beach and by the pool, which was so much fun! 


I'm nannying for the same family again this summer, which has kept me busy and has been so much fun!

Billy's Graduation

At the start of June, my younger brother graduated from high school. Thankfully, the school was able to pull together an in-person ceremony, which was great considering everything going on! They had graduation in the parking lot and they had the seniors come up to walk across the stage! The following weekend, we had a small get together to celebrate to make the best out of unusual circumstances!

A Trip to the Lake

My family and I just got back from our lake house in Upstate New York, which was so much fun! We had a pretty quiet trip- lots of time out on the boat and on the beach!

Welcome back to the blog- I've missed ya!

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